Truly the master of bull! Kiko is not the guarantor of the Way. The statute says that the way is at the service of diocesan bishop. The bishop can accept or reject the way.

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Truly the master of bull! Kiko is not the guarantor of the Way. The statute says that the way is at the service of diocesan bishop. The bishop can accept or reject the way. The problem with Japan is that they tried to do it as a conference. Conferences do not have authority.

Only individual bishops. This is what Benedict told the Japanese bishops. Unfortunately they cowered. However there is a bishop in the Philippines who did ban the way for five years. Kiko doesn't talk about that. Hi, Tim, thank you for this link. Archbishop Villegas spelled out in detail his suspension of the NCW ministry and he did so quite factually, eloquently and with class. I can't help but think that the reason why Fr. A basic ingredient to effective leadership is that you can't have done anything so grave that it would be used by others to undermine or compromise your leadership as in form of blackmail.

This is why leaders step down when something terrible they or their administration has done comes to light. They do it to save the organization by ridding it of their compromised leadership.

With the clergy abuse allegations against Fr. Apuron that have come publicly and officially to light these past few months, perhaps and I am speculating the NCW had that information over Fr.

Apuron many years ago. In turn, Fr. Interesting article. Each person can make his own conclusions. In my parish the Way has helped a lot of people. A very typical Kiko-response. It's good for me. The hell with the truth. Lucifer does not show up as Satan, but an Angel of Light.

I am more interested in the testimonies of those who have left the Way. But to do so would reveal harrowing tales of intimidation and harassment, right? It's how the NCW on Guam maintain order within communities whenever someone courageously flees the clutches of the neo. All of us know Pope Benedict XVI finally intervened promoting an aproach between both partners and the Way was not "expelled".

For Advent and Easter, Kiko uses to visit his personal catechumens and gives them an "announcement", which they will give as well to their dependent communities through the piramidal structure of catechist teams and parishes. I have found the Advent Announcement of , given in Madrid, and his explanation of the problem in Japan in front of his "very top" followers in terms of internal neocat-hierarchy.

The full Anouncement is too long, Kiko uses to talk for two or three hours. I have only translated the specific fragment where he speaks about Japan and some interesting questions related with Holy See and hierarchy, in neocatechumenal language the part he starts with last "news" not in a objetive way, but in his "inspirational" style.

You can imagine in that context he shows himself as he really is Hierarchy must have the funny time of reading what Kiko tells and how he reinterpretes facts in his own willing. Many cardinals would feel real shame knowing some things Kiko tells about them when they are not present.

I always think it would be very necessary to do that hard work for them: to compile all his announcement along years, translating and publishing them for your eminences. Maybe some things will change about their way of considering that prophet and his Way.

I bring these Kiko's reviews because Guam is a nice stone in his shoe. I think it is very important to analize his mind here to draw a picture to see Japan and Guam's potential similarities and differences. To stop Kiko and his neocatechumenal machine is essential being able to anticipate, since the moment he twists facts and meanings in his convenience. I hope it will help.

In blue is the original in Spanish, translation is in black. I know it is difficult to go jumping through different coloured paragraphs, but it was a bit easier for me to do the work. I ask you for your patience, thank you very much! En Madrid.

Mario se ha quedado con ella. Tenemos que rezar por ella para que todo salga bien. Announcement of Advent. In Madrid. November 30, I bring you greetings from Carmen, who is ill. Tomorrow operate. You know that first felt in Seoul, broke several ribs, was very bad.

When she came to Madrid she was also down here and a vertebra that presses the sciatic nerve broke and she is with many sorrows. They will try to have an operation tomorrow, so I have to get right back to Porto San Giorgio. Mario has stayed with her. We must pray for her so that everything goes well.

Poor woman, she is on the cross with terrible pain. This meeting is with me Javier Sotil. Bien, hermanos, tenemos grandes noticias y acontecimientos. Well, brothers, we have great news and events. In June, the Episcopal Conference of Japan sent us a letter asking us to close the Neocatechumenal in all parishes in Japan for five years.

They say that -instead of going to look for the remoted- we stay with people of the parish, which are very few, creating confusion, division. Really it is not so. The Way, as you know, is a way especially for remote , and the proof is that there are more than Japanese brothers who have been baptized in the Way, and currently 21 Japanese brothers are preparing to receive Baptism in Japan.

We have consulted the brothers of Japan to know how many were far from the Church and are about brothers. They also say that on the Way, rather than obey the bishops, they obey us. But, what thing we have not obeyed the bishops? When a bishop has banned the celebration of the Eucharist in the community, for example, we have not celebrated it. When they asked us to be on Sunday morning Mass at the parish, we did it, etc.

The problem is that the bishops who welcomed the Way, who have helped us so much, have died or retired , and the bishops who have succeeded them come with many prejudices and has been almost impossible to explain what the Path. They do not know the Way and do not accept receive the catechists who could explain what is the Way. After receiving this letter from the Episcopal Conference of Japan in the last month of June, signed by all the bishops of Japan, in which they asked us for closing the Neocatechumenal Way in all parishes in Japan for five years, we consulted the Holy See and the Holy See told us not to consider that letter, because over a reality of Pontifical Law , say so, as is the Neocatechumenal Way, an Episcopal Conference can not make such a decision without the consent of the Holy See.

La Iglesia reconoce que el Neocatecumenado es un bien espiritual enorme para toda la Iglesia. El Camino es la primera; todas las otras Fundaciones son conjuntos de bienes materiales. As you know, in fact, the Neocatechumenal Way has been instituted by the Holy See as a "foundation of spiritual goods with public legal personality".

One of these assets is the Neocatechumenate, with its kerygmatic -phase stages, first scrutiny, a second scrutiny, etc. If a bishop or Episcopal Conference have a problem with this "good" must dialogue with us, the leaders of the Way worldwide, because the Pope has made us guarantors of the authenticity of the performance of the Way in the diocese. The Church recognizes that the Neocatechumenate is a huge spiritual well for the whole Church.

It is the first time that the Church establishes a Foundation of Spiritual Goods. The Way is the first; all other foundations are sets of material goods. Son naciones, una realidad enorme. The Statute of the road is said to be composed of four Real Spiritual:. The Neocatechumenate;.

Continuing education in faith;. The worldwide organization of catechesis: what we do when we meet all catechists in Porto S. Giorgio and see how it goes evangelization and then we resend them, in a movement of systole and diastole, like a heart.

We have this style, we do not use magazines or other things but only convivences, retreats, retreats, stay together; and thanks to this heart we have with the systole and diastole, all itinerants-with which we meet four times per year- have strength and perfect communion among themselves and with all catechists worldwide. The Holy See said that they would send a note to the Nuncio of Japan with accurate directions.

We sent in response to the Episcopal Conference of Japan a very brief letter, as told us the Holy See. We said that since the Way has been established and approved by the Holy See , we felt the duty to consult higher authorities and we expected that before taking such strong decision as closing the Way in all parishes, it would be important to dialogue, be able to reconcile, to see what we had done wrong, try to clarify things, because we thought that those allegations were not true. We had asked to speak with the Episcopal Conference of Japan in February and they refused.

Japanese Bishops have written to us again last month, confirming their decision to close the Way for five years and setting a date which was last Sunday. Before November 28 -first Sunday of Advent each bishop had to make a document prohibiting the Way, and this document should be read in every diocese for all priests. This situation poses a great suffering for us.


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