Settlement geography is a branch of human geography that investigates the earth's surface 's part settled by humans. According to the United Nations ' Vancouver Declaration on Human Settlements , "human settlements means the totality of the human community — whether city , town or village — with all the social, material, organizational, spiritual and cultural elements that sustain it. Traditionally, it belongs to cultural geography and is divided into the geography of urban settlements cities and towns and rural settlements e. Thereby, settlements are mostly seen as elements of the cultural landscape that developed over time. Apart from Australia , Europe and India , the term is actually rarely used in English-speaking geography.

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The migration of city dwellers to suburbs is a commonly observed phenomenon. The growth of residential areas on the fringes of cities is referred to as suburbanisation. In the present study, migration patterns were investigated in rural districts located in the direct vicinity of the administrative boundaries of Olsztyn over a year timespan. The analysis of the transactions revealed that the dominant group of purchasers were owners of apartments in multi-family precast concrete buildings, located in the city quarter closest to the studied suburbs.

Changes in the spatial structure of suburban areas were also noted. Act on Spatial Planning and Management of 27 March Journal of Laws of , No. In: Jezierska-Thole, A. Socio-economic Series , No. Halfacree, K. Recognising an international and fuller picture. In: Population, Space and Place , Vol. In: Sociologia Ruralis , Vol. Herslund, L. Kabisch, N. Kahn, M. Lisowski, A. Uwarunkowania, formy i konsekwencje Suburbanization processes. Conditions, forms and effects - in Polish. Majer, A.

Woods, M. In: Journal of Rural Studies , 19, pp. Home About us Subject Areas Contacts. Advanced Search Help. Sciendo degruyter. Sign In Create Profile. English Deutsch. Source Title: Bulletin of Geography. Access Metrics. Keywords: Poland ; Olsztyn ; city ; urbanisation ; suburbanisation ; migrations ; suburban areas.

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This article is an attempt to reflect on the relationships linking city cities with the surrounding natural environment. Based on literature review and field research in Ecuador and Spain, the authors have attempted to classify those relationships. Three types of those can be distinguished. The first is the constant expansion of the city, appropriation and privatization of the public space, associated with environmentally harmful parasitism and predation. The second type of relationship between city and its surroundings is a kind of coexistence similar symbiosis. The third type of relationship is the most harmonious and balanced, preserving for future generations, not only the environment, but also the cultural heritage. Index Copernicus.


The City and the Environment. The Geographic Reflection about the Relationship



Geografia osadnictwa


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