Apr 21, - 4 ene. Una cancion para ti de Sarah Dessen es un libro del genero romantico y juvenil, el cual nos cuenta la historia de Remy. Titulo: Una Cancion para Ti. Gratis Todas mis.

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By Sarah Dessen. Upload Sign In Join. Create a List. Download to App. Length: pages 3 hours. Related Categories. Book Preview Atrapa la luna - Sarah Dessen. Start your free 30 days. Page 1 of 1. At first I was a little put off by the book. When me first meet Colie, we are going through a flashback type thing. She is remembering when both her and her mother were fat, and traveling across the country.

Colie is only 15, so she can't really be left at home for the summer while her mother goes on tour for her fitness program. So Colie gets on a train and travels from Charlotte to Colby, where she is picked up by Norman, her Aunt's boarder.

Norman and Aunt Mira turn out to be a little wierd, well wierd to most people. Mira's house is strewn with items that only half work, and Mira herself seems a little off the norm.

Mira is overweight and in her world it doesn't bother her. Colie knows that while she is there for the summer that she really can't just sit around, so when she ends up at the Last Chance Bar and Grill, she meets Morgan and Isabel; two best friends that have been together since at least high school. Colie soon lands a job at Last Chance, and becomes somewhat friendly with Morgan and Isabel.

Morgan is the sweet one while Isabel is a little rougher and at times can seem just downright mean. While working at Last Chance, Colie watches the way that Morgan and Isabel interact and while she never had a friend like either of them before, she learns that they would do just about anything for each other. Isabel kinda takes a liking to Colie about half way through the book, when she happens to overhear some nasty things that a girl from Colie's hometown has to say about her.

Isabel then helps Colie recognize her self-esteem through the rest of the book. And by the end of the book I was almost in tears with the transformation of Colie. I didn't enjoy this book as much as others by Sarah Dessen. The plot was slow and I found Colie's attitude annoying. I think this is more like 4. I really enjoyed this one and found it nicer to read than the other books I've read by Dessen.

The characters are all fun and quirky and I enjoyed slowly discovering who they really were. The story was well paced and there was never a dull moment. It was a fun, relaxing read and meaningful at the same time. For more of my reviews and recommendations, visit my blog: here. Colie has never fit in. She has always struggled throughout her life to make friends and be confident about herself mostly because of her weight. Her mom was right there beside her, being overweight herself.

During those "Fat Years," Colie used her weight as a shield against other people. When her mom looses the weight and becomes Kiki Sparks, a world class fitness trainer, Colie's whole life changes. Her mom is no longer always there right beside her. Instead she is spreading her message about weight loss and her own personal struggle.

During the summer, Colie's mom embarks on a world tour to promote her new revolutionizing workout series leaving Colie behind with her eccentric Aunt Mira in Colby.

She meets Isabel and Morgan who teach her to be brave, be bold, and always believe in yourself. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I have enjoyed all of Dessan's books so far. The plot is engaging and the characters are very relatable.

The relationship between Isabel and Morgan is funny to read about because they are practically sisters which makes the book that much more interesting to read. I could predict from the very beginning that Colie was not going to like visiting Colby, but by the end, I knew that she would miss leaving it. I thought that it was a little slow in the beginning, just because it mainly focused on Colie's arrival to her Aunt's house.

It quickly got better though, and from there on I loved the book! Colie struggled a lot with her appearance and self confidence in this novel. Isabel and Morgan were two extremely important characters who helped Colie through it all. They played a huge role in the outcome of the book and how Colie turned out in the end.

Colie started out admiring Isabel and Morgan, but as she progressed into a new person, she had some of those qualities for herself. Self confidence, strength, and perseverance don't always come easily, and Colie had to find that out the hard way. This was a good story bout a girl who is coming to terms of who she is with the help of her aunt, and new friends and even a date.

Going from the new fat girl to really seeing her self this is a great book. Colie is sent to her aunts for the summer while her mother is off in Europe.

She gets there and things are in disarray or so she thinks.. Colie still sees herself as the fat, friendless, girl who is always relocating and constantly being teased.

But, now, her mother is off motivating others to lose the weight her and Colie lost and Colie is forced to stay with her aunt in Colby, a small town in North Carolina. She finds herself faced with an assortment of brave, and slightly odd, people. With the help of her co-workers at her new waitressing job Colie learns to see the beauty in herself and to let go of the past. I love this book. It's a great summer read.

It's quick and has great characters and the scenes and situations grab you. Colie struggles with her image of herself, but it's not irritating. Sometimes characters will have too much self pity, but Colie is more subtle. Sarah Dessen can write about serious situations and show how the characters aren't constantly thinking about it, and that the small things shape our lives, too.

Everything is odd. The characters are the oddest. They had strange habits and said strange things and were surrounded by strange objects, and they were kind of random, too.

They were the kind of people you'll stare at in wonder. When Norman was first descriped I thought "Really? He's going to be the main guy? He's so odd, but not as odd as Mira. I have a fondness for her, too. It helps that she makes cards like I do! I knew Isabel would be an interesting character, and she was.

Her and Morgan were exactly what Colie needed. They all were. I loved watching Colie grow and I like the person she became. When I read a book by Sarah Dessen I'll sometimes get to a point where I wonder where a character dissapeared to and on the next page the character is there!

She knows exactly when they're needed. Her books are balanced with what is needed to keep the reader happy and with plausible substance. The word "perfect" comes to my mind when I read her books. I like Sarah Dessen's writing; she always makes events and characters realistic. I think this book made good points about self-esteem and finding yourself. It had a good message about knowing the truth about yourself no matter what others may think. I gave it a low rating because it wasn't that interesting to me and I feel like a lot more could have been explained or amplified.

This was the first Sarah Dessen book that I liked. It's very thought provoking and the characters are very relatable and real. The message is good, and I like seeing the character gain more self-esteem throughout the story. It's a good entertaining read. Colie used to be fat. She isn't anymore, but she is still very insecure about herself, and lets herself be bullied by others. After being sent to live with her aunt in a vacation town over summer vacation, she learns to accept herself and form bonds with others.

First, it was because she was fat and she and her mom lived a pretty nomadic lifestyle. Later, when her mom became an aerobics guru and Colie lost the weight, a rumour leads to an unfair reputation. So when she's sent off to spend her summer with her eccentric aunt in North Carolina she doesn't have high expectations.

But after falling into a job at the Last Chance, a local restaurant, she meets best friends, Isabel and Morgan who help her find the person she actually is. Dessen excels at the coming of age during summer vacation story.


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