So my father borrowed an official calendar and found 21st March: jaro spring. He went to exercise at the Sokol there. Although the spirit in the town had been friendly up to then, with the Czechs speaking German and vice-versa, something had changed. However, there came Saturday 20th June The students had to go out into the courtyard.

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We used the little door when we walked through individually. It actually shut. They thought that the students had tried to organize an anti-German resistance group or to get seriously involved in subversive activity which they had to investigate.

It was hanging in the air. They were looking for these activities but there was nothing like that happening on the ground in fact. That would be nice. But nothing like that was in reality happening. Because the Germans would often ask different things, the Zimmerkomandant had to speak German very well. In our case, the commander of cell No.

He came from Lounky and they speak a lot of German there, so he could speak very well German. I admired him because every time a German potentate entered the cell, he had to report to him.

In his report, he had to account for the presence of every inmate. He did have to mention every one of the inmates. But he reported brilliantly! As if he had been reading it from a paper. Only names in the calendar could be given to the children. So my father took the calendar, it was on March 21 and there was in red letters: Jaro.

That's how I got my name. We met with various representatives of foreign states in different places of the world. The Russians were opposed to using red while Indians were opposed to the use of orange Finally the standard was actually adopted worldwide. You can see the results basically everywhere, for example at the train station. You have employees in clothing with yellow marking, or in a stairwell, the first step is always marked in yellow, plus a great number of other markings on machines and equipment, safety signs for electricity, it all conforms to this Safety Colors standard.

I started to play with ideas about how you could use colors in the industry. Jaro was amongst these students and he was taken to the Small Fortress of Theresienstadt where he spent three months before he was released on September 26, After the war, he studied English and psychology at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University in Prague, and in he earned a doctorate in psychology.

He currently lives with his wife in Prague. He died on December 17, , in Prague. Heydrich , A conflict with the commander of the Little Fortress video. Download file. The reason for arrest video. The name Jaro audio. International standard "Safety Colours" audio. Praha, Show witness full story Czech. Photos 9. Show all photos 9. Links Osudy - Prof. Show all links Statistics witnesses in database published witnesses registered researchers photos clips Memory of Nations Archive About project Support us e-archive.

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professor PhDr., CSc. Jaro Křivohlavý

He dealt with health psychology , experimental psychology and logotherapy. He published a number of books on stress, aging, happiness and also forgiveness and its impact on human health. When he was 17, he was transported into the Nazi concentration camp in Terezin. Later, during the communist regime, he was forced to work for three years in the Prago IV mine in Kladno. In he obtained a Ph.


Jaro Křivohlavý



Pozitivní psychologie


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