Bevington was a simple man who entered a relationship with God. Travel with him through the southern countryside as he brings that fire of God to the people he encounters. You will be amazed by his diligence, and astounded by all God sho. You will be amazed by his diligence, and astounded by all God shows to him as he spends five days in a hollow log, nine days under a tree and seventy-two hour in a hay mow. Those experiences of being alone with God enabled Bevington to get in touch with the power of God. He shares his insight with the reader.

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Bevington was a holiness Methodist itinerant preacher who was based in Kentucky but traveled far and wide across America in the s. Story after story confirms this. Yes, Divine intervention was quite the norm when it came to Bevington and his deep pleadings and petitioning to the Lord.

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Remarkable Miracles

Born with physical weaknesses, poorly educated, the son of a backslidden preacher, G. Bevington didn't have too much going for him in his beginning years. But he did have a godly mother, whose prayers were effectual for his salvation. Bevington became a man of great faith and prevailing prayer, who in his lifetime saw many extraordinary things accomplished through the power of God. This book is the account of his amazing life, told in his own simple way. Follow his exciting story as he recounts remarkable incidents and modern miracles.


G. C. Bevington


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