The lottery entry device consists of a plate with the same dimensions length and width and the same "mask" Sample like the lottery ticket. In each box where there may be a cross x there is a hole. On the bottom of the The electronic circuits are located on the plate. The Lotto players insert a pin into the holes the plate that corresponds to the lottery numbers he chose speak. The pins close electrical contacts. They are included.

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Such devices are in the form of personal computers corresponding software in numerous variants the market, have also proven themselves in some cases, but benefit from not the club possible with modern printing facilities Specialization options for such applications in which the winning numbers in forms, such as from filling lottery tickets, must be entered.

The object is achieved in that the Device an insertion slot for a form, such as filling lottery ticket, and a printing device, like a matrix printer that is assigned to the insertion slot and under control of the microprocessor the form with the Winning numbers or dates printed. If with the use of the device also a fee payment is linked, it may be convenient if the device has a coin slot with coin counter device, the Counting result can be queried by the microprocessor.

The winning numbers can also be random numbers from a random generator arranged in the microprocessor producible or from a memory with stored, random moderately generated numbers are readable.

The winning numbers mentioned can in particular be lottery numbers be entered according to the specified algorithm Earlier lottery winnings are calculated using the Algo rithmus has a calculation rule, which, more generally wise or even subordinate, is able to calculate previous lottery winning numbers new lottery numbers, the player's probability of winning is larger than would be expected at random.

The winning numbers can also be personal numbers be, for example calculated using a given algorithm based on entered personal data, such as birth dates, Body measurements, body weight, preferred colors of the operator person, etc. The same thing works it with the device according to the invention in a simple manner calculate the amount paid for a game combination and if necessary also to collect.

The device also makes it easy to create new drawings or save their results and, if necessary, the Operator to display or on the lottery ticket past draw compares the drawn winning numbers to mark purposes.

Likewise, functions, especially game functions be saved, the user operating the device not only appear simpler but also more interesting let what a motivation for using one of the like device and greater economy for the Stand of the device means, as provided by any Fee units or coin deposits the return for that Installation of the device increases.

Computers already exist for users of personal computers programs software , with the help of which programs based from previous lottery numbers calculations for new lottery numbers be made. How far these programs are "random principle "can actually dub or only one other games that ultimately do not increase the chances of winning represents a variant of filling out lottery tickets, is of no essential importance for the present invention.

There are also mechanical stamps for filling in Lottery tickets with which the numbers by shaking six balls are always printed out differently. This mecha African stamp represents a mechanical coincidence generator. If stamping is offset The lottery ticket may be invalid without the player this notices and wastes money so uselessly. With the help of this A player can list such numbers for himself choose that have so far been less common than cause greater probability at the next draw to be drawn.

If he is of this opinion, he is through corresponding very time-consuming comparisons of these numbers extract and compile the comparison lists and then have to be entered in the lottery tickets. With the device according to the invention, in which all or at least a large part of the previous winning numbers drawn certain number game, for example the number lottery, can be saved, this comparison and the Extracting and filtering out certain less often drawn numbers in a relatively simple way with the Microprocessor always up to date using drawn lists of winning numbers are carried out, in combination with the other function of printing such numbers on, for example, a lottery ticket.

The invention is described below with the aid of a drawing Representation described in more detail. It shows the only figure in perspective an embodiment of a device for calculation and output of winning numbers. In the figure, an inventive device in the form of a coin operated machine 10 is shown consisting of a device housing 12 with an operating and input keyboard 14 , which can include numbers and letters and other characters on a first keypad 16 and possibly also function keys on another field The keypads 16 , 18 or even individual keys of these keypads can be interchangeable so that the device according to the invention can be adapted to different application areas without major changes.

The device 10 also has output devices consisting, for example, of a display panel 20 in the form of either light-emitting diode displays, television screen displays or light crystal displays LCD. Another output device can be provided in the form of a printer, for example an inexpensive matrix printer 22 which is very flexible in terms of its character design, the printing result being able to be recorded either on a paper strip which can be pulled off a roll of a paper roll magazine within the device and by means of a cutting device the roll can be cut off, or, as shown, the printer is intended for printing forms which can be inserted into a printer slot Such Formu lare can consist of tickets for lottery, lottery or other games.

The device also has a coin slot 26 which can be equipped with a coin counter not shown here in order to be able to sense the value of the coins entered and to determine the total amount of the coin inserted. Alternatively, a receiving device for banknotes can also be provided, as they are also used, for example, in tanker machines or parking garage machines.

