The Asus M5n, no dead pixels yet larger image. The M5N and Z33a, differ only slightly, and are in fact the same laptops with one having a newer generation processor. Front larger image. Left side larger image. Right side view larger image. Top larger image.

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But the company released two new models. In comparison with the SN, it has an optical drive built in the case. You should take these data critically because they depend on the CPU clock and the power consumption mode as well. Power consumption will be closer discussed in the Test section. The developers managed to place the optical drive so that all interface connectors of the SN remain as is. However, it wasn't a free operation - MN is 0.

But the difference can be noticed only if the notebooks are placed near each other. Besides, the run-down life is shorter. By bringing the MN onto the market ASUS allows users to make their choice - some need a notebook as light as possible, others need an optical drive integrated.

The manufacturer probably believes that this models is going to be used in less extreme conditions. The battery takes the back side wholly, and a higher-capacity battery might jut out. The power supply connector is on the left moved from the right side and IEEE in place of the Kensington lock. SN MN The side panels have changed. The connectors on the left and right parts of MN and SN interchanged.

The bottom of MN gradually turns into the front panel at almost the right angle, which makes it look massive. Besides, there's now a speaker underneath. Frankly speaking, I don't understand why they mirrored the connectors. Now the cooler drives air outside through the right panel which is not very convenient when handling the mouse. However, I don't have any complaints about using the ports.

According to www. Without this frame the text entering and mouse pointer moving become one quick operation and you don't have to remember about dust.

In my opinion, this is a good example of marketing. It makes us feel sorry for owners of other notebooks who move a mouse pointer with great difficulty : Well, the touchpad with an aluminum frame looks really effective. It's very convenient to press the keys, though there's still some space where dust can accumulate - there's a slit in the plate that separates the keys. Unfortunately, the touchpad doesn't support scrolling. All other functions work similarly to the SN. The same attractive backlighted power button: the same keyboard with narrow keys in the right section and the same LED section.

Well, the ergonomics hasn't changed much. Besides, I haven't found any advantages when handling the touchpad, however, the MN looks even more effective.

Market niche By bringing out the MN ASUS continues fragmenting the market niche of actively travelers and offers a wide choice of notebooks satisfying various needs. Since I'm not in this category of users, I can't estimate prospects of this model but I think it will takes a certain market share. Site At the company's site you can find all information on ASUS solutions, their configuration and prices, as well as drivers for them.

The faster memory must speed up the performance as compared to the notebooks equipped with the processors of the same clock speed and DDR memory. First comes the run-down life test. The performance was measured with the Power4Gear utility disabled and in all its possible modes. Besides, there are also diagrams for the 48 Whr battery. The run-down life must have increased twice. But it's even greater in reality. But the notebook really works 2.

In all other modes the time of operation grows up at the performance decrease. However, we can't make the comparison really equal because of different matrix resolutions.

Now comes line supply. ASUS is ahead again, with the best gain taken in the business applications. Maybe the reason is that the files processed wholly hit the memory. Now comes 3D graphics. The advantage is really great. A wide range of portable models allows a user to choose a model that would satisfy all his needs even in one manufacturer's line.

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