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We can accept Creditcards only through PayPal or 2Checkout. Please mail or fax to : ECA Fodermayrstr. Alle Rechte beim Herausgeber. This book is deposited and protected by copyright. All rights reserved to the edi to r. The reproduction, translation,. Sono passibili. Este libro ha sido depositado, derechos de au to r reservados. Copyright en manos del edi to r.

In the following table section the most important semiconduc to r components — irrelevant as to whether it is dealing with transis to rs,. The individual types are provided with the most. This table. Old types are never cancelled. Old table s should there for e always be removed. In the pin. Furthermore you will be able. In order not to exceed the capacity of this table , the detailed. Questa tabella viene integrata ed ampliata con ogni nuova edizione.

I tipi vecchi. Tabelle vecchie pertan to dovranno essere sempre messe da parte una conseguente perdita di. Le denominazioni di tipo corrispondono a quelle delle rispettive documentazioni dei produt to ri.

Sono a volte applicate a timbro in modo. QOC Fo to isola to re della scanalatura del quadra to. Presso ICs. Jun to a los diferentes. De este.

Cuando varios componentes del mismo. A pesar de haber recopilado to dos los da to s con gran cuidado,. Fch Fairchild Semiconduc to r www. Fcs Fairchild Semiconduc to r GmbH www. Fcs Fairchild Semiconduc to r www. Fjd Fuji Denki Seizo Company www. Fjd Fuji Electric GmbH www. Philips Semiconduc to rs eu2. Fjd Fuji Semiconduc to r Inc. Mit Mitsubishi Electric Corporation www.

Mot Mo to rola Semiconduc to r Products Ltd. Mpi Micropac Industries Inc. Mul Mullard Ltd. Nsc National Semiconduc to r GmbH www. Odc Op to Diode Corporation www. Ons ON Semiconduc to r Inc. Per Pericom Semiconduc to r Corporation www. Phi Philips Semiconduc to r eu2. Qse Quality Semiconduc to r Inc. Qsi Quality Semiconduc to r Inc. Ray Raytheon Halbleiter GmbH www. Ray Raytheon Semiconduc to r Co. Ren Renesas Technology Singapore Pte. Val Valvo Philips Semiconduc to r eu2.

The subscription allows the search for type, smdcode, numbers, different selections and filters, as well as a. Bild Manu. For further in for mations about your order or questions regarding your order please. Please choose one of the listed payment methods. If you prefer to transfer the to tal. Equivalent Reference Tables for transis to rs, diodes, thyris to rs and ICs.

Each type is provided with in for mation as to device family, short- for m. Beside the search and selection for type, device, manufacturer, case outline,.

This new dvd includes additional the data. Further in for mation and illustrations of vrt-dvd is available here: ECA. Z volume 1b tabla comparativa part numbers from A to Z vrt M Z transis to r thyris to r smd code diode ic linear digital analog 1 transis to ren, dioden thyris to ren, IC A L volume 1a tabella comparativa part numbers from A to Z tabla comparativa vrt A L transis to r thyris to r smd code diode ic linear digital analog 1 transis to ren, dioden thyris to ren, IC A Order for m Orderno.

Title Qty. The reproduction, translation, microfilming as well as s to ring and processing of data in electronic systems are liable to prosecution. Bergler, Fodermayrstr. The individual types are provided with the most important relevant short data, and — as far as possible and as far as purposeful — sui table comparative types are named. This table is supplemented and extended with every new edition. Old table s should there for e always be removed there is absolutely no risk of in for mation loss thus preventing valuable time being spent on searching through stacks of table s.

They are sometimes stamped on the components themselves in a deviating or abbreviated for m. With several identical type designations of one kind or component e.

Selection identifications through added on letters or figures are only then considered if this is important in practice and with type comparison.

With ICs just a schematic drawing is provided without pin assignment. All drawings are situated at the end of the table. The complete name of each manufacturer is listed alphabetically on page XXII. We cannot vouch for completeness and availability.

If a number of manufacturers are named for a single type, data is given of only one, due to the data of a single type differing from one manufacturer to another slightly under unlike measurement conditions. They are preferably types which are not to o difficult to obtain. In practice there are usually many more alternate types applicable than there is room for in this table. The "parametric search" in the online data base for semiconduc to r at www. Furthermore you will be able to compare directly the parameters of the different types.

Please read page XXIV for the special offer for vrt book users. If not otherwise mentioned in footnotes, the given alternate types have the same or better electrical data and can be applied without mechanical problems.

The same pin assignment has only been given attention to in the case of power types and ICs, as with small components the connections can be easily exchanged to fit. A check on any differing assignments is very much advised, and with this table is easy to carry out.

In order not to exceed the capacity of this table , the detailed ECA data bases online or on DVD have partly had to be referred to. The incredible variety of the components and comparison possibilities cannot be fully shown in this scope with digital logic circuits, voltage stabilizers, Z-diodes, thyris to rs and operational amplifiers. Despite very careful research, errors excepted. There is no liability for failure in practice.

Tous les croquis se trouvent en bas du table au. I tipi vecchi non vengono mai cancellati. Sono a volte applicate a timbro in modo varia to o abbrevia to sugli elementi di costruzione stessi. Verticale VHF Applicazioni frequenza altissima ca. Tutti i disegni si trovano in calce alla tabella.

Nomi completi si trovano raggruppati in ordine alfabetico a pagina XXII. Si tratta in prevalenza di tipi non difficilmente reperibili. Il "search parametrico" nella base di dati in linea per il semicondut to re a www.


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