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K Park, T Yoo. The Internet Journal of Neuromonitoring. The definition of health is very important for medical doctors, scientists and persons who have several kinds of diseases. We used the term defined by WHO. In oriental world it is defined as harmonized state of six solid and six hollow organs. It can be diagnosed by several diagnostic methods including pulse palpation [ 1 ]. The pulse palpation method has been applied without scientific evidence for more than years.

The methods of pulse palpation are not standardized among oriental medical community. Koryo Hand Therapy KHT is one new field based on oriental medicine, which was founded and developed by Yoo in and has been applied worldwide. He found one corresponding point on the hand and designated that point as M-5 in and made micromeridian system on the hand in It consists of points in the hand [ 2 , 3 , 4 ].

By KHT, health is defined as well harmonized state of cerebral blood flow that can be evaluated by comparison carotid In Yong: stomach 9 - radial Chon Ku: lung 9 pulse diagnosis. The cerebral blood flow consists of anterior and posterior circulation.

The health state can be diagnosed by comparison of anterior and posterior circulation that means carotid and vertebral system right and left, respectively [ 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 ]. A complete explanation of the acupuncture mechanism is not available at present.

The clues to the basic mechanism and mystery surrounding the year-old acupuncture treatment may be revealed through modern scientific tools that more accurate and reliable treatment can be performed on patients [ 10 , 11 , 12 , 13 , 14 ]. Yoo, the founder of KHT, has emphasized the role of brain circulation in acupuncture since [, 23 ]. There are some information of cerebral blood flow using single photon emission computed tomography SPECT , functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI and positron emission tomography PET , which have the advantages of showing the regional blood volume [13,14].

In , Aaslid and colleagues introduced a transcranial Doppler TCD device with a pulse sound emission of 2MHz that could penetrate the skull successfully and accurately measure both the direction and velocity of blood flow in the basal cerebral vessels and in the circle of Willis. TCD is now an accepted tool for measuring physiological parameters of blood flow in the major intracranial arteries and for evaluating several intracranial vascular pathological processes.

TCD allows non-invasive assessment of blood flow velocities throughout the body. Various procedures for the performance of TCD examination have been described. However, there is wide agreement [ 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 ] on the core principles underlying TCD examination techniques. According to KHT, when Yin-Yang balance which is another term similar to carotid-radial balance among Jang Bu organs six solid and six visceral organs is lost, the organs become either deficient or excessive, and thus cannot function harmoniously.

This unbalanced condition affects and alters the blood flow balance of the brain. In other words, when Yin and Yang are balanced, not only the function of Jang Bu organs, but also the cerebral blood flow is in harmony, which indicates the body is healthy. It is an unique thought that the balance in the cerebral blood flow indicates perfect health. This thought does not exist in modern western medicine or oriental medicine except the principle of KHT [8,9].

However, Yoo originally discovered the Yin Yang pulse diagnostic method that is used to discern the abnormality of the Jang Bu organs by comparing the widths and the sizes of the radial and carotid pulse. However, other pulse diagnostic methods used among the established community of oriental medicine have generated controversy. Yoo suggests that the balanced condition of the Jang Bu organs affects the balance of the cerebral blood flow.

Therefore, we can assess which Jang Bu organ has the most imbalance by detecting the change of thickness or widths and the quality of the pulse between carotid and vertebral arteries. But it is very difficult to detect the vertebral arteries as they pass through the cervical vertebra. Because of this difficulty, we measure the radial artery. It is derived from brachiocephalic artery. The connection from the radial artery to the vertebral arteries are used for detecting blood flow to the back of the brain.

Therefore we can now assess the blood flow balance to the front and rear of the brain by comparing the left carotid artery with the left radial artery, and by comparing the right carotid artery with the right radial pulse [].

There are some studies on the effects of cerebral blood flow using acupuncture in humans and animal studies [23, 24 , 25 , 26 , 27 , 28 ,, 29 , 30 , 31 , 32 , 33 ]. The results show that acupuncture effects on cerebral blood flow as mentioned in KHT, but there is no explanation of the mechanism in detail. As the Yin Yang pulse diagnosis in KHT compares the carotid pulse with the radial pulse, right and left respectively, this Yin Yang pulse diagnosis in KHT is incomparable with any other thesis presented so far.

The cerebral circulation consists of two systems; one connects the anterior circulation and the posterior circulation, another connects the left and the right side. There are few studies showing how this circulation correlates with the normal condition of the body and pathological conditions. Normal data for the width and intensity of the cerebral blood flow of living people has not been standardized, but recently it has become possible to examine the substantial changes that arise in various circumstances through the application of a TCD stimulator.

Therefore, we think research concerning the cerebral blood flow generated in various diseases of the brain would offer new information of hemodynamic. However, it is not easy to reveal how the change of the cerebral blood flow correlates with various diseases of the nervous system [12].

