The Advanced Microscopy Facility AMF at the University of Virginia is a core service and user facility sponsored by the School of Medicine that has provided microscopy services to the university and surrounding community for over 30 years. An average of 85 Principal Investigators PIs , and upwards of individual researchers uses the services and instrumentation of the AMF annually. Electron microscopy has been a mainstay of the facility since its establishment in The existing scanning electron microscope JSM at the AMF is over 20 years old and does not meet two specific requirements of many current or potential future users: the ability to achieve very high resolution at a high magnification, and the ability to achieve nearly as high resolution in imaging delicate parts of samples at low accelerating voltages. Specifically, the thermal field emission gun, combined with through-the-lens optics, guarantees a resolution of 1. Importantly, no other scanning electron microscope at the University of Virginia is set up for and available for dedicated biomedical research use.

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We'd like to understand how you use our websites in order to improve them. Register your interest. Chemical and granulometric composition of components of saturating media are investigated using a JEOL JSMF electron microscope with X-MAX energy dispersive analyzer, and microstructure of the main fractions is investigated. Iron and carbon boride powders prepared by the methods of thermochemical treatment and solid phase alloying by grinding in a high-load planetary mill are analyzed.

This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Borisenok, L. Google Scholar. Guriev S. Ivanov B. Lygdenov, et al. Kosheleva and A. Guriev, Mezhdunarodn. Guriev, S. Ivanov, S. Zemlyakov, O. Vlasova, E. Kosheleva, and M. Ivanov, O. Kosheleva, M. Guriev, and B. Ivanov, M. Zemlyakov, A. Greshilov, and A. Ivanov, B. Lygdenov, S. Download references. Correspondence to S. Reprints and Permissions. Russ Phys J 57, — Download citation.

Received : 10 December Published : 14 June Issue Date : June Search SpringerLink Search. References 1. Author information Affiliations I. Levchenko Authors S. Ivanov View author publications.

You can also search for this author in PubMed Google Scholar. View author publications. Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. About this article.

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Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope JEOL JSM-7001F



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JEOL JSM-7001F Ebeam Writer with Nanometer Pattern Generation System


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