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GOST Regarding the standards for chemical composition this Standard applies to all other types of rolled stock, ingots, and forged and punched pieces. The indicators of technological level, established by this Standard, shall be stipulated for premium and first categories of quality. The rolled stock with standardized quality indicators shall be considered as premium category of quality.

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Information on the registration of st dated January 13, the official website of Rosstandart ; IUS GOST Metal products from structural alloy steel.

GOST Alloy constructional steel. Grades and technical requirements. GOST Steel. Methods of test and estimation of macrostructure.

GOST Alloyed and high-alloyed steels. Methods for determination of carbon. Methods of sulphur determination. Methods for determination of phosphorus.

Methods of manganese determination. Methods for determination of tungsten. Methods of chromium determination. GOST Alloyed and highalloyed steels. Methods for determination of vanadium. GOST Steels alloyed and highalloyed. Methods for the determination of nickel. Methods for the determination of molybdenum. Methods of copper determination. Methods of the determination of titanium. Methods for the, determination of aluminium. GOST Carbon, alloyed and high-alloyed steels.

Methods for determination of nitrogen. Methods for the determination of boron. GOST Quality round steel with a special surface finish. Methods for determination of decarbonised layer depth. Metallographic methods for the determination of non-metallic inclusions. Method of photoelectric spectral analysis. GOST Freight cars for mm gauge main line railways.

General requirements for safety in loading-unloading and shunting operations. GOST Unitized tared and piece goods cargoes. Main parameters and dimensions. GOST Transport packets. Formation by packaging means. General technical requirements. GOST Iron, steel, ferroalloys, metal chromium and metal manganese. General requirements for methods of analysis. GOST Hot-rolled hexagonal steel. Range of sizes. GOST Measuring metal rules. Basic parameters and dimensions.

GOST Steel and alloys. Methods for detection and determination of grain size. Methods for the determination of hardenability. GOST Rolled products general rules of samples, rough specimens and test pieces selection for mechanical and technological testing.

GOST Iron, steel and alloys. Sampling for determination of chemical composition. GOST 8. Rules for conducting the state tests of measuring means. Metrological certification measuring instruments. GOST Metals. Method of Brinell hardness measurement.

Method for testing the impact strength at the low, room and high temperature. PR Methods of silicon determination. ATK Types, Design, and Dimensions. Technical Requirements. Design, Dimensions, and General Technical Specifications.

Design, dimensions and dimensions. ATK Pipeline viewing lights. Types and designs. General Technical Requirements. Package, crockery, equipment and other types of productions, contacting with food. Maximum admissible amounts MAA of chemical substances, emitting from materials contacting with food. GOST High speed steel cutting tools.

GOST Pneumatic impact nut wrenches. Basic parameters. Technical requirements. GOST Self-tapping screws for metal and plastic. GOST T-slot cutters with hard metal tips. GOST Steel bars, carbon and alloy, structural, for cold extruding and upsetting. GOST Friction articles manufactured from retinax. GOST Construction steel hammers. GOST Structural thin sheets of special purpose alloyed high quality steel. GOST Carbide and hss tipped woodcutting disk grooving cutters.

GOST Spiral bevel and hypoid gear-shaping cutter heads. GOST Equipment working with gaseous oxygen. General safety requirements.

GOST The key of the brake shoe for cars of the railways with broad gauge mm. GOST Electrowelded and seamless steel tubes for automotive and bicycle industries. GOST Holding devices. Double eccentric cams. Forked eccentric cams.

Design and sizes. Two-sided face eccentric cams. Adjusting prisms. Side fixing prisms. Cylindrical locating pins of permanent type. Cut locating pins of permanent type. Cylindrical locating pins of changeable type.

Cut locating pins of changeable type. Bushes for indexes and locating pins with bead. GOST Nuts hexagonal high with acme thread. GOST Nuts hexagonal with bead and acme thread. GOST Levers cranked with cam and slot. Ribbed bar strip section. GOST Carbide tipped counterbores.


GOST 4543-71. Structural alloy steel bars. Specifications

It is a low-alloy constructional steel of pearlite class. The paper presents a theoretical and experimental research activity carried out in order to improve the properties of the 40H steel. The results permit the selection of the right heat-treatment parameters that offer the best combination between the yield strength, tensile strength, elongation, necking, impact strength at low temperature and hardness, in order to obtain a better behavior of the material for production tubing pipes in accordance with GOST Tubing pipes and couplings for them, for strength group M and L. Request Permissions.


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