Jacobus Almainus Jacques Almain, d. Jacobus de Caltanissetta Giacomo da Caltanissetta, d. Jacobus de Corella Jaime de Corella, fl. Jacobus de Pruvinis Jacques de Provins, fl.

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El sector de la banca no es ajeno a esta realidad. Estos documentos para muchos de los historiadores y especialistas se hallaban perdidos. Embajadora del Paraguay en Italia, Lic.

Ana Baiardi. Lastimosamente creo que no. Pues el mismo que acabo de adelantar para el caso presente: nada. Como parte de los trabajos de mantenimiento de esta agencia, se han destinado recursos nacionales para arreglos locativos de toda la sede. Posiblemente la dificultad de la historiadora Vargas radica en encontrar un lugar provisional mientras se realizan las mejoras.

On January 1 st , while we were singing Auld Lang Syne , the copyright expired for some of our holdings: they are now in the public domain in Canada. This means that they are no longer restricted to being viewed only at the Archives, but are available online to all.

The first reel covers a visit to Stanley Park for a conversation with Stuart Lefeaux, Superintendent of Parks, and a visit to Queen Elizabeth Park, including footage of Century Rock, a time capsule located there that is to be opened in Grauer bull at Fraser Dairy, Sea Island. Photographer W. It has been 50 years since the death of photographer W. Moore, so all his photographs, not just the ones taken before , are in the public domain.

Moore , his panoramic camera , and our project to digitize his panoramic images. The last trip of the B. Electric Railway observation car No. Photographer Harry Bullen. Harry Bullen, official photographer for the B. Electric Railway Company, also died in Electric Railway Company street car No.

He talked continuously, and with much humour, as he descr4ibed the numerous objects of interest passed during the long trip of about two hours through all parts of the City. When street cars gave way to busses, i. Electric Railway Company gave one last ride, complimentary, to civic dignitaries, then offered it as a relic to anyone who wanted it, which no one did.

It came to Vancouver in the summer of Pero no. Ni somos pesados ni complicamos las cosas. La grasa, el sudor, el empleo de cremas de manos, etc. Nos hace responsables. Those who work in digital collections often talk about supporting scholarship and new research.

As the Metadata Resident, I look at individual objects in depth to attach titles, dates, subject headings, and abstracts among other things to these items to make them discoverable in our online collections in Amherst College Digital Collections ACDC.

I am sorry I did not converse with her about it: for this has been one of my troubles. Yet I have conquered it mainly by coarse bread, applesauce, and milk diet. Perhaps she would prefer the disease to the remedy.

In October of , Edward Hitchcock, Jr. One of the letters written to him during this time includes pieces written by six members of the Hitchcock family. Charles H. There are five or six of them. They are now quite active, though torpid when taken from the cave. One flew out of my pocket on the way down the Mt.

Edward Hitchcock, Jr. The letter seems to indicate that Charles was back in Amherst at the time of writing. Hitchcock kept up correspondence with Benjamin Silliman, founder and editor of the American Journal of Science , and they were constantly discussing scholarly publishing either for the Journal or other publications. It will not be long before the bell will toll at your funerals and you will be put into the coffin and covered up with earth. Edward and Orra White Hitchcock were married May 31, In the archives, we have a small number of love notes arranging late night trysts between them prior to their marriage.

One September 6, Edward wrote to his future wife:. If such should be your belief I assure you I should be very happy to be placed in the same predicament after Mr. After spending so much time reading business correspondence from Hitchcock related to science and publishing, these slightly scandalous letters revealed a drastically different side of Hitchcock.

Whatever the case may be, I cracked up laughing at my desk reading it. I hope more people will explore these materials and find something that interests them, inspires them, or just makes them laugh.

