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Uttar Pradesh Land Revenue Act, 1. An Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to Land Revenue and the jurisdiction of Revenue Officer in the [ United Provinces ] 3. Whereas it is expedient to consolidate and amend the law relating to land revenue and the jurisdiction of Revenue Officers in the [Uttar Pradesh] 4. It is hereby enacted as follows:. Received the assent of the Lieutenant-Governor on the 24th October, and of the Governor-General on the 19th December, and was published in Gaz.

The Act has been extended under Ss. Garhwal and Naini Tal districts inclusive of the settled tracts of the Tarai sub-division which correspond to the Scheduled Districts of Kumaun and Garhwal.

The Act has also been extended to a certain portion of the Mirzapur District. July 16, , in Gaz. The Act continues in force, with modifications, in territory transferred to Delhi Province, vide S.

Act I of Act II of Prefatory Note. VI, p. V, dated November 2, pp. Title, extent and commencement. Act XI of , made by the Governor in exercise of the powers assumed by him under S. Act, , for "Province of Agra and Oudh" which had been Subs. Act 1 of , as continued by U. Act XIII of Act , for the original sub-sections as amended by U.

Act I of and adapted by the A. I-A, pp. VII of " by S. Act VI of This Act has been extended to the areas mentioned in Column 1 of this table under the Act or Order mentioned in Column 2 and enforced in such areas under notification, if any, mentioned in Column 3 with effect from the date mentioned in Column 4 against each such area:.

I, II and Ss. III came into force on and from December 1, III came into force w. November 30, The ramaining provisions of the Act shall extend to and came into force on such date and subject to such exceptions and modifications, as the State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette specify in this behalf. Act No. IV of Act, , as continued S. Application of the Act to Tehri-Garhwal. Act IV of Sub-section 1-A Ins.

Act , it was re-enacted by U. Sub-section 6 omit. Act, , as continued by U. The original sub-section as amended by S. Act IV of , S. Act VI of and S. Act II of , ran as follows:. Act XI of , for the original sub-section as Subs. Act V of ; it ran as follows:. Act XI of , for the sub-section as Ins.

Act II of ; it ran as follows:. Section 5. Controlling powers of State Government and Board respectively. The word "references" omitted by U.

Act 20 of , S. Appointment of members of the Board. The words "with the previous sanction of the G. I of Act 38 of Power to distribute business. Alteration or reversal of a judicial order.

The words "or reference" omitted by U. Section 9. Reference to State Government in case of difference of opinion. Act XII of Section Power to authorize member to exercise power of Board.

Power to create, alter and abolish divisions, districts, tahsil and sub-divisions. Commissioners of divisions. The words "subject to the control of the Board" omit. May 19, , in Gaz. Appointment, power and duties of Additional Commissioner. Govt]" which had been Subs.

Collector of the district -The [State Government] 1 shall appoint in each district an officer who shall be the Collector of the district, and who shall throughout his district, exercise all the powers and discharge all the duties conferred and imposed on a Collector by this Act or any other law for the time being in force. Section A. Appointment powers and duties of Additional Collectors. Assistant Collectors. Tahsildar and Naib-Tahsildars.

The words "and may suspend or remove such officers or any of them. Subordination of Revenue officers. Collector of the district in case of temporary vacancy. A Kanungos and [ Lekhpals ] 1. Power to form and alter 2 [ Lekhpals' ] halkas. But no such arrangement or alteration shall be final unless and until it has been sanctioned by the [State Government. See also Board's Circular No. Land Reforms Amend. Act, Appointment of Lekhpals.

Appointment of Kanungos. Kanungos and Lekhpals to be public servants, and their records public records. Act I of for [papers]. Maintenance of map and field-book. The word [Mahal] omitted by S.

Act I of in its application to area where U. Act I of is applicable. Obligations of owners as to boundary makes. If such order is not complied with within thirty days from the communication thereof, the Collector shall cause such boundary marks to be erected, repaired or renewed, and shall recover the charges incurred form the owners concerned in such proportion as he thinks fit.

Application of the Act to Areas where U. Act 1 of enforced. Act 1 of is applied Obligations of owners as to boundary marks. Penalty for injury to, or removal of, marks. When such sum cannot be recovered, or if the offender cannot be discovered, the Collector shall restore the mark and recover the cost thereof from such of [tenure-holder or Gaon Sabhas of co-terminous fields of villages as the case may be] 1 as he thinks fit.


U.p. act 003 of 1901 : Uttar Pradesh Land Revenue Act, 1901

Land Revenue Act, 1. Title, extent and commencement. Controlling powers of State Government and Board respectively. Appointment of members of the Board. Power to distribute business. Decision when case heard by Division Bench.


Uttar Pradesh Land Revenue Act, 1901


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