Motion Along a Straight Line. Force and Motion - I. Force and Motion - II. Knowing how to identify the most appropriate techniques to solve problems Prerequisites In order to understand and know how to apply most of the techniques described in teaching, it is necessary to have knowledge of elementary algebra, trigonometry; logarithms, functions and their properties, derivative and its geometric interpretation that are treated in the first part of the mathematics course scheduled in the first semester. These knowledge are a prerequisite for the student who wants to follow the course with profit Teaching methods Starting from the operational and functional aspects of the discipline, anchoring aspects of daily life and the technical applications ie, its predictive and prescriptive, the course investigates the correlates conceptual and methodological aspects. Also, the lectures will be held with the support of blackboard, slides, virtual laboratories in order to create a critical spirit, starting from the problematic nature of the experiment or measure and its relation with the theoretical description.

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Mostra didattico-divulgativa: Dentro il Microscopio. Ottica , immagini, tecnologie. Progettazione grafica e realizzazione dei pannelli della mostra. Elenco dei pannelli sull' ottica geometrica:l'occhio umanol' ottica geometricala riflessione e la rifrazionegli elementi di un sistema otticola formazione dell'immaginela lente di ingrandimentola risoluzione e la riffrazioneil microscopio otticoElenco dei pannelli sulla storia della microscopia :i primi sistemi di ingrandimentoocchiali medievalil'invenzione del microscopiogalileo e i linceihooke e la royal societynasce la microbiolo Manuale di ottica.

Microscopia confocal in vivo na cistinose: relato de caso. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. O presente estudo tem por objetivo relatar os achados da microscopia confocal in vivo em paciente adulto com cistinose infantil.

In the wake of the minskian setting of financial fragility and its subsequent developments offered by Kregel, the paper addresses some basic aspects of the dynamics and management of external debt from the perspective of developing countries.

In order to define the external fragility of a country reformulate the definition of Minsky of hedged positions, speculative, and Ponzi. The analysis of how, asymmetries in the external financial fragility, may affect the overall fragility leads to discuss the limits of the opening international financial.

Finally, the distinction between internal and external financial fragility makes it possible to analyze how the dynamic interaction between economic units, including the government and its policies, can influence the distribution and the level of both types of fragility. Inform ed space. Microscopia confocal en operados de queratoplastia perforante Confocal microscopy in patients operated from penetrating keratoplasty.

Confocal microscopy is a practical, exploratory and less invassive examination that allows finding out the microscopic characteristics of the corneal tissue after transplantation, so it is a very useful tool for the management of patients operated from keratoplasty.

The present paper was aimed at describing. Apresentava retardo no desenvolvimento motor. Tech Ed Sat. Its mission is to evaluate Space An extension of the tabulation of this history, which first appeared on the EDS website, is given in the attached PDF. It is with sadness that we note one of the founders of the series, Prof. It has become a tradition to make an award in his name, and this year it was made to Ivan Isacov for his poster "Electrical levels of dislocation networks in p- and n-type silicon".

A short and warm celebration of Prof. Dr Alexander's life by his friends and colleagues, Prof. The conference was a forum for the state-of-the-art of investigation and modelling of extended defects in semiconductors.

Scientists from universities, research institutes and industry made contributions to a deeper understanding of extended defects, their interaction with point defects and their role in the development of semiconductor technology.

The remit of the conference included extended defects, nanostructures, nanoparticles, quantum dots and interfaces within semiconducting materials ranging from narrow to wide band gaps, including graphene-derived materials and diamond. Scientific interests range from defect geometry, electronic structure, dynamics, spectroscopy, microscopy, reactions and chemistry to introduction mechanisms, such as implantation and strained layers and the operation of devices such as integrated circuits, heterostructures, and solar cells.

The organisers were confronted with a long period between. Erectile Dysfunction ED. Ectodermal dysplasia ED syndrome. Ectodermal dysplasia ED syndrome comprises a large, heterogeneous group of inherited disorders that are defined by primary defects in the development of 2 or more tissues derived from the embryonic ectoderm. The tissues primarily involved are the skin and its appendages including hair follicles, eccrine glands, sebaceous glands, nails and teeth.

The clinical features include sparse hair, abnormal or missing teeth, and an inability to sweat due to lack of sweat glands. One such case report of ectodermal dysplasia is presented here. The role of composting from the point of view of Agenda 21; Il ruolo del compostaggio nell' ottica dell'Agenda Agenda 21 is more and more often mentioned in debates and meetings dealing with environment, economy and development. How to actually make the aims enunciated in what is to be considered the next century programmatic document effective is, on the contrary, hardly outlined.

The aim of this article is to help in making interaction between Agenda 21 and product reality more tangible and evident, specifically as far as composting is concerned. After an analytical description of the document, the points of contact between Agenda 21 and composting are identified: each one is highlighted through a rich bibliography.

I modi attraverso i quali contestualizzare in pratica gli obiettivi enunciati in quello che va considerato come il documento programmatico del prossimo secolo sono invece spesso solo tratteggiati.

Quest'articolo vuole essere percio' un contributo per rendere piu' tangibile e visibile l'interazione esistente tra l'Agenda 21 e la realta' produttiva; nel caso specifico il compostaggio.

