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Giorgio C Buttazzo. Real-time computing plays a crucial role in our society since an increasing num ber of complex systems rely, in part or completely, on processor control. Ex amples of applications that require real-time computing include nuclear power plants, railway switching systems, automotive electronics, air traffic control, telecommunications, robotics, and military systems. In spite of this large application domain, most of the current real-time systems are still designed and implemented using low-level programming and empirical techniques, without the support of a scientific methodology.

This approach results in a lack of reliability, which in critical applications may cause serious environmental damage or even loss of life. This book is a basic treatise on real-time computing, with particular emphasis on predictable scheduling algorithms. The main objectives of the book are to introduce the basic concepts of real-time computing, illustrate the most sig nificant results in the field, and provide the basic methodologies for designing predictable computing systems useful in supporting critical control applica tions.

The book is written for instructional use and is organized to enable readers without a strong knowledge of the subject matter to quickly grasp the material.

Technical concepts are clearly defined at the beginning of each chapter, and algorithm descriptions are reinforced through concrete examples, illustrations, and tables. Koob and Clifford G. Red: A robust earliest deadline scheduling algorithm.

Ghetto and M. Some results of the earliest deadline scheduling algorithm. Schiebe, S. Alistair A.


Hard Real-Time Computing Systems : Predictable Scheduling Algorithms and Applications

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. This updated edition offers an indispensable exposition on real-time computing, with particular emphasis on predictable scheduling algorithms. It introduces the fundamental concepts of real-time computing, demonstrates the most significant results in the field, and provides the essential methodologies for designing predictable computing systems used to support time-critical control applications. Along with an in-depth guide to the available approaches for the implementation and analysis of real-time applications, this revised edition contains a close examination of recent developments in real-time systems, including limited preemptive scheduling, resource reservation techniques, overload handling algorithms, and adaptive scheduling techniques. This volume serves as a fundamental advanced-level textbook. Each chapter provides basic concepts, which are followed by algorithms, illustrated with concrete examples, figures and tables.


Hard Real-time Computing Systems

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