Help with Hung Chang scope. I recently got one of these. The problem with it is sometimes when i turn it on there is nothing but a bright spot in the midle of the screen that is not affected by the intensity controll. If left in this state for some time or after being trn on a few times it jumps back to normal. Could old electrolytics be the cause of this?

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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. When you turn it on there is no trace and all there is is a large out of focus dot hard left.

All input voltages are correct. JPG Good luck. Can't know what you don't love. Augustine Can't love what you don't know. Armadillo Super Contributor Posts: Country:. Just probe for the sawtooth waveform and DC supply voltage [V? NZ Siglent Distributor. Options to Run, Save or Cancel. Looks suspect but if your antivirus is all up to date it could be worth looking at.

Here's another for the of which it seems the is of the same series. This rabbit hole looks deep. Also the trigger light is going off now and then if thats any good info for you haha. It would be good to get the basics done up first; Clean all the mechanical contacts with contact cleaner. All pull knobs to down position. Try horizontal sweep mode 'A' and then 'B'.

After that check that sweep A and Sweep B are pulses available. Quote from: Armadillo on September 07, , am. Ok so an update, Ive been reading lots of forum posts and guides and found somthing interesting. If i turn the lights off, put intensity up high you can see a glow, and there is fact a sweep left to right and it chnged speed with division change.

I think its sitting above the visual screen. And when you turn off, then on again there is a single sweep in the middle of the screen. At least I know shes alive. Yes, I for got to mention I resoldered Q properly onto the board wich sloved the sweep problem. I tested in sweep mode and x-y mode and no change at all to vertial even when grounded or knobs adjusted on both channels. It is literly stuck. But in any mode, there was no vertical movement using grounding, test signal or vertical adjustment.

So vertical should be much simpler than the horizontal right? Edit: It's better to visual that the CRT vertical coil is not messed up by the original user, also check the connectors.. Hey still haven't had a chance to re test. Another look finds these are also sold as Protek so identifying the model Protek might help you find the manual. Posts: Without service manual or, at the very least, schematics, it seems difficult to repair this oscilloscope.

It seems that there are multiple failures and even problems resulting from attempts at repair. Moreover, it is not a very common model. One positive point is that there is high voltage.

But it is not possible to help you to do this from a forum You will have to do a lot of reverse engineering. See the Hung Chang generic block diagram of the vertical, should helps you in tracing the circuit. Also attached the schematic of the Hung Chang scope, though it is not specifically , but should give you a better guide to start tracing..

Quote from: Armadillo on September 09, , am. And to add more data on stationary. XY mode with no input. The voltages on delay line are White Quote from: Armadillo on September 10, , am. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


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