This platform enables service providers to reduce network expenses, improve operations, and increase service velocity. Instead of deploying and operating multiple networks for each technology, carriers can consolidate onto a single, converged optical transport network with greater agility in meeting evolving needs. This affords a tenfold improvement in overall network capacity, and eliminates the need for costly and disruptive overlay networks. Fujitsu is an industry leader in the development of G technologies, optical components, and modules that are widely used throughout the industry. The integrated, pluggable ROADM modules provide capacity scaling and enable future network growth and flexibility.

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First, a plethora of new technology options are now available to upgrade legacy networks, but this creates interoperability issues between existing and new hardware and software. Second, constant growth in customer demand for bandwidth is challenging service providers to create networks that can economically keep pace. Lastly, continuous innovation in the services and applications that customers require adds another layer of complexity.

Designing an agile network that can quickly accommodate new end-user services is critical. There are three different scenarios that illustrate how a FW network can leverage the S to effectively grow and meet future demands. Most service providers have found that as their network grows, it is more economical to convert the protocol from SONET to Ethernet as soon as possible and add support for Ethernet switching functions.

In this scenario, the FW is a converged platform equipped with a switch fabric that provides Ethernet switching and DWDM functionality. As demand grows, the need for G outstrips the FW 10G capabilities. The Virtuora NC solution encompasses control, planning and design, operations and management, and service fulfillment and assurance functions.

A FW network enables you to meet the demand for interoperability, scalability and service innovation when upgrading your network. Augmenting an existing FW network with the 1FINITY S allows you to leverage your infrastructure investment, grow your network economically and pave the way to G traffic based on packet switching technology. As one of our elite cadre of solution architects, Jeff has adeptly wire-walked the cutting edge of communications network technology for 20 years.

He is deeply committed to sharing knowledge through forward-thinking product planning and management, in combination with his technical marketing skills. Jeff is also a respected expert author with almost 20 published papers to his credit covering topics such as revenue management, QoS, availability and core switching. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar New title Search this website.

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Fujitsu Network Communications FLASHWAVE® 9500



Evolving your FLASHWAVE 9500 Network with the Fujitsu 1FINITY™ Platform


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