The FortiGate B emphasizes scalability with support for up to slot chassis for large enterprises. What's attention-grabbing about this device, and a potential key for VARs, is that it fights threats that have broken through the security perimeter of the average network, including threats posed by mobile devices that often pass through traditional security defenses. Fortinet has designed this device from the ground up, delivering the goods on both the hardware and the software fronts. Hardware specs of the B base unit include hardware acceleration with up to Gbps firewall bandwidth and Gbps VPN. There is an expansion slot to rev up acceleration even further, or to connect a hard drive for a log archive. The software is the latest, version 4.

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The FortiGateB raises the bar for mid-size enterprise security devices. The FortiGateB's accelerated security throughput, high port density, and ease of management allows medium and large sized enterprises to enjoy a degree of internal network security segmentation and policy control previously available only within larger-scale solutions. FortiGateB Features. Maximum Antivirus Throughput. Maximum IPS Throughput.

Maximum Concurrent Sessions. Network Interfaces. AMC expansion bays. The speed at which markets, industries and economies change is getting faster. Failure to define clearly the scope of the actions and the associated risks can lead at best to partial implementation, uncontrolled cost, internal resistance and organizational failure. The stakes are high.

FortiGateB Benefits. AMC expansion bay offers expandability and configuration flexibility with choice of accelerated Gigabit Ethernet ports or hard drive for local logging and content archiving. Integrated multi-threat security features offer the ability to augment existing systems and add new functionality or replace aging security infrastructures.

Internal network security segmentation provides layered security, security event isolation, policy granularity and network visibility. Available FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer integration simplifies security management, reporting, and analysis while reducing operating expenses. FortiGuard Subscription Services deliver automated, real-time, up-to-date protection against security threats and exploits.

Maximum Firewall Throughput.


UTM 2.0: FortiGate 620B



Fortinet FortiGate 620B - security appliance Series Specs


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