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ProSoundWeb Community. Please login or register. Hey, Does anyone have experience with the Mackie SAz's? We have a pair of SA's, and they've served us well. Someone offered us a pair SAz's, and I'm wondering if it's worth the money to upgrade. Is the 'z' series really a lot better? What's the most you would pay for a used pair of SA's? Asking price is around Thanks for your time, John Puskar. Even though I have used and heard both these speakers, my experience is somewhat limited.

If you need new speakers anyway, I'd say get them. If you are just looking to "upgrade", I'd pass. IMO, the differences between the models do not justify the cost of the move. Dave Dermont wrote on Thu, 20 August Even though I have used and heard both these speakers, my experience is somewhat limited.

I agree with Dave - our performing organization has pairs of both in use, and though the 15s do indeed pack a little more punch down low, the difference is much more a sidestep than a true upgrade. John Puskar Newbie Offline Posts: Thanks guys, that info is very helpful. One of my biggest questions is still--how much difference is there between the 'z' series and the old ones?

Like a tootsie pop Mike Kirkpatrick Sr. Member Offline Posts: I've been running two SAZ's for the past two years, two or three shows a weekend and have been perfectly happy. Outside of a cold solder joint they have served me well. If you like the 12's you'll be happy with the 15's. I run my 15's and a SAZ together each side on bigger shows. No one has ever complained and as a matter of fact they really seem to dig it.


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