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The Luxury Channel talks to Dr. Suddenly they are stripped of their work titles and bonuses, and they are like lost children coming to see me because they do not know who they are anymore. Many people have suffered a huge identity crisis. This decade is going to be about really looking inwards and giving yourself a meaningful life and effective coping mechanisms. Hopefully, people will stop putting an over-exaggerated importance into external stuff.

We need to let go of these poor expectations. Our energy does not have to go down with age. It is okay to look after yourself; you should not feel guilty about your personal wellness. It is very difficult to treat people when they have the sabotage mentality because they get used to blame. People hide behind their problems. So as a result, in one hand they want to be better or stronger because of course, they want to be healthy, but on the subliminal level, they still want that cushioning, that refuge, to blame the problem.

I help my clients break away from that mentality and accept that they are sabotaging things. I tell my patients it is always three of us: you, your problem and me. We have to work as a team. You cannot buy health — it is very much a work in progress. With health, the consumer mentality does not work.

If you want a new bag, you go to Louis Vuitton and you buy it for yourself. Many of the vitamins that are available to buy have an incredibly poor absorbency rate. Vitamins should be obtained through the food you eat. Again, people spend a lot of money on organic food and good produce but then they do not cook it properly and therefore ruin the whole purpose. My book explains how to prepare food so that you do not destroy its goodness.

I am a big fan of sprouts. Add sprouts in your salads. It is a really good thing. Sprouted seeds have the most incredible concentration of enzymes, proteins and vitamins. They are amazing and contain the energy of life!

Another important lesson is not to demonise food. A lot of people have this incredible fear of food. It is okay to have junk sometimes.

But make sure you choose good quality junk! If you want crisps, get oven-baked, good quality crisps. If you want butter, get yourself the real stuff. Put good quality fuel into your system because if you put rubbish in, you are not going to have good energy from it. We are more precious about what type of petrol we put into our nice car than into our body! It is very important to be more alkaline than acidic. When you produce too much adrenaline in the body, it makes you very acidic.

Viruses and bacteria and fungus thrive in acid. This is very important for your energy levels. I am pro a complimentary approach to medicine and take the best from both worlds. I have travelled the world, I have studied with different teachers, I have been very privileged to live in different countries and to absorb a variety of ways of looking at disease and health.

Orthodox medicine can be supported by more personalised alternative remedies. The personality should be made relevant when trying to cure someone. That is the beauty of alternative remedies over orthodox medicine. For example with healing, I do not allow the patient to go towards the victim mentality; the diagnosis should not be stronger than your own energy.

When you are trying to deal with anything, whether it be work or health, you should never go to the victim mentality. Detoxing is an important practise. Intuition is the first thing to leave the body when you are toxic, and yet intuition is vital for health and energy. It is for this reason that my book begins with a variety of detox programmes.

You have to be pure and then you can understand this job is right for me, the man is right for me or I should not drink, it does not agree with me. However, people should not go to extremes. The body does not like extreme measures and it is only a temporary allusion.

I work hard not to create dependent disciples. My job is to connect people to their core, to their essence. For years I went through hours of working and seeing patients continuously. I could not rest due to my need to help people. Moreover, I currently have an eight-month waiting list and cannot really accommodate new clients. People can now read this book around the world. Escape, explore and discover our online magazine where you will find up-to-the-minute articles, news and trends on the most sophisticated and smartest goings-on in the world of luxury.

We hope you enjoy the fascinating people and stories that can be found here on The Luxury Channel. All rights reserved. Terms of Use. Have you noticed this shift? Why do so many of us have so little energy? If your energy is healthy, not only will your body be healthy but your life will be too.

Orange is a colour that inspires a whole host of positive feelings, so add a dash of orange to your wardrobe — a scarf, tie, belt or wrap for example. Many of us seem to have an inbuilt sabotage mentality. We work to the detriment of our health, smoke or drink.

What does that mean for you as a healer? What about nutrition as a source of energy? Nuts and seeds provide protein and micronutrients. Fish is a great source of vitamins and minerals — just make sure it comes from non-polluted waters. Use cold-pressed olive oil for cooking, and cold-pressed walnut or linseed oil for dressings. Almond or rice milk is a good alternative to dairy products. Just chose the best quality and purest you can. Avoid Salt: it raises the blood pressure and stresses the kidneys.

Dairy products and non-fermented soya milk products. Excessive alcohol. Stress can cause a build-up of acid in the body. You talk about the importance of maintaining the correct PH balance in your book.

Can you tell me more about this? You are a fifth-generation healer, medically trained. How would you describe your complimentary approach? You discuss the secret tools for successful detoxing in your book. What advice would you give someone who is about to start a detox programme? Clay can be used in many ways to detox the digestive system, support the immune system, fight free radicals, detox the liver and alkalinise the body.

Use meditation and visualisation to cleanse the mind. What does it mean to be a fifth generation Russian healer? Diego Della Valle 6 minutes 10 seconds Read more. Karl Lagerfeld 7 minutes 16 seconds Read more. The White Alba Truffle 2 minutes 7 seconds Read more. Featured Content. Beirut with Anouska Hempel 2 minutes 28 seconds Read more. Highlights of the Week. The Newsletter Escape, explore and discover our online magazine where you will find up-to-the-minute articles, news and trends on the most sophisticated and smartest goings-on in the world of luxury.

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Energy Secrets : The Ultimate Well Being Plan

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Own Your Energy with Alla Svirinskaya

Alla Svirinskaya is an internationally celebrated healer who has overcome tremendous cynicism to bring her revolutionary healing methods into the mainstream. She observed time and again that in order to achieve true, sustainable wellbeing and live authentically we must live in alignment with our unique energy frequency. In other words, we must own our energy. Otherwise, it will be owned and overpowered by the energy of others. This event is a special part of Alla's exclusive celebratory lecture tour to mark the global release of her new book Own Your Energy. After her talk, there will be an opportunity to purchase a copy of the book and to get it signed by the author. Alla Svirinskaya is a medically trained, fifth-generation energy healer who was coached secretly in Soviet Moscow by her mother and is now considered one of the world's top experts in holistic wellness.


Energy Secrets


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