Quick Links. Table of Contents. Connection issue using quick wireless connection mode 61 pages. Epson user'sguide multimedia projector powerlite p pages.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Connection issue using quick wireless connection mode 61 pages. Epson user'sguide multimedia projector powerlite p pages. Epson powerlite i: product support bulletin 27 pages. Page 2: Copyright Notice Epson product. Epson is not responsible for any use of this information as applied to other products.

Neither Seiko Epson Corporation nor its affiliates shall be liable to the purchaser of this product or third parties for damages, losses, costs, or expenses incurred by purchaser or third parties as a result of: accident, misuse, or abuse of this product or unauthorized modifications, repairs, or alterations to this product, or excluding the U. Limited Warranty Index Contents Page Optional Accessories Your projector comes with a basic two-year carry-in warranty.

For details, see page Instead, Epson will ship you a replacement unit anywhere in the United States or Canada. See your Extra Care Home Service brochure for details. Tip: Contains helpful projection tips. Need additional help? Page Setting Up The Projector Follow the instructions in this section to choose a location for the projector, connect the cables, and display an image.

Choosing a Location You can install the projector for the viewing setups shown below, as well as rear projection. Center Side Page 13 for details, see page If you place the projector off to the side, aim it straight ahead rather than at the center of the screen , then use the horizontal lens shift dial to center the image on the screen. Depending on your display settings and how you use the Zoom ring, the actual size may differ.

Use these tables as a guide for projector placement Page 15 To determine the exact image size when you know the projection distance or the exact projection distance when you know the desired image size , you can use the Image Size Calculator.

This program is available on the Epson website at epson. Page Installing The Projector If you install the projector on the ceiling, you will need to invert the picture so that it appears right side up.

Follow these steps: 1. Page 17 The following illustrations show the dimensions of the projector: 5. You can also connect it to a desktop or laptop PC or Apple system.

Page 19 for component video , Component When you connect a large or heavy cable to the projector, such as an HDMI cable, it is recommended that you fasten it to one of the two cable holders using a commercially available cable tie. Remove the lens cap. Turn on any connected equipment you plan to use. Turn on the main power switch on the back of the projector. Setting Up the Projector Page Turning Off The Projector 32 for details. See page 49 for details. Page Positioning The Image If the image is not centered on the screen, use the horizontal and vertical lens shift dials to adjust its position.

Caution: Do not try to move the lens by hand, or you may damage the projector. Always use the lens shift dials to change the lens position. Page Making Basic Adjustments Making Basic Adjustments Follow the instructions in this chapter to make basic adjustments to the image shape, size, color, and quality. Focusing and Zooming Use the focus ring to sharpen the image.

Use the zoom ring to reduce or enlarge the image. Page Choosing The Aspect Ratio If you display a image using the Zoom setting, the top and bottom will be cut off.

You can use the Zoom Caption Pos. For details on how the projector resizes the picture when you choose an Aspect setting, see page Color for the most natural color reproduction when viewing movies through HDMI. The built-in Epson Cinema Filter automatically improves color reproduction in a darkened room; it is not used when you select Making Basic Adjustments for playing video games with the blinds open.

You can also save combinations of picture settings with the Memory feature for easy recall see page Lower values will increase the contrast of dark areas, but tend to blur the bright areas.

Higher values will darken the light areas. Gamma presets make minor adjustments to mid-tone values. Page Adjusting Rgbcmy 4. If you turned on the Child Lock, turn off the projector and let it cool down. The Child Lock takes effect after the cool-down period. You can access the full menu or a line menu that lets you change selected settings.

You can also change the menu language and control how the menus display see page Page 34 3. Press the u, d, l, or r button to change settings as necessary. You may have to press the button to confirm your choice. Enter 4. Menu To display one of the line menus, press the bottom of the image: 1. Page Changing How The Menus Display The Brightness setting controls how much light is produced by the projector, and the Contrast setting adjusts the difference between the bright and dark areas of the projected image.

The other settings in this section control how the projector interprets the light and dark areas of the picture. Page 36 When this setting is on, the light output is automatically adjusted according to the brightness of the image.

Select either you would like the projector to respond to changes in the brightness of the image. The setting is stored separately for each image source and color mode. For film-sourced images, you can select from , , or pulldown detection, depending on your model. Leave the setting on output. Color see page 28 or with a signal input through the PC port. This setting reduces block noise that can appear when projecting MPEG images that have been compressed at a low bit rate.

Use the first three settings described below to make the most visible changes. If you only need to make slight adjustments, you can fine-tune the picture with the remaining settings. Most color settings are stored separately for each image source and color mode.

Color see page Use the RGB settings to fine-tune the color of the image. You can adjust the offset and gain for each signal color red, green, and blue. Normally, these settings are adjusted automatically by the projector.

If you notice that the image is blurry or contains dark vertical bands, you may need to adjust the settings yourself. Page Selecting Memory Settings And Resetting The Projector Selecting Memory Settings and Resetting the Projector Your projector comes with 10 memory locations where you can save customized settings to obtain the best picture quality for each of your video inputs.

Selecting Memory Settings You can easily recall the memory settings by using the memory button on the remote control. Page Creating Memory Settings Creating Memory Settings Memory settings can be used to store most of the picture quality settings on page 37 and color settings on page Before saving them to memory, adjust the settings to the desired levels. Press the Memory 2.

You can also reset the lamp usage timer or restore all the projector settings to their original values. Press the button on the remote control. Page Customizing Projector Features 3. See page 56 for more information. Page Screen Options Turn this setting off if you want to prevent the startup screen from appearing while the projector is warming up.

Page Video Signal Use this setting if you find the lights distracting in a darkened room. Sleep mode shuts the projector off automatically when there is no video signal. Select 5min. Turn this setting on if you are using the projector at an altitude of feet meters or higher.

Page Maintenance Maintenance Your projector needs little maintenance. All you need to do on a regular basis is keep the lens clean. You also may need to clean the air filter to prevent overheating.

If dust collects on the air filter, clean it as described below. Dust clogs prevent proper ventilation and cause overheating and damage to the projector.

Page 52 If the dirt is difficult to remove or the filter is broken, replace it. You can purchase air filter part number V13HA21 from an authorized Epson reseller.

To purchase online, visit www.


Epson 8350 Home Theater System User Manual

Hello everyone, welcome to projectorsetup. Not only software support, but we also display a few specifications for PowerLite Home Cinema p 3LCD Projector products that might be useful for you. The center of the machine is a 3LCD optical engine that exerts 2, ISO lumens in a sharp contrast ratio of a 50, backed with a native resolution of by The Fujinon 2. Unlike other projectors, the PowerLite Home Cinema Projector runs in a whisper quiet 22dB Eco mode , making sure that the onscreen actions will not divert you while the 4,hour lamp life offers further reassurance and increased enjoyment.


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350



Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 Software, Driver, Manual Support


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