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Quick Links. Download this manual. Operating Manual. Table of Contents. Inverter Kaco Powador Next generation of transformerless inverters with integrated dc disconnect 46 pages.

Page 3: Table Of Contents Installing the inverter Page 4: General Notes Failure to observe this warning may lead to serious bodily injury or death. If necessary, the power supply company can reduce the power of the system remotely using an addi- tional device from the Powador proLOG family. Page 13 Operating status see section 8. Page 14 Description 3. It saves the data from the inverter and displays it in various diagram types as a daily or monthly representation.

Page Transportation And Delivery Carefully transport the inverter using the the carrying handles of the boxes. For safe transportation of the inverter, use the holding openings in the carton. Page Mounting The Inverter Take care to ensure suffi cient ventilation of the inverter. Page Unpacking The Inverter If the recommended minimum clearances are not observed, the inverter may go into power regula- tion mode due to insuffi cient ventilation and the resulting heat build-up.

Page Installing The Inverter Remove the screwdriver. The spring terminal is closed and the cable is held in place. The power section has two internal circuit board fuses. These are labelled F or F and F on the circuit board. Page 23 If you have any queries, please contact your grid operator.

Page 24 A suitable crimping tool must be used to connect the stripped DC leads to the MC-4 coupling plug and coupling socket.

Connect the MC-4 coupling plugs to the 3 DC positive and the 3 DC negative mating parts on the underside of the housing see Figure 17 on page Page 25 In addition, ensure that the PV generator has a total insulation resistance of more than 2. Rectify any faults before connecting the DC generator. Page Generator Grounding Optional Activate grounding monitoring in the parameter menu. See Section 8.

Page 28 Figure This resistor is required for correct signal transmission. Switch "1" must be set to "ON" on the terminal unit. Switch "2" must be set to "OFF". Page 29 Ensure that the A and B wires are properly connected.

Communication is not possible if the wires are reversed. Page 30 6. Activate the terminating resistor on the terminal unit. Page Confi Guration And Operation 2. Page Control Buttons Figure Display shows the unit name or menu item 8.

Page Inverter Menu The display runs through menu level "2" and returns to the start point. The inverter begins to operate. Page Menu Structure If the unit overheats, the fi rst response is automatic unit power reduction. In the second step the unit shuts down. All countries Shows the total yield back to the last reset.

Yield meter Press "2" to clear the yield meter. Page 37 You can set the total yield to any value, for example, when you have received a replacement unit and want to Defi ning total continue the recording from the present value. NOTE: This option infl uences the country-specifi c operat- ing settings of the inverter. Please consult KACO service for further information.

You then have the option of correcting the characteristic. If the fan is very dirty, or if it is defective, it can be removed. Page 46 after the start-up period is complete , the invert- hardware.

Daily yields do Tolerances of The measuring elements of the inverter have been selected not correspond to the measuring to ensure maximum yields. Page 49 The voltage of a grid phase is too low; the grid cannot be fed into. The phase authorised elec- undervoltage L2 experiencing failure is displayed. Page 50 OS 64 Measured values Output current limiting: The AC current is limited once the specifi ed maximum value has been reached. Page Service More than 60 years of experience in the fi eld of power converters support us in this philosophy.

However, in spite of all quality assurance measures, faults may occur in rare cases. KACO new energy GmbH will make every eff ort to remedy faults quickly and without requiring a lot of paperwork. Ensure that the old unit and any accessories are disposed of in a proper manner. This manual is also suitable for: Powador Powador Powador Powador Print page 1 Print document 56 pages.

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Easy installation. The galvanically isolated string inverters Powador to A new current sensor allows for a more exact control and an improved MPP tracking. Installation is problem-free: All required connections for communication — RS, S0 and fault signalling relay — are located on a single circuit board in the housing and can be connected easily. Due to the new MC4 connectors, the DC wiring can be handled by a safe and simple plug connection from the outside of the unit. Thus the inverters can be installed even more quickly. The DC switch is integrated into the units as a matter of course.


Powador 2002-6002



Kaco Powador 2002 Operating Manual



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