The site aims to promote and disseminate activities related to the folklore of Poland and Slovakia concerts, reviews, festivals, exhibitions, competitions, workshops, trainings, as well as art and folk music and its creators, museums, open-air museums, creative chambers and publications , at the same time a source of knowledge of the traditional Polish-Slovakian borderland culture. Its recipients are Poles and Slovaks, including employees of partner institutions, ethnographers, cultural animators, creators and folklore lovers. The TransEtno Micro Project partners want to interest people in the polish and Slovakia folk culture, encourage tourist to arive to the Beskidy Euroregion — to visit museums, open-air museums, regional chambers, studios, etc. Moreover, the TransEtno partners are very interested in making the borderland aware of the importance of tradition, familirize them with its face and change stereotypical thinking about cultural heritage.

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Widoczny [Schowaj] Abstrakt. Anholt S. Gonzalez-Gomez T. Hollander M. Kurowska-Pysz J. Maier G. Medeiros E. Oliveira E. Perkmann M. Pike S. Svensson S. Polish Journal of Management Studies. Management of municipal development of Euroregion Beskydy in Poland and Czech.

Walancik, M. Euroregions have become one of the most used terms with regard to local and regional development. Their significance in Central Europe is even greater because the region has a complicated history and has been traditionally criss-crossed by countless borders of various types.

The Euroregion Beskydy lies in the border areas in the east of the Czech Republic, north-western Slovakia and the south of Poland. The aim of this paper is to analyse and assess the possibilities of managing its development at the communal level both in the Polish and Czech parts of this territorial group. The research is underpinned by questionnaire survey accomplished in selected municipalities of Euroregion Beskydy. Respondent opinions were evaluated on the basis of the Likert scale.

Mann Whitney U test was applied for the assessment of opinion differences. It turned out; there is quite a strong identification of municipalities with Euroregion Beskydy. Yet, the financial motives of municipal membership in this Euroregion are prevailing.

Czestochowa University of Technology.


Euroregion Beskydy

The project entitled Cultural and Natural Heritage for the Development of the border region of Poland and the Czech Republic "Shared Heritage" has been implemented by 11 partners from 8 regions situated along the Polish-Czech border. The main purpose of the project is to increase the volume of Polish, Czech, and third country visitors to the border region of Poland and the Czech Republic. Under the project, a number of different activities have been planned, which aim at promoting and informing potential tourists about the attractions they can visit and about the availability of tourist products. We strive to improve the quality of services provided in the promoted locations and venues, and to provide wider and more comprehensive promotion with regard to the historical, multicultural and natural uniqueness of the area. We do believe that our promotion of tourist values of the border region of Poland and Czech Republic will contribute to prolonging the stay of visitors to the support area. Through this website developed under one of the project activities we aim to raise awareness of the attractiveness of the border region of Poland and the Czech Republic. We would like to present attractions in four main thematic groups: cultural heritage, nature, promotional events, and locations providing opportunities for active recreation.


Euroregions - Czech Republic


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Euroregions - Poland



Euroregion Beskidy


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