With inputs for audio, fog machine and a built in microphone you. Reverse the chasing direction of all the programs with speed control. The audio reproduction instrument shall reproduce. To return to normal mode, tap the Audio button a second time causing its LED goes out, the Audio mode is disengaged.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Overview 3 1. Operation Guide 7 2. Page 5: General Instructions General Instructions Read the instruction in this manual carefully and thoroughly, as they give important information regarding safety during use and maintenance. Keep this manual with the unit, in order to consult it in the future. If the unit is sold or given to another operator, make certain that it always has its manual, to enable the new owner to read about its operation and re lative instructions.

Page 6: Overview 1. Overview 1. Page 7 1. Page 8 1. All Rev is to reverse the chasing direction of all programs. Page 9: Rear View 1. Page Operation Guide 2. Operation Guide 2. Press and hold down the Record button. While holding down the Record button, tap the Flash buttons 1, 6, 6 and 8 in sequence.

Release the Record button, the Record LED lights up, now you can begin programming your chase patterns. Page Program Scenes 2. While holding the Record and Edit buttons, tap the desired Flash button to enter a new Record Code The Record Code consists of 4 Flash buttons the same button or different buttons , be sure your new Record Code consists of 4 Flash buttons. Page 12 2. Create a desired scene using Channel Sliders Page 13 2. Press a Flash button between while holding down the Record button.

FLASH 8. You can continue programming or exit. Page Editing 2. Record enable. Use the Page button to select the page the program you wish to edit is on. Page Erase A Program 2. FLASH 6. Page Erase All Programs 2. Press and hold the Record button. Tap the Flash buttons 1, 4, 2 and 3 in sequence while holding the Record button.

All LEDs will flash, indicating all programs stored in memory have been erased. Enter the Edit mode. Page 19 2. Exit Edit mode. Enter Edit mode. Press and hold the Up button if you want to raise the intensity.

Page Running 2. Tap the Page button to select the correct page the program you wish to run is located. Move the desired Channel slider to its maximum position to trigger the program, and the program will fade in depending upon current fade time.

You may press and hold down the relevant Flash button to trigger the program. Use the Audio Level slider to adjust the music sensitivity. While pressing and holding down the Rec Speed button, tap the Flash button that stores the program. Flash button 1 Tap this button three times 2. Page Exit Midi Setting 3. Flash buttons 3. Page Sending Midi File Dump 3. Flash button 4 Tap this button three times Page 29 3. Page 30 3. Be sure this unit has been in Record mode.

Press and hold down Record button. Brief of Main Functions Reverse the direction of the scene 1. Reverse the chasing direction of all the programs with speed control. Press the Chase Rev Button. Page 33 4. Brief of Main Functions Single Mode 1. All programs will run in sequential order starting in the order of program number.

The Segment Display will read the running program number. All programs will be controlled by the same Speed Slider. Page 34 4. Brief of Main Functions Park 1. DMX Output This manual is also suitable for: 48ch Scene setter. Print page 1 Print document 38 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR.

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Scene Setter



Elation Professional Scene Setter User Manual




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