By spurring innovation, strengthening the supply chain, lowering costs, reducing risks and building trust, sustainability is creating value for your Company as well as the society. Results Rs. Division Wise Turnover Rs. Summarised Profit and Loss Account Rs. There is no significant change i. It is calculated by dividing total comprehensive income for the year by average capital employed during the year.

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. HUL Annual Report Mehul Dugar. We work to create a better future every day, with brands and services that help people feel good, look good and get more out of life. Our first priority is to our consumers — then customers, employees, suppliers and communities.

When we fulfil our responsibilities to them, we believe that our shareholders will be rewarded. By the end of or fewer per portion. SEE: www. We are building differentiated capabilities and are driving in-market Strong track record of cash generation sustained; cash from operations up execution and operational efficiencies even harder.

At the same time, we are making good progress on our Sustainable Living Plan agenda. Total dividend of Rs. In we moved to full volume-based tonnes sold reporting for this target. This number is not comparable to previously reported numbers measured by product stock keeping unit. Per Share of Re. We redefined our end-to-end saving increasingly challenging economic program focusing on material savings, environment, we continued to deliver logistics savings and manufacturing cost strong results.

We built further on our saving. We continued to have negative good performance in last Financial Year, working capital in Financial Year Profit factory reliability. With the Final Dividend of Rs. CiiC in Mumbai. The CiiC provided us We have also made a start on our new with a platform to co-create marketplace target of purchasing all our palm oil from ideas with shoppers. Our efforts were certified and traceable sources by The HUF has undertaken water was set up to help us connect with our conservation and storage projects in vast distribution network.

Shakti ammas through a mobile phone The projects are in partnership with application that helped them serve rural state governments, NGOs, government consumers even better. Bhatt Independent Director 5 6 7 9 Dr. Sanjiv Misra Independent Director 8 9 storage and conservation potential to the We continued to attract the finest talent commitment and efforts made Financial extent of 25 billion litres as of March We retained our position Year yet another successful year We aim to conserve 70 billion litres of as the No 1 Employer Brand and for the for the Company.

We received is extremely challenging; competitive villages in India. In increase. We see this as a source of We have always believed that our biggest I would like to thank you, all our competitive advantage for the business assets are our people. I would like to shareholders, for your continued support now and in the years ahead. We will lead OUR Our business model is designed to deliver key inputs: brands, operations responsible growth, inspiring sustainable growth.

For us, and people. In a is the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan and the goal of sustainable living. The outputs actions that will add up to a big difference. We will grow by winning shares and building MODEL world where temperatures are rising, water is scarce, of the model are threefold: markets everywhere.

It uncertain and expensive, we positive social impact. These summarises how we derive have both a duty and an align directly with our vision, profit from the application of opportunity to address these which is to double the size of our business model. We are investing and we want to reach many right people working in an model.

Business needs to be a in brand equity, finding and more by developing innovative organisation that is fit to win, regenerative force in the strengthening the connections products that address different with a culture in which system that gives it life. For between consumers and the consumer needs at different performance is aligned with example, by reducing waste, we products they buy. Where equity price points. To do this we use values.

We are increasingly an create efficiencies and reduce is strong, we are leveraging it — our global scale to help deliver agile and diverse business with costs, helping to improve creating efficiencies by focusing sustainable, profitable growth people motivated by doing well margins while reducing risk. We are building Meanwhile, looking at more enhance margins. And we are step in the value chain by capability and leadership sustainable ways of developing seeking superior products enhancing product quality and among our people and products, sourcing and which consumers will prefer, customer service and rolling attracting some of the best manufacturing opens up driving profitable growth.

Stronger brands and utilisation of our infrastructure innovation are the key drivers and spread fixed costs over a behind it.

Consistently strong larger number of units volume growth builds brand produced, reducing the equity as we reach more average cost per unit. It consumers, more often. This results in profitable volume growth, self perpetuating the virtuous circle of growth. This we can build brands with a significant improve their health and well-being.

At Unilever, we believe growth to improve our margins. And we have and sustainability are not in conflict. Underpinning these goals are several The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan commitments spanning our social, USLP sets out to decouple our growth environmental and economic performance from our environmental impact, while at across the value chain.

In the second year the same time increasing our positive of the USLP, we made steady progress social impact. The global goals that by will enable us to: USLP is ambitious and we have much more to do. We continue to strive to deliver our stretching goals. This means a single use, portion or serving of a product. In a world that is changing rapidly, we need to Superior Innovations make sure that our brands remain relevant and contemporary.

In the last This year, more than 50 percent of our year, more than half of our products were portfolio was touched by innovations to touched with innovations. As we We made sure that our innovations innovate, there are a few principles we remained meaningful to consumers by keep in mind — delivering superior putting our brands through the innovation products and delivering products at the funnel.

We evaluate their life-cycle right price. Creating Purpose Driven Brands In the frozen dessert category We recognise that our brands need to play a role in the society at large. The Unilever Over 2. Red Label strengthened its credibility directly with people and communities in people and society. And over a period of with a Health Challenge. The campaign need. As we build brands with purpose, we also Promoting handwashing Our foods portfolio made good progress in recognise the need to engage with our meeting the less than 5g salt target and One of our largest brands, Lifebuoy aims consumers.

With consumers adapting to significantly reduced saturated-fats from to change handwashing behaviour of new age media, some of the key spreads and calories from frozen people by educating them about hygiene. Through the missed call activation. Surf Excel fulfilled turnover. BRU Gold strengthened its Gondappa campaign, Lifebuoy raised over wishes of underprivileged kids position on share of market through awareness about how washing hands with through a Facebook campaign, Fulfil a sustained marketing communication.

Elle 18 set a benchmark in the digital children dying from infections such as Ensuring safe drinking water space with more than 6. Our water business, Pureit, through the Facebook page.

The idea hygiene. Over 2. This inspired the to wash their hands before eating! Seeds were distributed and kids were asked to grow real tomatoes at home. At the end of the campaign, the top tomato growers children were featured on Kissan ketchup bottles and their tomatoes went into our Kissan ketchup.

The campaign was very successful and went on to win several media and creative awards like the Grand Prix at Spike Asia, the bronze at Emvies and Effies. This will help us flagship rural distribution programme, drive competitive and sustainable growth Project Shakti. A rural distribution in the marketplace. Through Project Shakti we have 48, 3. This has helped to the earning potential of our channel stockists.

We constantly undertake initiatives consolidate and strengthen our network. In to become more customer centric to enable Shakti ammas have proved successful in , we entered into an agreement with us to win in the market place. In , the partnership were set up for our distributors as well as loyalty. The model we use improves the with Tata Teleservices, was further retailers to reach out to us.

We expanded the model the doubling of income of a Shakti through our Rural Distribution system in The helpline set up for traders is an unique household.

Currently, there are over 30, Shaktimaans across the country. And it is now going the extra mile in partnering HUL in reaching its used by Shakti ammas across the country. The goals. The program culminates every year at a meet application, available in eight languages, allows Shakti where our best performing distributors are rewarded. This application takes into account the poor were asked to spend time with customers mobile coverage in rural India as well.

It is thus built to understanding them better under a structured work off-line as well.


Hindustan Unilever Ltd Annual Report 2011-12

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