El archivo adjunto posee un archivo comprimido llamado Missed-message. Fuente: SM. Pero sin duda una de las grandes ventajas de esta SanDisk Connect es la de disponer de una ranura para tarjetas microSD para cambiar o ampliar en unos segundos su memoria interna que de hecho consiste de forma predeterminada en una tarjeta SanDisk Ultra, incluida al comprar el producto.

App SanDisk Connect. Por otra parte, como se trata en definitiva de una llave USB 2. Hoy te traemos un programa multiplataforma y gratuito para cifrar tus archivos. Pero como la idea es que tus documentos sigan siendo legibles por vos, existe otra clave que se utiliza para descifrarlos y transformarlos nuevamente en legibles.

Este programa impide leer los contenidos desde afuera. Sin estas dos cosas, no van a poder encontrarse con tus archivos. Dale una probadita a TrueCrypt y contanos tu experiencia. La jornada permite a los visitantes adentrarse en la Central del Ministerio de Seguridad, hoy museo de la Stasi, y pasar por el despacho original de Erich Milke, jefe de la Stasi entre y , su dormitorio privado y la sala de conferencias.

En total, uniendo a estos las solicitudes de investigadores y periodistas, han recibido en total cerca de siete millones de demandas para la apertura de actas. George dijo que los incidentes fueron denunciados a las autoridades civiles y resultaron en acuerdos legales.

Agatha y mestro de la escuela parroquiana. Fuente: Google Enterprise Blog. Refuerza tus competencias como gestor. Consultores Documentales. The march is on January 20, at 10 am. This year, Julianne Malveaux, an economist, and noted author, will deliver the lecture. Malveaux has contributed to the public dialogue on issues of race, culture, gender, and how their economic impacts are shaping public opinion.

What Would Dr. King Say? One of the primary persons responsible for the first MLK, Jr. Day march in San Antonio took place in Salas writes: Many of the original fifty people involved in the initial march included Rev. Callies and family, Corine Duncan, T. Houston, Lillian Sutton Taylor, Rev.

This initial effort did not enjoy community-wide support, nor was it very popular, as many saw the work of King concluded. The march received very little press coverage, but the marchers marched in all types of weather. In the early s one such march involved freezing temperatures and sleet. The earliest MLK, Jr. Esta mujer notable irradia una presencia callada, indoblegable, en absoluto estridente, de pie siempre. Esta es, justamente, la palabra que ella elige para describir el imperativo que la trasunta.

Contra toda esperanza. Autor: Enrique Foffani. La Habana, 11 ene EFE. The great Russian-born composer, pianist and conductor Sergei Rachmaninoff died at the end of March, at the age of Sergei Rachmaninoff was one of the most completely individual personalities I have encountered among artists in the field of music. His every thought and action was dedicated, not merely to music, but to his music. Artistically, he was fiercely egocentric; and in this fact, it seems to me, lies the reason why, though his life span encompassed several distinct musical periods, he was not substantially affected by any one of them.

He knew and profoundly admired Tchaikowsky and others among the Russian romantics, but it cannot be established that apart from the racial flavor of the music, he was influenced by them.

He had nothing in common with Brahms or Debussy or Strauss; he was a contemporary, but not a modern. Rachmaninoff was a pessimist. Much has been made of the generally somber character of his music, and it is this quality that has led to the conclusion that he was greatly influenced by Tchaikowsky. I cannot agree. He never felt sorry for himself. He had not —at least prior to the invasion of France—any personal tragedies to mourn.


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El sector de la banca no es ajeno a esta realidad. Estos documentos para muchos de los historiadores y especialistas se hallaban perdidos. Embajadora del Paraguay en Italia, Lic. Ana Baiardi. Lastimosamente creo que no. Pues el mismo que acabo de adelantar para el caso presente: nada.


Jacobus de Caltanissetta Giacomo da Caltanissetta, d. Jacobus de Valencia Diego de Valencia, fl. Jacobus Foucher Johannes Hominis Dei second half fourteenth century. Jesualdus de Bononia Jesualdo da Bologna, fl.

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