Vitrium Security Reviews by Vitrium Systems. Free Demo. Visit Website. Vitrium Security Ratings Overall. Ease of Use. Customer Service.

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Vitrium Security Reviews by Vitrium Systems. Free Demo. Visit Website. Vitrium Security Ratings Overall. Ease of Use. Customer Service. Learn more about Vitrium Security.

Well thought out and implemented. We still can use the product in all of our system because it is too slow. Biggest complainte we get because many people use iPad or iPhone to review documents. And make this compatible with a remote.

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Having everything trackable and protected has completely removed awkward NDA conversations about IP that we are still developing. That's not so much a reflection of Vitrium, though. They've been quite helpful in talking through applications with us. Thanks for the kind words, Marina. We do strive to make our system work seamlessly in everyone's environment and especially keep your IP safe!

James R. It can sometimes prove challenging. Hi James. Thank you for your feedback. CSA Group has helped push the envelope with DRM features and polices in Vitrium that our system wasn't originally designed to enforce, but that it does today. While your learning curve may have been steep, the system continues to evolve every few months with CSA's and other brilliant feature requests.

The content protection offered and the tracking included are second to none. Ryan B. Customer service is helpful and have been able to resolve most issues quickly. Also, I would suggest the following for files viewed online to make it function more inline with how adobe acrobat functions. Thanks, Ryan for your detailed review. The option to download a protected PDF file and store or distribute them on thumb-drives or flash cards exists for years now.

The issue is that your system is configured to use True SSO which requires your users first authenticate against your back-end. If you need to distribute files and have those users manually login to receive the secured content, then you could also request a 2nd account from Vitrium Systems that doesn't use SSO. Since v7. Also, full-screen reading mode is available.

We will consider your request as a future enhancement. Today, the Web Viewer provides the means to collapse the bigger annotation bar to the left but leaves the smaller annotation menu bar. Above and to the left of the window is the scaling and zoom toolbar. Verified Reviewer. It was new to us and we were unsure whether it would overly complicate the delivery of content. The people at Vitrium have gone the extra mile to help us out, from the very beginning.

Service and access to the employees, even top management, are very important to us. This is something that usually does not happen when working with a big company. Rather than sending large PDFs that some email servers reject, we are now sending a link that provides simple, protected access to our content. We encounter a small customer-related problem from time to time, but the people at Vitrium are quick to help us resolve it. We highly recommend Vitrium without reservation. The online web viewer is an easy way for customers to view the report.

It also enables viewing on tablet computers. That must be done manually by sorting and filtering a spreadsheet for each user and each document. A quick counter on the UI would be ideal, and should be simple to add. We are so grateful for your kind words.

Thanks for sharing your review. In more recent versions of Vitrium, and for the enterprise subscriptions only, there's additional information provided for a given User's record under the Clear Usage window.

However, it would seem that also providing File Use WITH Device Use per file would be useful and would help identify potential issues with end-users sharing content credentials. Vitrium also has plans on adding a notification system where administrators can define 'triggers' for things such as a user accessing content from n or more devices or IPs within a specified period of time. Daniel G. Technical Administrative Specialist. Manually creating IDs and keys is useful in some cases, integrating with out customer database so users automatically get access to appropriate documents is useful in most others.

Downloadable protected PDFs or webviewer based documents used entirely in the browser satisfies almost every customer. Hi Daniel. Thanks for the feedback. Your comment is very true as no matter when we schedule an update, there's always someone globally that could be affected. However, we're now down to only minutes of downtime for an update due to greatly streamlined and automated release capabilities and soon may not have any downtime as we continue to evolve our system deployment abilities.

This fully automated deployment can even be passed on to our self-hosted enterprise customers. Everyone is looking forward to that day! Sterling B. It is cost effective, easy to use, with cogent and timely customer support that feels more like a part of your team rather than just another outsourced service run by low level customer service reps. When you need help. You get it directly from people who know the product and that save time, anxiety, and money.

Thank, Sterling so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review. I'm sure you already know this today, but Vitrium now supports much more than PDF's today. Lindsay H. Project Coordinator Supervisor. Also we should be able to revoke access to a document once sent to one user without revoking all users rights. Lastly, I would like permissions to be more granular. It would be nice to be able to give customers the ability to print without giving them the ability to edit the document.

Thanks, Lindsay, for your valuable feedback. Revoking access can be handled by utilizing DRM Settings when provisioning content to an individual user as is the case on your account today.

Remove the DRM assignment set it to 'not set' and the user will lose access. However, when the user is in a group and that group is granted DRM permissions, you would have to remove the user from the group otherwise the entire group of users would lose access. Your request about the password is in the pipeline but has not been scheduled for development as yet. We're not sure what you're describing as content as it is always read-only to an end-users.

Perhaps you're describing annotations and printing? A suggestion is to reach out to support vitrium. Bob C. Director of Professional Development. Intellectual property protection for our materials. Thanks, Bob for taking the time to bring this to our attention.


Vitrium Security Reviews

Protect all types of PDF and Office files with Vitrium Security - eBooks, training materials, research reports, financial documents, board materials, manuscripts, legal files, and more! Unprotected digital content can be copied and duplicated a million times over in a matter of seconds, making reliable document security extremely valuable. This is especially true when you consider the potential fallout of a data breach or file leak, including costly legal action, damage to your brand and reputation, loss of customer trust, and ultimately, loss of revenue. The security layers and encryption travel with the document even if it gets saved to a local machine, corporate network, or mobile device. Depending on how you have the document set up, the user will need some form of credential or authentication to unlock and view the content.


Document Security


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