Panama produces three brands of rum and a similar liquor known as Seco Herrerano , but beer is also quite popular. There are multiple brands produced by six companies. A popular beer, the Panama brand is also the strongest marketer, with T-shirts and other merchandise bearing its name seen around the Americas. With a brilliant chocolate color, it has an aroma with malted notes, caramel fruit, cacao and coffee. Has a malty flavor with suite coffee, coco and dried fruit, and a well-balanced bitterness.

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Of course, the only way to find out if you like the Panamanian beer is to come down and drink it yourself.

You can afford to try them all — repeatedly. You can buy a local lager for less than 50 cents. So if you are looking for a cheaper buzz, buy Panama or Balboa.

All 3 beers are about the same price — cheap. If you are a Budweiser drinker, you will most likely enjoy these beers.

Light beers are always better in hot places anyway. Much more refreshing than an ale or stout. This is my favorite Panamanian Lager. It is the only one I drink. I know of another expat in town who feels the same way. However, our opinion is not shared by most people. My Balboa-loving friend brings his own Balboa to expat get-togethers because he knows the only beer there will be Atlas or Panama, and maybe Soberano.

I shudder at the thought of Soberano. The beer lovers at roamingaroundtheworld. The non-snob beer review at nonsnobbeer. Balboa has a very similar flavor profile as Atlas, but with just a hint more pale malt flavor and less watered-down. The alcohol content is stronger as well at 4. My opinion: It is okay. Not much flavor. It is my 2nd favorite beer in Panama.

I do love that it is called Panama. But there was some corn sweetness, some very slight hop flavors and perhaps even a tad of sour citrus. There is a touch of spice in the nose, and unlike the other two, we get the slightest bit of hops flavor and bitterness. As far as I can tell from the packaging, Panama does not use any adjuncts. Panama has also received three consecutive Grand Gold Medals from the Belgium-based quality control group, Monde Selection.

This brewery was created in The first beer it made was Cristal, a pilsner. You still see Cristal beer sold, but not often. I think it tastes similar to the Soberano beer. That is, not good at all. In , Heineken bought Cerveceria Baru. It is a terrible beer. It gives me a headache. I cannot think of anything that would make me drink one. Its lower ABV gives it less bang for your buck and a bit more watery than its peers. The market was saturated.

Now there are only 2 macro-breweries in Panama. Both are owned by large international brewing conglomerates. Depending upon where you are in Panama, you can find true imported beer as well. In Panama City you can find a large variety of beers from Germany, Belgian, as well as a some from Japan. Occasionally you can find a heavier import. It occasionally finds its way into the Romero in our town of Puerto Armuelles.

I like the Fuller ESB. However, in most small towns you can find only panama-made beers. If you buy a bottle of local beer at one of the many beer distribution stores, you can get it for under 30 cents a bottle. But you must return all the bottles. Usually people buy beer by the case at these distribution centers. The Panama-made import beers are more. It depends upon the store, but it is in the 50 cent to 90 cent range.

True imports are much more. Of course, where you live matters as well. Beer in Panama City is more expensive than in Volcan. Beer in bars are more expensive as well. Again, depending upon where you go. In Part 2, I have included a rating chart of all the beers of Panama. It was created by ratebeer. If you are looking to move to Panama, you should check out our property listings. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. I have never enjoyed any Panamanian beer until I recently tried the new Beer. Hopefully this brand will be successful and save me from buying the very expensive European beers at Romero Grocery Chain. Thank you for the article; it was very enlightening. I opened a Panamanian restaurant back in July and people are asking for Panamanian beer but I do not know where to purchase. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly.

This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. You can get a sense of whether or not you will by reading this post. I am not a lager drinker. However, the 3 most popular beers in Panama are all largers.

They are all pale lagers. Taste This is my favorite Panamanian Lager. Many restaurants and smaller grocery stores do not sell it. Taste My opinion: It is okay. Taste It is a terrible beer. It is the most popular beer in Panama though. Its taste according to the beer affectionados at roamingaroundtheworld. Ceviche and An Atlas. Cerveceria National Cerveceria Baru Both are owned by large international brewing conglomerates.

But you would be wrong. It is made in Panama. Imports Depending upon where you are in Panama, you can find true imported beer as well. Not surprising most beer imports are lighter lagers or pilsners. Cost of Beer Beer is cheap in Panama. You can buy a can at a grocery store for under 50 cents.

What is your favorite Panama beer? Please let me and everyone know in the comments below. Sources: Localbeerblog. Notify of.

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