Manusia berperang dengan musuh halimunan yang sangat berbahaya sekarang. Stop PaparDam stayathome. Statement terbaik apapun harap bukan saja tentang perayaan sambutan krismas saja, hormatilah KDM tentang hak kehidupan dan harga diri setiap KDM bukan mau main langgar ja sebab projek mega. Prevent massive disaster.

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It could produce 2, megawatt, but Sabah and Sarawak needed just about 1, megawatts even in the s. The question was what to do with so much electricity. Bringing it to the Peninsular would need miles of undersea cables. This has never been done anywhere.

The longest was only miles. It would cost as much as a power station in Peninsular Malaysia. To use in Sarawak we would have to have a power-hungry industry. Dubal aluminium smelter belongs to Dubai, and uses natural gas from the ground for power generation — very cheap. They were keen to expand and agreed to a 30 per cent stake in the hydro powerplant and a major share in a , tonne aluminium smelter.

Dubal signed an agreement and paid RM90 million as a 10 per cent deposit on their 30 per cent share in the power plant. It was a win-win investment for them. When power price goes up they may make less money from the smelter but the profit from power generation would be greater.

If the power price goes down they would profit less from power sales but more from smelting. The moment I stepped down the successor Government gave back the 10 per cent deposit and told the Dubai investors there was something wrong with the investment.

The contract to build the plant was given to Sime Darby with a mainland Chinese partner. The price submitted was so low that the Malaysian who was the next lowest bidder was astounded. He simply said it could not be done at that price.

I could not intervene for fear of being accused of cronyism as I knew the Malaysian contractor very well. In fact he built the first phase of the project, the coffer dam and the spillway and had completed it without cost overrun as far as I am aware.

Sometimes, and I am not saying this of the contractor for the main project; sometimes very low price would be proposed so as to win the contract. Then as the construction is in progress there would be cost overruns and eventually the total cost would be far higher than the price of the bid.

The owner of the project would be asked to pay for the new cost. But I believe, and Sime Darby can correct me, the overrun is more than that because the Government has already compensated Sime Darby with about RM million.

So total cost overrun would be almost equal to the bidded price of RM1. The price has been doubled. How come the bid is so low? I would think the engineers would know that they would not be able to build at RM1. Is it only the CEO who was responsible? Who are the others who were involved with the project and failed to see that the cost overrun was very high and the project has been delayed by almost 3 years.

I think responsibility should be shared. I was told of this cost overrun and delay three years ago. Have we, or rather has Sime Darby learnt lessons and have begun to look at the other major projects it is handling?

I think the people are entitled to know when a public company loses over a billion ringgit. Proton lost only RM million so that is acceptable. Is losing RM1 billion also acceptable? Salam Tun. They are clever than you, Tun. Sime Darby at one time, was having the largest amount of liquid assets, and it is a shame that all the hard work is not helping anybody right now.

Semoga Tun sehat selalu dan terus memberikan yang terbaik untuk Malaysia. Assalamualaikum TDM Macam ini la kalau nak menang pilihan raya. Bukan asyik nak mencukai rakyat. Saya dah lupuskan semua kad kredit kerana cukai kerajaan 1Malaysia. Askum Tun, sorry for the belated comments, just to share my experience as hydropower engineer, for any hydropower project the ball part costing is US 1. Looking at the numbers it seems SD mgmt has made an attempt to commit suicide, as such the whole mgmt team has to go.

Sebagai salah seorang staff sime darby semasa Sime Darby ambil alih, apa yang saya dengar,team teknikal tidak setuju untuk ambik, mungkin kerana tidak berbaloi dari segi kos atau apa saya tak pasti. Tapi selepas itu, tiba-tiba kluar kputusan Sime Darby amik.. Dear Tun, 1. Sime Darby is one of those who have contributed to the inflation of housing bubble. The properties they are selling are expensive.

Expensive enough do deter the proletariat from buying properties in large cities like Kuala Lumpur. Many middle and lower income earners, mainly the Malays, buy their homes via loans. These people are determined to pay monthly installments which include interests to the bank for a period of 20 years or so.

They are committed to contribute to the growth of financial industry for quite a long period. Meanwhile the rich, mostly the capitalists, purchase their properties via very small loans; if not by cash. But the former receives only little recognition for their contribution to the economy. The capitalists are much more recognized and their voices are heard very clearly. Malaysia should no longer rely on its property market for future economic growth.

Relying heavily on the property market is putting the economy in dire peril of collapse. A double storey terrace in the city was priced at about RM, Today, a similar double storey terrace in the same city would cost about RM, Sad to say, the home prices are rising much faster than the rents.

This is an indication of the growing housing bubble. The United States experienced its housing bubble burst in Since then, its banks as well as other economies have been severely affected. Malaysia must learn from the incident. Once the housing bubble bursts, the banks will have difficulties in giving loans to the SMEs.

When the physical economy is distressed, Malaysia can barely make progress. Retracting subsidies will strengthen the financial position of the government. It will help the government reallocating money to where it thinks best to spur economic growth. However, this action will have an immediate adverse effect to the growth of economy. Retracting subsidies is an impotent solution to the current economic riddle. It can be another Disneyland. It can also be another Las Vegas without prostitution.

But the idea of setting up a Las Vegas in Labuan might invite some oppositions. We need ideas to reinvent our economy. If not, that is the beginning of the problem where syaitan will be the advisor.

The authorities seem to be indifferent to the whole issues. And if this is not understood or made to be understood, everybody will takes things easy as if the effect of the problems caused will end when you die. What we can see is that many people have relevant qualification knowledge but lack of Ilmu. There is a big difference between the two.

May Allah protect us all from evils doings. Assalamualaikum Tun, Mohon laluan… To Rarunasalam a. Heyyy dei tambi…, try look at your face in the mirror first lah.

People like you, ekompute are not worth listening but I enjoy laughing. Previously I was a bit pissed off with your resistance idea and thought but now no more. Hahahaha… you really funny and Tun really need this kind of people here to add a little drama. Bravo Ravi and ekompute!!! Assalammualaikum Tun, Semoga berada dalam keadaan yang sihat selalu. This is off topic. It is the wrong move. Politically motivated. What you have said before is absolutely correct. Eventually when they reach higher level of learning, esp.

Scientific journals are mostly in english. Terminologies are not the same. What a waste of time. Their justification to the desicion made are weak, everybody knows it was political. Such a sad thing to see … what is happening to our beloved nation. What will the future hold for us … i dare not dream.


Empangan Bakun

Empangan Bakun ialah sebuah empangan hidroelektrik yang sedang dalam pembinaan merentasi Sungai Balui di Sarawak , Malaysia. Ia merupakan sebuah empangan batu dilitupi konkrit yang tertinggi di dunia yang akan dibina. Ia juga akan menjadi empangan kedua terbesar di Asia, selain beberapa empangan yang lebih besar di negara China. Empangan ini dapat menjana 2, MW tenaga elektrik apabila siap pada tahun yang akan datang. Tenaga elektrik yang akan dijanakan akan disalurkan dari Sarawak ke Semenanjung Malaysia. Di masa hadapan, janaan dari Empangan Bakun dirancang untuk disambungkan ke Grid Elektrik Borneo , yang akan menghubungkan grid elektrik sedia ada di Sarawak, Sabah, Brunei dan Kalimantan. Kerja ukur tanah dimulakan pada tahun an dan kajian diteruskan pada tahun an.





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