In an environment of increasing clientdemands, the firm had for some time been investigating ways of continually delivering the highest value while driving client costs down. It chose to use Lean Six Sigma, 1 a combination of the business management strategy Six Sigma and other processes for eliminating waste and improving performance. The initiative, known as SeyfarthLean, broke new ground for law firms. Our clients were interested in looking at alternative fees and we wanted to make sure we were responsive, explains Seyfarth Shaw partner Lisa Damon, who helped drive the change process with the firm s chief strategic innovations officer, Carla Goldstein and a team of others from across the firm, in all departments and practice areas. Our executive committee and managing partner Steve Poor asked us to look for a process methodology or some way to structure our thinking for the way we provide legal services. We realised we needed to step back and analyse the way we worked and look for any efficiencies; and then translate them into our fee structure.

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Implementing an Effective Change Management Strategy — Ark Read more about australia, neryl, organisations, communication, implementing and organisation. The Strategy-led Law Firm: The reality of cloud.

In a workplace context, the phenomenon of change and how to manage it continues to be the subject of a mind-boggling array of books, blogs, workshops, courses, websites and conferences. Change What it is and what it isn t It was little wonder that David Bowie wrote an anthem to Ch-ch-ch-changes back in the seventies. Every firm faces an inevitable tension between what it is and what it intends to become. NHS organisations, in particular, have been undergoing rapid change with the introduction of patient choice, the transition More information.

In Neryl was selected as an ambassador for the Year of Women in Local Government, a programme supported by the Australian government. McKenna 21 writes that: Two ends of the change spectrum Whatever the size and scope of organisational change, change management has established its place as a significant workplace issue and area of management, drawing on ideas from the fields of business, psychology and engineering.

Organisational Change Management Maturity Change Management Maturity is a key element to true organisational agility; however maturity is being developed in an ad-hoc manner, with few companies reporting. Many specialists agree that change involves moving from one condition to another however large or small; that it is going from something to something, moving from the status quo to umplementing different.

Seven Principles of Change: Case studies Case study 1: Consumer centred Area for action: Everything we do ultimately comes down to better connecting the people of South Australia with the things they want and. Many large-scale change projects really are evidence of a prior failure to keep the organisation on track in a changing world. Barry Hennessy Barry i2isales.

Remaining competitive and responsive to your customers and. Because good people make a More information. What exst does not work in introducing change? Byrnes 7 identifies three very different types of change, which should dictate the way an organisation approaches the situation. Organisational Change 10 September Overview Ant Conversations are hosted by Afro Ant with the intention of sharing knowledge, debating industry. Can you share some approaches that fi rm leaders have found to be effective?

Once an opportunity is identified, what next? Cloud means different things to different people, something that s reflected in the many definitions of what More information.

Defining change management So, how can change management be defined? The reality of cloud Go beyond the hype mangement make a better choice www. Imre Hegedus Business Process Management: Strategic change Comes about when alterations are made to an organisation s functional parts, for example, through mergers, acquisitions or consolidations; Leadership change Relates to reconfiguring the organisation s leadership.

Even when organisations recognise the importance of human behaviour in successful change, they can fall at various hurdles along the way. Featured case studies include: The new human science of law firm strategy and leadership Ark Group, Londonshows the potential impact of the new science of being human on organizational success. One commented that if the organisation is a dominant player the change is driven by ambition, but if they are playing catch-up, then their change is driven for defensive reasons.

Effectove clients are based in the United Kingdom, Continental More information. Introduction The top strategic action for two-thirds of service organisations is to. Skip to content Search for:.


Implementing an Effective Change Management Strategy. Neryl East





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