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HardieWrap Flex Flashing is designed to easily stretch and seal around doors and windows, as well as custom. This recommendation refers to the most commonly used types of windows surface mounted. For other types of. Check your local building code for construction requirements and follow the manufacturers recommended.

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This message contains images. If you don't see images, click here to view. Advertise in this news brief. May 06, The document finalized that day under the examination of representatives of most aspects of the window industry such as Washington Gas, DOE, Pozzi Window, among others, has morphed over 25 years of field experience, trial and error, window manufacturer scrutiny, and laboratory testing into today's most complete reference work on the installation of retrofit and replacement windows and doors under all conditions.

It also became the organizational model for installation consistency and accuracy across all the original locations of Home Depot's At-Home Services. The present content, in version 7.

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HardieWrap™ Flashing Guide

At roof-to-wall intersection or wall-to-deck , affix wrap to thewall such that it overlaps any step flashing already on the wall byat least 2" fig. Consult with the architect or specifier regarding the type and method of flashing tobe utilized. Ensure that appropriate flashing has previously been installed around all windows and door openings. Do not place fasteners within fasten temporarily fig. This area should not be fastened to allow for properflashing installation. Install the top piece over the bottom piece figs.


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