If you want to learn how to trade forex then this is the book. Bird Watching was written by a trader who actually trades for a living. He has been there, done that. This is not second-hand experience. And it shows in the book. You can pay three times this amount for one third of the content.

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This book really has nothing to say except trade outside the range of noise and use your profits to buy down your margin all in over pages and you should hire the author as your Forex teacher. This book covers fundamentals in great depth, technical trading how to set up a trading plan, money management and a bunch of other information for a very modest price on amazon.

It blends well with information on babypips school since the school goes into more detail about techncal methods. You will need to read this book a couple of times. How good is that book? It has a question and answer section after the chapters which really drive it into your head as well. I agree - technical analysis for dummies was also really good in my opinion - not just for dummies, for clever people too I think. A lot of what you get out of reading it depends on who you are as a person and what sort of trader you want to be.

If I had read this book when I first started trading I would have most likely taken all the information on board and then moved on to some other book or trading system, as it seemed to present no easily digestable and readily useable trading system. Even then it took several months mulling over the information contained in the book before I was willing to put in the effort to find out more and see if the approach was right for me.

You can see the clash of opinions on this book by its reviews on sites such as Forex Bastards. Some of the contents of the book are slightly out of date now such as main fundamentals driving the market as these shift over time , but the nature of the forex markets has not changed since the book was written and this is one of the main highlights of the book.

When you sign up you also get part 1 of BWILC, so this is a good way to get the first part of the book to see if it resonates with you before you spend any money on buying it. I second that what colin said. Any opinions on "Birdwatching in Lion Country"? Beginner Questions. BarryPips June 1, , am 1. Other than the Babypips school I am working on it for the second time , would this be a good starting book? Save your money get Currency Trading for Dummies I agree - technical analysis for dummies was also really good in my opinion - not just for dummies, for clever people too I think.

BWILC seems to be one of those marmite books: people either love it or hate it. Xaron May 24, , pm 9. Regards - Xaron. Dirk has a new book out there as in TL;DR Does he still praises the strategy to not use any stop losses?


Bird Watching In Lion Country By Dr Dirk Du Toit

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Bird Watching in Lion Other editions. Error rating book.


Bird Watching in Lion Country by Dirk Du Toit: eBook Review

I still purchase some e-books these days, mostly a hangover from my early days in an attempt to find some new insights or terrific system or perhaps simply curiosity. When thinking about reviewing the book Bird Watching in Lion Country I realized how difficult it is to write an objective, fair and substantiated book review. After a while I gave up on the "objective, fair and substantiated" bit and decided to just write down some random thoughts and hopefully they are of some assistance. Forex, it covers all aspects to become a successful currency trader. Included is his popular 4x1 strategy to make money forex trading. Currently Dr.

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