Privateer Press recently released their Keynote Review for at Templecon. One of the biggest impacts from this will be a shake up for Hordes with a new book and additional miniatures. Ohhh intriguing! This is some of the very richness of Hordes and Warmachine that attracts me. The few sneak previews just make sense when placed into context of the narrative development. Xerxis… A war Rhino?

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As titanic battles are fought across western Immoren, the fires of a war more ancient and terrible than any of those conducted by mortals are being stoked to world-consuming fury.

The leaders of the United Kriels fight to ensure their survival by calling on both old and new allies, including the recently awakened mountain kings. Aloof from the struggles of the other factions, Xerxis leads an army in a risky gambit amid the larger plans of Supreme Archdomina Makeda, positioning the skorne to subjugate Ios. Meanwhile, events already set in motion by Krueger the Stormlord threaten to scar the face of Caen itself as he works toward his ultimate goal: the destruction of the dragon Everblight.

Ancient beings advance toward an apocalyptic end game with no regard for the innocents caught in their path, and only time will tell if great heroes will find a way to forestall this doom. Hold nothing back in your fight for survival with:.

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Hordes: Exigence

Hordes is the name of a 30mm tabletop miniature wargame produced by Privateer Press , announced at Gen Con and released on April 22, Although a completely standalone game in its own right, Hordes was designed as a companion to Warmachine , Privateer Press' flagship miniatures game. Hordes forces and Warmachine forces often face off against each other both on the tabletop and in the background fiction. The games share the same setting, the Iron Kingdoms , with much of the Hordes storyline taking place in the wild areas away from the 'civilized' areas where Warmachine ' s major action takes place. As in Warmachine , gameplay in Hordes is supposed to promote offensive play; defensive play is possible, but the spirit of the game as laid out in Page 5 of Primal encourages "testosterone-laden aggression". Warbeasts generate fury an equivalent to focus which is allocated or not at the start of your turn , which can be controlled by Warlocks and used to fuel their spells, but if left unchecked can cause the beasts to go into an uncontrolled frenzy, potentially even attacking their allies or controlling warlock. Hordes is similar to Warmachine in most aspects; if you already know how to play Warmachine then you already know the basics of Hordes.







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