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Uploaded by. Eduardo Alex Flores. This Handbook contains the installation instructions for an Internet-based installation and basic instructions about working with Portage. Just be sure not to enable ide-scsi as you used to. Hopefully you have just completed a smooth migration and you are enjoying the benefits which Linux 2.

If these are inappropriate, you can modify them at any time with the alsamixer utility. If you continue to run X at a higher priority, it will do exactly what it is supposed to run the display server at a very high priority and you will notice consequences such as sound stuttering and slow application load times because your CPU is spending too long serving X and only X.

Wait for the kernel compilation to complete and observe the much more readable compilation output. The first thing you need to do is install sources of a 2. As already mentioned, I2C drivers are now included in the kernel, so this package can also be removed in order to prevent future conflicts.

Some of the changes brought in with Linux 2. Many people who do try a make oldconfig from a 2. However, any binaries compiled from this point onwards will use NPTL. You will then be able to use lm-sensors as usual. There are others available, see the Gentoo Linux Kernel Guide for more choices. This way, you will easily be able to switch between the two if something is not working. Please follow the Gentoo Upgrading Document to switch to a 2.

It is safe to remove these remnants with the following command:. You should choose genkernel arguments that suit you, but do not forget to include the —udev argument! With the incredible amount of work that went into Linux 2. For now, let us just concentrate on getting a smooth 2. Please save yourself the trouble, and use the traditional menuconfig configuration method just this once. These packages will also allow you to control the mixer and volume levels.

At this stage you should refer back to the pitfalls section which may be helpful with any issues you encounter immediately. The information in this article has been deprecated. Note Not all of these points are relevant at this stage, but I will detail them all here in one place, and complfta can refer back at your leisure. The devfs management daemon, devfsdcan also safely be removed, now that we are using udev for device management.

Note If you do not use LVM to manage your disk storage, you can safely skip this chapter and skip onto the next. This document will aid you in the process of migrating from Linux 2.

Note libata has been backported into recent versions of Linux 2. If you prefer to use genkernel instead of manually configuring your kernel, you will be happy to hear that using genkernel to produce 2.

One of the changes that a default udev configuration introduces is different organisation of the mouse device nodes. This is no longer required. After you have been running 2. After updating your headers package, you should generally re-merge glibc. Our installation stage files will have created the required devices during the initial installation.

Install your chosen set of kernel sources using the emerge utility:. If you want to continue with the conversion this is totally optional! Note that the above instructions are examples only, you should follow your usual procedure of updating kernels protage following the instructions in the Gentoo Handbook see the Configuring the Kernel chapter.

Portage will not completely ccompleta out your 2. The developer of bootsplash appears to have lost interest in his project, given some design problems. You can additionally remove modules and information files relating to your old 2. When you reboot, if you followed this document correctly so far, you will have the option of either loading Linux 2.

If you are a desktop 2. Logical Volume Management LVM exists as set of tools allowing you to manage your disk storage in a very flexible manner.

We will now complete the ALSA configuration and unmute the audio channels. There is a new feature here that you may be interested in — NPTL. Refer again to the Configuring the Kernel chapter of the Coompleta Handbook for more info. You should now read the Udev article on the Gentoo wiki to get a more complete idea about the differences between udev and devfs.

The migration process requires you to install new versions of the user-level tools covered later in this document but will leave your data intact! If you are interested in the more technical details, you can refer to The post-halloween document — but do bear in mind that this is somewhat outdated now.

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