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In the Polish cultural ethos, the family as a value seems to have an established high position. It is also confirmed by current numerous studies focused mainly on the young generation, which show that for young people the family constitutes a value of the highest priority. It could be presumed, therefore, that the present socio-cultural climate is favourable for the family and enables it to perform its various functions, including the care and cultural function.

It also concerns the large family, which in the Polish tradition used to be considered as a beneficial educational environment, or even a kind of a social force. However, in the modern society, which in its definition seems to be a declaration of high quality standards, mainly in terms of developmental chances of all its subjects, the large family has found itself in a specifically difficult situation. The reason behind it is, above all, the fact that having a large number of children is socially ostracized in various ways.

If the value of the large family is not only not appreciated socially, but even discredited, then the consequences of such a state of affairs will become apparent in numerous spheres of social life. Most often, it is reflected in the basic decisions in the area of social policy, unfavourable towards large families. For such families it might imply the necessity of engaging in even an extreme struggle for survival in the sphere of everyday existence; even more so when it comes to decent conditions of performing its tasks and its socio-cultural role.

Therefore, it is essential to define and refer to the arguments coding in the social consciousness the fact that the large family in the Polish cultural ethos occupied a high position not only in the past, but it still constitutes a significant value which deserves recognition and support. Adamski F. Pilch ed. Balcerzak-Paradowska B. Dyczewski L. Forma P. Teoria i praktyka, B. Matyjas, J. Graniewska D. Balcerzak-Paradowska ed.

Hrynkiewicz J. Sytuacja rodzin wielodzietnych w Polsce a polityka rodzinna, July , pp. Kawula S. Kotowska I. Bernini ed. Kryczka P. Majkowski W. Majkowski ed. Rembowski J. Ziemska ed. Slany K. Adamski ed. Tyszka Z. Cudak, H. Marzec ed. Wawro F. Wielgus S. Kornas-Biela ed. Kryczka ed.

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The Large Family in Contemporary Conditions



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