His father was Motiram Sharma and his mother was Kushaladevi. He went to Varanasi for further study. He pursued deep study and became a dedicated scholar, with knowledge of Vyakaran, Nyaya, Mimansa, Vedanta, Astrology and numerous other disciplines. After coming in contact with Bhagwan Swaminarayan, he desired to become a saint. Bhagwan Swaminarayan Himself initiated him and gave name Gopalanand Swami.

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Gopalanand Swami — was a paramhansa of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya who was ordained by Swaminarayan. He worked and guided many followers to spread the Swaminarayan Sampradaya. The Swaminarayan Sampradaya believes that Gopalanand Swami is regarded as one of the yogis who attained the positions of Ashthangyog or the 8 fold paths in the field of sacred yog. It is also believed that Gopalanand Swami was appointed as the head of both Vadtal and Ahemdabad Desh.

His father was an audichiya brahmin , Motiram Bhatt and his mother was Kushalbaa Thakar. Gopalanand Swami pursued deep study and showed great interest of grammar, Indian philosophy of Nyaya and Vedanta. Gopalanand Swami was a scholar, with knowledge in Vyakaran grammar , Nyaya, Mimasa, astrology.

He was married to Adityabai and had two children Harisankar and Anupamba though he felt no attachment. Lord Swaminarayan held Gopalanand Swami in very high regard and he was very learned in Ashtang yoga. Gopalanand Swami Returned to Akshardham in at place Vadtal. When Swaminarayan returned to his abode 1 June , he left responsibility of the Swaminarayan Sampradaya and the Acharyas in his hands and he looked after the satsang after the death of Swaminarayan.

Gopalanand Swami arranged for an idol of Kastabhanjan Dev Hanuman to be installed in the Sarangpur temple which is said to have come alive and moved when installed by him.

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Gopalanand Swami ni Vato

A huge assembly of sadhus and devotees was organised as per the tradition of Satsang. The ten-year-old Pragji Bhakta had put on beautiful clothes for the occasion. He boldly stood before the congregation and performed the pujan of Acharya Maharaj and the sadhus, performed arti and then prostrated before them. The child caught the attention of Acharya Maharaj. Devotees introduced the child devotee. Pragji Bhakta was instinctively attracted towards the luminous figure of Sadguru Gopalanand Swami. From then on he regularly visited Vartal to stay in the company of Gopalanand Swami.


Gopalanand Swami

At the time of Gopalanand Swami's birth his elated parents listening to the prophecy of a brahmin astrologer, named him 'Khushal' pleasurable. Khushal Bhatt, learnt scriptures at his schooling age. A brahmin - Kashiram came to Todala in those days from who he learnt about the glory and greatness of Lord Swaminarayan Bhagwan. It was at this stage in his childhood that he vowed to go and do darshan of Lord Swaminarayan. Meanwhile, he learnt about a visit of Sarveshwaranand Swami in Dabhoi. Khushal Bhatt reached Dabhoi and attended discourses of Sadhu Sarveshwaranand Swami and joined the religious pilgrimage with Sarveshwaranand from Dabhoi to Dabhan where he did darshan of Lord Sahajanand. Lord Shriji Maharaj rose from his seat, came forward and hugged Khushal Bhatt with great love and affection.

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