Quick Links. Download this manual. The Binatone Help Line is available from 9. Table of Contents.

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Quick Links. Remark:this guide is for the corded part only, and that for instructions. Table of Contents. Corded telephone with caller display and speakerphone 29 pages. Corded telephone with caller display and answering machine 36 pages. Corded telephone with caller display and answering machine 35 pages.

Digital cordless telephone with answer machine and headset 40 pages. Telephone Binatone User Manual Binatone electronics telephone user manual 2 pages. Corded telephone with caller display and answering machine 34 pages. Digital cordless telephone with name and number phonebook and answering machine 45 pages.

Corded telephone with caller display and answering machine 37 pages. If you need help ….. Binatone Help Line : Page 6 Technical Details Connection and conditions for use. You can connect your Speakeasy Combo to a direct exchange line DEL - a line connected to a local exchange, with its own phone number; to an extension on an approved compatible PBX. Do not connect the Speakeasy Combo as an extension to a payphone. Page 10 Place the Handset on the cradle with the parking hook on the cradle arranged to fit in the parking recess under the earpiece on the Handset.

After lifting the handset you will need to wait for several seconds before you can hear the calling person's voice or before they can hear you. You will hear a confirmation tone, and the display will return to the last number redial list. Page Making Calls From The Phonebook To Speed-Dial the telephone number In idle mode, briefly press M1 or M2 key, and the unit will automatically dial out the telephone number in speakerphone mode.

You will hear a confirmation tone, and the display will return to the CID list. Page Using Multi-Handset When the handset answers the intercom call, simply hang-up at the base to transfer the call. Then wait for the other handset to initiate the three-way conference call. Either handset can just hang-up to end the call and the other handset will still be connected. To Set up a three-way conference Binatone Help Line : Page 27 To de-register a handset You may need to do this if you need to replace a faulty handset.

Call the Binatone help line if you need more advice. There are two ways to de-register a handset as below: 1. To de-register a handset using the handset menu 1. Once the playback has finished, the display will return to the previous menu. Page Remote Operation Sorry memory full. Once you have freed up some memory space, the machine will automatically return to the Answer ON mode. Enter the PIN code using the keypad. Page Troubleshooting — only the basic handset calling works without mains power.

Make sure you are using the telephone line cable that was supplied with your Combo Other telephone line cables might not work Binatone Help Line : If you still cannot identify the cause of the problem, contact the Binatone on UK only. Page Cleaning And Care Every effort has been made to ensure high standards of reliability for your Combo However, if something does go wrong, please do not try to repair it yourself — consult your supplier or the Binatone Helpline.

Declaration of conformity Page Guarantee And Service Guarantee. Then… 3. Call Binatone Helpline on for UK only and ask for a quotation of the repair charge and details of where to send your Combo for repair. Make sure you include with your Combo Operation on other countries' PSTN termination points cannot be guaranteed.

Binatone Telecom plc operates a policy of continuous improvement, and so reserves the right to make changes to the products and functions without notice. Print page 1 Print document 46 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


Binatone Speakeasy Combo 3410 User Manual

Edit the number if necessary. Important note — emergency calls The SC Big Button Combo cordless handset is not designed for making emergency calls when the mains power fails. In idle mode, press During a call, press to use the to review the Caller Recall function. User s manuals for Binatone Telephone, owner s manuals and user s guides. PDF files 1 Views.


Binatone SC2050 User Manual


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