Office ProPlus is being renamed to Microsoft Apps for enterprise. For more information about this change, read this blog post. When you try to install the bit version of a Microsoft Office suite or the bit version of a Microsoft Office product, you receive the following error message at the beginning of the installation process:. See the "More Information" section for a list of these products. The bit version of Office is incompatible with the bit version of Office products or with the bit version of Office components that are listed in the "More Information" section. Additionally, you cannot install bit versions of Office products and bit versions of Office products on the same computer.

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Thread: Factusol spanish invoicing - Zen Cart connector. Results 1 to 2 of 2. After much internet searching I had found nothing until a human told me about this, so I am hoping a post here may help other searchers. I have started looking at Factusol: sistemasmultimedia. The company gets their money from paid support. Without going into marketing, I have found it does all I need and has a good reputation.

I was led to this as there already exists a connector to link it to oscommerce: factusol-oscommerce. I have set up their trial Basic version with oscommerce and it does what it purports to correctly, so I will continue to consider this an option.

In the meantime, does anyone else here use Factusol and would be interested in such a connector? Regards Steve. After the install, when opening other unrelated programs the Factusol installer would start up multiple times until the new program was fully loaded.

After uninstall, IE was completely broken - I had to install Factusol again to get it to work. So, beware. I decided to go with Qfacwin, which has its own gotchas re.

If anyone is interested I can post a full set of instructions. By chifoumi in forum General Questions. Spanish Language Zen Cart Issues By veloroi in forum General Questions. By SyntheticShield in forum General Questions. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.


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