Furthermore, it is difficult to detect the change of thickness or widths and the quality of the pulse between carotid and radial pulse in order to estimate the abnormality of the Jang Bu organs, which is an original parameter of Yin-Yang Pulse Diagnosis. We tried to prove the hypothesis of the cerebral blood flow in KHT by measuring the change in the velocity of the blood using TCD indirectly.

We diagnosed the constitution of volunteers based on the biorhythmic theory [ 20 , 21 ] and then applied KHT acupuncture needle small magnets 2 mm in diameter and press-pellets developed by KHT 22 to compare the change in the velocity of the carotid, vertebral and radial artery before and after stimulation using TCD Nicolet Medical Inc.

The comparative Yin and Yang pulse diagnosis has been used as standard for diagnosis and treatment in KHT. Therefore, we try to ascertain how Yin Yang Pulse Diagnosis, which is used as parameter of health, is related in the change of the carotid, vertebral and radial artery. In addition we performed a corresponding experiment to find which point actually corresponds to any area of human body. The examinees were selected from 12 healthy persons and 33 persons with neurological diseases. KHT-pellet was attached at A, which corresponds to nose, KHT- acupuncture needle at A corresponding neck and ice bag was prepared at A-8 corresponding umbilicus Figs.

The Doppler signal was optimized for each artery by adjusting the insonation angle. The vertebral artery was assessed at depths of 60 mm with pulse wave and the carotid and radial arteries with continuous wave adjusting the insonation angle.

Doppler systems allow online calculation of mean blood flow velocity Vm derived from averaging the peak systolic and peak diastolic components of the Doppler waveform envelope. Before treatment we examined the basic data of blood flow velocity. Figure 1 Fig. Note the changes on nose and neck after 2, 5, 7 and 10 minutes. Figure 2 Fig. Note the changes of temperature in the umbilicus area.

Figure 3 Fig. Figure 4 Fig. Figure 5 Table 1: Scheme to treat persons according to constitution in the right and left, respectively.

We confirmed that the overall changes in the blood velocities were not due to local narrowing by measuring the radial artery, carotid artery and vertebral artery in several different depths. Figure 6 Fig. Figure 7 Fig. The velocity is increased after treatment.

Figure 8 Fig. Figure 9 Fig. The velocity is decreased after treatment. Figure 10 Fig. Figure 11 Fig. Figure 12 Fig. Figure 13 Fig. Figure 14 Fig. Figure 15 Fig. Figure 16 Fig. Figure 17 Fig. Figure We confirmed the KHT points correspond with specific areas of the body.

It is most important to make accurate diagnosis and administer the stimulation. The blood velocities of the radial, vertebral, and carotid arteries were checked using TCD in normal volunteers and persons with neurological symptoms. In 12 healthy volunteers and 33 persons with neurological symptoms, the blood velocity of the vertebral artery increased from A decreased blood velocity of the carotid artery from The change is statistically significant.

In persons with far advanced Parkinson disease, the blood velocity of the radial and the vertebral artery was lower than in healthy volunteers. It is used worldwide these days. It is based on oriental medicine but includes unique hypothesis.

It is easy to learn, easy to practice, very effective, very economic and has no side effect. The acupuncture points on the hand are used instead of hundreds of acupuncture points on the human body. Although the complete explanation of the acupuncture mechanism may not be available at present, in the last twenty years there has been great development and concern in acupuncture research.

Many acupuncture research scientists believe that the main thrust of acupuncture may be in the brain. Some experimental observation of the cortical projections of several acupuncture stimuli strongly support the notion that the acupuncture mechanism may be mediated trough the central nervous system [11,13,14]. Many people have strong support for its efficacy and have established some theoretical bases for acupuncture such as the beta-endorphin theory of acupuncture analgesia as well as many anatomical correlation studies of meridians [11,13,14].

Litscher et al. They used new constructions for simultaneous and continuous monitoring of cerebral blood flow velocity within different arteries. There are further studies on the effects of cerebral blood flow using acupuncture in humans and rats [32,33].

Yoo hypothesized well balanced cerebral blood flow is parameter of health and emphasized the importance of cerebral blood circulation and the function of brain.


Effects of Koryo Hand Therapy on Serum Hormones and Menopausal Symptoms in Korean Women

This is a set of basic acu-point press pellets made with lightweight and durable aluminum. Comes in 4 different types, it is a perfect pellet for continuous stimulation to any points of the body. Size 1 or 6 size refers to the number of protrusions on the press. Supplied on thin plastic holders with adhesive tan-colored tape. Gold and Silver colored metal, non-invasive pellets, or disks, are applied to corresponding and hand micro-meridian points to provide a unique stimulation. Pellets can be used for both chronic and acute conditions.


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I want to share with you why I have been a devoted practitioner, promoter and teacher of Korean Hand Therapy since The seminar was first presented in the US by the creator, Dr. I was instantly captivated. Through live demonstrations, I witnessed instantaneous changes in headaches, shoulder pain, low back pain and more - and all without acupuncture needles!!! For these and many more reasons, I became an enthusiastic practitioner of KHT. Later I began teaching KHT and over the past 20 years have taught acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors.

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