Because she frequently feels on display, a woman monitors her physical appearance in mirrors, in store windows, and in the eyes and expressions of people who see her. Self-criticism originates not only in the woman herself but also from the internalized voice of male culture and the parents who teach her how to dress and present herself. John Berger's Ways of Seeing articulates the concepts of viewer and viewed by noting that the observer is generally male and the object observed, female. Though intended as an assessment of the subject in Western European painting, Berger's remarks apply equally to contemporary representations of women in the media: "Women watch themselves being looked at.

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Post a Comment. The international women's movements have constructed 'women's experience', as well as uncovered or discovered this crucial collective object.

This experience is a fiction and fact of the most crucial, political kind. Liberation rests on the construction of the consciousness, the imaginative apprehension, of oppression, and so of possibility. The lines are blurred between fiction and reality, objectivity and subjectivity, and the possibilities of escape and transcendence.

In these constructed worlds, who is King and who is a pawn? And who is observing the game? Our best machines are made of sunshine; they are all light and clean because they are nothing but signals, electromagnetic waves, a section of a spectrum, and these machines are eminently portable, mobile The ubiquity and invisibility of cyborgs is precisely why these sunshine-belt machines are so deadly. They are as hard to see politically as materially. Cell phones mentally transport us creating an ambient intimacy.

We have come to treat them like our children--we feed them re-charge , attend to them when they cry ring , and panic when we can't find them. These tools embody and enforce new social relations for women world-wide. How and what do we see?

What defines rational knowledge? In response, she argues for a doctrine of feminist objectivity or situated knowledge. A retired tennis player, she is a teacher and secret agent. Below are a few samples. The lines become blurred when male gamers target verbal abuse, threats, and cyber stalking towards female gamers.

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Haraway, “Situated Knowledges”

Chapter 1 6. Donna Haraway. Vision can be good. I would like to insist on the embodied nature of all vision, and so reclaim the sensory system that has been used to signify a leap out of the marked body and into a conquering gaze from nowhere.


Women and Femininity in U.S. Popular Culture

Donna Haraway is an internationally recognized feminist theorist and philosopher of science and technology. In order to better understand this article, we should learn her major theme—A Cyborg Manifesto. The cyborg would not recognize the Garden of Eden; it is not made of mud and cannot dream of returning to dust. Now, we can back to the Persistence of Vision.

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