A computer is provided within the device, for example in the form of a microprocessor which, on the one hand, records 16 digits and letter characters or other characters entered via the keyboard and processes them on the basis of stored software programs in accordance with the respective application, the respective function program, for example, using the keyboard can be entered with function characters 18 , or also via corresponding assigned input keys on the keyboard Such is known per se from personal computer technology and does not need to be explained in more detail here.

The device can also serve as a writing aid, for example, to provide the necessary information such as the name of the player and possibly the desired number of games or fields to be inserted into the printed form, such as a lottery ticket or a lottery ticket.

The device can also have a residual money return facility as well have a display field that the coin and bill counter is assigned and to display the amount to be paid and of the cash values inserted or imported until the paid amount is reached and acknowledged if necessary, serves. On the other hand, the device can use a microprocessor with a corresponding, associated stored or entered program with the aid of certain, predetermined and entered algorithms to calculate winning numbers or other data and either display the result of the calculation display 20 or print it out as a hard copy or also on a Print the entered form.

The device shown in the figure also has storage compartments 28 , 30 , 32 for forms, such as tip tickets or lottery tickets. In addition, a display or advertising area 34 is provided approximately at eye level of the operator, in which the advertised games or other functions of this device are advertised and, if appropriate, the corresponding operating instructions are also reproduced.

An LCD display can also be provided on this surface in order to further increase the advertising effect. The other front surfaces of the device, for example the surface 36 between the display surface 20 and the key field 16 , 18 can be used in a similar manner, here it is used for the representation of functional examples. It is assumed that the one referred to as a microprocessor Part of the device can also include a control unit that as an interface between the actual microprocessor and the peripheral devices such as printer, keyboard, Screen and coin slot or associated coin counter represents.

A data line could also be provided via the one automatically located outside the device Central, for example via a data line such as Tele management always the last drawn winning numbers one certain game types, such as Lotto or Toto. By designing the software accordingly, you can use the device not only with a "determination" of winning numbers "Increased" chance of winning can be carried out, too Tip suggestions, tip comparisons and possibly random numbers and Random tip suggestions displayed on request or directly on the the corresponding tip slip or lottery ticket can be printed out.

The determination of the personal would also be corresponding "Lucky numbers" on z. Used the player personally colored numbers, such as birth dates and the like, as the basis for determining "profit pay ", he can also enter these numbers and try it with the profit recommended by the device according to the invention compare numbers.

In this respect, the device according to the invention has the function a special typewriter to shout out name and address of the player and, if applicable, of certain game numbers or game fields. The device also allows the calculation of that for each a lot of gambling or gambling to be paid for, if necessary, including the relevant official or tax fees as well as usage fees for the device.

The device according to the invention can be used, for example Lotto-Toto betting stations as a filling aid and as Proposal for determining winning numbers or profit fields. The micropro contained in the device cessor can by the software programs contained in it or also by its random generator or other Establishments as "consultants" for the selection of winning numbers serve, but also as a writing aid for filling in Tickets on the spot and possibly the same timely for the collection of the corresponding stakes.

The same applies to use in the area of casinos, especially when the players are making a decision about bets and other game data of a certain game want to operate systems in the form of a computer program can be entered by the player or stored in the device. The machine possesses an introduction shaft for a form, such as a lottery ticket or pools coupon to be filled out, and a printing device, especially a matrix printer, which is assigned to the introduction shaft and which, under the control of the microprocessor, prints the form with winning numbers and other data, such as, for example, the name and address of the player.

Device according to claim 1, characterized in that the device is equipped with a coin slot 26 with coin counting device, the counting result can be queried by the microprocessor. Device according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the winning numbers are random numbers generated by one arranged in the microprocessor random generator producible or from a memory with stored, randomly generated numbers can be read out. Apparatus according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the winning numbers are lottery numbers that are after given algorithm based on previous entered Lottery winning numbers are calculated.

Apparatus according to claim 1 or 2, characterized in that the winning numbers are personal numbers that based on a given algorithm given personal data dates of birth, body measurements and body weight, preferred colors, etc.

Device according to one of claims 1 to 5, characterized in that the device housing storage compartments 28 , 30 , 32 for forms to be filled or printed, such as lottery tickets or lottery tickets. Device according to one of claims 1 to 6, characterized in that the device at viewing height 34 or in viewing direction when operating the device 36 has visible surfaces which are provided for advertising purposes, operating instructions, functional examples and the like.

Device according to one of claims 1 to 7, characterized in that the input keyboard comprises two keypads 16 , 17 and the output devices an LCD display surface Device according to one of claims 1 to 8, characterized records that the device has an insertion slot for Exhibits banknotes. Device according to one of claims 1 to 9, characterized records that the device via a data line from a central transmission located outside the device data on winning numbers and the like Retrieval or continuously feedable.

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