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Francisc Grigorescu Sido. Adela Matei. Scurt istoric. Dezvoltarea structurilor mediane ale capului. Formarea palatului. Dezvoltarea craniului. Ipoteza de lucru. Aspecte normale ale oaselor structurilor mediane ale capului la om. Prezentare de cazuri patologice. Structurile mediane ale capului SMC reunesc:.

Derivatele embrionare ale TFN sunt reprezentate de:. Fornixul este bine vizibil la 16 SG. Spleniul este evident la 17 SG. Faciesul cazurilor cu HPE. Ciclopie cu proboscis. Concluzii generale. Collins P. Introduction and Systemic Overview. In: Standring S, editor. Edinburg: Elsevier Churchill Livingstone; Matei A, Grigorescu-Sido F. Clujul Medical ; Pera ME, Kessel M. Patterning of the chick forebrain anlagen by the prechordal plate.

Development ; Grigorescu-Sido Fr. Hu D, Helms JA. The role of Sonic hedgehog in normal and abnormal craniofacial morphogenesis. Dev ; Molecular interactions coordinating the development of the forebrain and face. Dev Biol ;— Sadler TW. Philadelphia:Lippincott Williams and Wilkins; Larsen JW.

Embryologie humaine. Bories J. Paris: Springer-Verlag; MR, CT and Plain. AJNR ; Andronescu A. Anatomia copilului. Collins Patricia. Head and Neck. In: Standring Susan, editor. Sperber GH. Formation of the Primary Palate. In: Wyszynski DF editor. New York: Oxford University Press; Human Malformations and Related Anomalies. Handbook of Pediatric Autopsy Pathology. New Jersey: Humana Press; Golden JA. Towards a greater understanding of the pathogenesis of holoprosencephaly.

Brain Dev Jpn ; Lacbawan F, Muenke M. Pediatr Devel Pathol ;— Brains and faces in holoprosencephaly: pre- and postnatal description of 30 cases. Ultrasound Obstet Gynecol. Midline Maxillofacial Skeleton in Anencephalic Fetuses. Cleft Palate Craniofac J ;31 4 Siebert JR. The ethmoid bone: implication for normal and abnormal facial development. Jcraniofac Genet Dev Biol ;1 4 The facial features of holoprosencephaly in anencephalic human specimen.

Historical review and associated malformations. Teratology ;23 3 An anatomic comparison of cebocephaly and ethmocephaly. Teratology ;42 4 Published Online The midline craniofacial skeleton in holoprosencephalic fetuses. JMedGenet ;28 12 Cyclopia: an anatomic and histologic study of two specimens. Teratology ;26 2 Cranio-facial skeletal development in three human synophtalmic holoprosencephalic fetuses.

Ann Anat ; 1 Floor of the median orbit in human cyclopia: an anatomical study in three dimensions. J Anat ; Cyclopia: histogenesis of the single optic nerve. McGrath P. The proboscis in human cyclopia: an anatomical study in two dimensions.

Janat ; Cyclopia: a radiological and anatomical craniofacial post mortem study. J Craniofac Surg ; Barkovich AJ, Norman D. Barkovich AJ. Analizing the Corpus Callosum. Aribandi M. Corpus Callosum, Agenesis. Congenital Malformations, Nose. Congenital Arhinia. ANJR ;. Sergi C, Schmitt HP. The vesicular forebrain pseudo-aprosencephaly : a missing link in the teratogenetic spectrum of the defective brain anlage and its discrimination from aprosencephaly.

ActaNeuropathol ; Atelencephalic microcephaly: craniofacial anatomy and morphologic comaparison with holoprosencephaly and anencephaly.

Teratology ;36 3 Perkiomaki M. Craniofacial shape and dimensions as indicators of orofacial clefting and palatal form.

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The author makes an overview of the latest theoretical developments and of the critical views on. The major topics of the ongoing debate over. The solution to the. But the relevant practical solutions need. GORD symptom genesis, especially in patients with no esophagitis.

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