Dopo una descrizione analitica del documento, sono individuati in modo formale i punti di contatto tra gli obiettivi dell'Agenda 21 ed il compostaggio: ciascuno di loro e' messo in evidenza facendo riferimento ad un'ampia bibliografia. Critical Ed. Scholars who produce critical editions typically use off-the-shelf music notation software The best text method is commonly applied among music scholars engaged in producing critical editions.

In this method, a comment list is compiled, consisting of variant readings and editorial emendations. This list is maintained by inserting the comments into a document as the changes are made A prototype has been tested at the Danish Centre for Music Publication, and the results suggest that the system could greatly improve the efficiency CERN Multimedia. The purpose of the joint project beteween CERN and EDS is to carry out research and development in the field of monitoring, management and operation of grid services.

EDS operator and control software. Major topics discussed in this paper are the EDS operator interface SHELL program, the data acquisition and analysis scheduling software, and the graphics software. The workstation concept used in EDS , the software used to configure a user's workstation, and the ownership and management of a diagnostic are described.

An EDS diagnostic is a combination of hardware and software designed to study specific aspects of the process. Overall system performance is discussed from the standpoint of scheduling techniques, evaluation tools, optimization techniques, and program-to-program communication methods. EDS is based on a data driven design which keeps the need to modify software to a minimum.

This design requires a fast and reliable data base management system. The benefits derived by using HP hardware and software as well as obstacles imposed by the HP environment are presented in relation to EDS development and implementation. Objective: To determine the structural changes in the cornea in the cataract surgery using phacoemulsification without complications. Methods: A prospective study of patients operated on from cataract using the coaxial phacoemulsification Pre Chop technique without complications was carried out.

These patients also underwent confocal microscopy of the cornea with Confoscan4 Nidek Technologies with 40x target and Z - Ring adapter. The study was performed in the preoperative period and postoperative period for 24 hours, one week, one month and three months after surgery. Results: Structural changes were observed in the cornea such as epithelial cells with hypereflectivity nucleus, occasionally elongated, , areas of anomalous hypereflectivity 24 hours after.

It also gives practical London: Blackwell Science, El modelo de superficie del huevo es poligonal. Se encontraron fibras nerviosas en cada una de sus capas.

Objective: This paper is aimed at analyzing the corneal cellular structures through Confoscan S4-aided confocal microscopy in apparently healthy corneas. Both eyes of participating doctors were examined whereas the non-affected eye was examined in the patients. A total of 50 cases with no corneal. Estudio del endotelio corneal en el queratocono por microscopia confocal Study of the corneal endothelium confocal microscopy in keratoconus.

La densidad celular se mantuvo dentro del rango de valores normales para cualquier grado de queratocono. The study patients had undergone confocal microscopy with.

The best preservation of the specimens was obtained after 12 hours of fixation with those solutions containing aldehydes. With Bouin solution the best time of fixation was 4 hours, while for Carnoy solution the best time of fixation was 24 hours. Inclusion in plastic resin gave better results than in paraffin, and the temperature did not influence the quality of preservation of the specimens of bovine placentomes for evaluation with light microscopy.

Mitigating Higher Ed Cyber Attacks. In this presentation we will discuss the many and varied cyber attacks that have recently occurred in the higher ed community. We will discuss the perpetrators, the victims, the impact and how these institutions have evolved to meet this threat.

Mitigation techniques and defense strategies will be covered as will a discussion of effective security…. Ellipsometry and electronic microscopy of ashes swept of the Popocatepetl volcano; Elipsometria y microscopia electronica de barrido de las cenizas del volcan Popocatepetl.

The ellipsometry and the scanning electronic microscopy is applied to the study of the optic properties of Popocatepetl volcano ash in connection with the form, ruggedness and elemental chemical composition of the microparticles, also to argue about the relation with atmospheric conditions.

This area is characterized by lush vegetation of native trees and visual towards the Andes leaks. In this project the use of wood predominates, which is subtly integrated with the natural environment. Ed Watson Ed was deeply involved in the detailed planning of the control rooms and the experiment cabling, as well as sharing the responsibility for the CAMAC readout system.

He had a real talent for trouble shooting and played a vital part in supporting the experiment throughout its lifetime. He offered great moral support to the younger members of the collaboration and helped them a great deal with their work.

The EMC had a wonderful social life to which Ed was a major contributor - who can forget its barbecues? Ed Watson - Ed Watson passed away suddenly on 1 August in Geneva, he was He leaves his wife and two children.

The value of Colombian phlebotomine eggs for species determination was studied with a scanning electron microscope. The species diversity and medical importance of the verrucarum group were the bases to select Lutzomyia youngi, Lutzomyia evansi, Lutzomyia columbiana and Lutzomyia longiflocosa.

The egg surface was poligonal. Lutzomyia youngi, and Lutzomyia columbiana had pentagonal or hexagonal patterns; Lutzomyia evansi elongated polygons and Lutzomyia longiflocosa irregular polygonal sculpturing, frequently rectangular. Egg scanning electron microscopy is reliable to identify species of the verrucarum group. Advanc ED Flex 4.


Università degli Studi di Perugia

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