Breezing Forms is a professional form builder to create contact forms and any kind of custom forms for WordPress you can think of. Breezing Forms is suited for both, beginners and experts. You may create from simple to very sophisticated and complex multi step forms as it provides a clever interface to add and manage form elements quickly — while quick means easy. Breezing Forms supports responsiveness and theme support but it also gives you the ability to display your form optimized for mobile devices. As example, open this form with your desktop and mobile browser: Mobile Form Demo.

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Framework JoomlaCode. Support Knowledgebase Sponsor Joomla! Log in Register. Home Show all. Paid download. Export JomSocial Users can be use Not rated. Export Easy-Profile Users can be BreezingForms is the most versatile and flexible Joomla forms builder available. From simple contact forms to advanced form based applications, everything is possible.

Well supported and frequently updated. Don't miss our demos and videos The most innovative and powerful Joomla forms BreezingForms is the only form builder around that you can throw at almost anything and yet is able to manage ev Multi-Language manager, giving the user an easy and fast content translation experience. Based on the concept of a "Translaton Set" a set of Joomla Items that are translations of the same content it will allow you to view at a glance wich content is translated, to what languages, if it is published and many more.

This large menu will contain some title and a description of the menu item. It will slide out from the bottom revealing the description text and some icon.

We will use some CSS3 properties for some nice shadow effects and jQuery for the interaction. Support:- Support the Joomla 2. JE Drill Down menu display the last shown level when the page reloads, plus the speed of the "drilling" animation. And to ensure the user doesn't get lost with all this drilling. Features:- Add menu content from the menu m What is it?

Impact Menu is a responsive Joomla module that uses jquery to present a menu that combines an image with your menu items for a unique look and presentation. When you hover a menu item, an image builds itself as the background while the submenu gently slides up or down. The module allows for up to 10 main menu items and as many items as you can fit in level 2. You can adjust many para Menu Styles By Cecil Gupta.

Are you tired of trying but can't get your Joomla menus right? It offers several different menu styles through a single module. You can quickly set it to work with your standard Joomla menus. The menus supports several designs easily implemented on headers, sidebars or even footers. You just n Not rated 2 reviews.

Flick Menu By Cecil Gupta. Flick Menu is the quickest solution for responsive dropdown menu. Are you looking for a dropdown menu for your Joomla site? If you want a something which can quickly plugged in and setup without needing you to change dozens of CSS and javascript to look proper with your theme. Flick Menu is easily configured through backend module parameters to match your template colors. Setting up this module i Not rated 1 review.

AutoAnchor Menu By Pluginaria. Long article? Automatically generated menu to article sections will improve user experience. The menu is being composed from the header tags present in article H H9 and links to the top and the bottom of the page and scrolls the user to relevant section. Extension is page-based so will work with any component including K2.

Features: - Configure which headers to include in the menu for ex Simple Responsive Menu is a drop-in replacement for the standard Joomla vertical menu. At wider screen widths, you should see no difference at all from the standard Joomla menu. At narrower screen widths the normal vertical menu is made invisible, and a select list menu is made visible instead. You can configure the screen width where this switch takes place, and the position of the select list me Change active menu background color and active menu text color.

Category Menu For Sobipro By kishoreweblabs. Category Menu for Sobipro display categories from a SobiPro section. It can be used as category navigation menu or simple category module. The module can be configured to show Sliding menu According menu or simple flat list menu. Sobipro does not have any module to show all categories in joomla template. You have to manually create menu item for each category to show in joomla template.

If you It is a drop-in replacement for the standard Joomla vertical menu. At wider screen widths, there is no difference at all from the standard Joomla menu. At narrower screen widths the normal vertical menu is made invisible, and some text or an icon is made visible at the top left or right of the page. Clicking th JF Mobile Bar is a beautiful, super handy mobile navigation, login and toolbar module for Joomla. It helps to easilly access site menu items on mobile devices, also has beautiful "User Login Form" panel which makes your site flexible and professional looking.

This toolbar module is created for mobile devices, but it also can work on tablets and on Desktops too. JF Mobile Bar is easily customizab Joomla 2. Content Menu is display in your content text whatever text you want. Display menu in very smooth way. You can easily change the menu color from the back-end. Just install module and plug-in. You can change the shadow color, menu color also change the over effect from the back-end.

Features:- We add the color picker for menu color selection JE Sliding menu looks in a fancy way using jquery. JE Sliding menu has ability to preload images and making the entire block clickable. So here it is, check the example, a new improved sliding menu based on our favourite JavaScript library, jQuery. We are using default joomla menu. Eg: image. The module is very easy to use, just install the module and select a menu from Joomla menu system then publish it to a position which you want and see that effect.

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Framework JoomlaCode. Support Knowledgebase Sponsor Joomla! Log in Register. Home Show all.

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