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Reliable protection from ricochets and splinters through safety floorings and wall panelling. Laid in shooting ranges for security forces all over the world. Universal and complete solutions are available for all danger areas in shooting ranges, such as floors, walls, ceilings or bullet traps. Together with reliable partners will work out the perfect solution for your shooting range — individually tailored to the respective conditions. Safety Elements were especially developed for installation in shooting ranges for the police, hunters, armed forces, marksmen clubs, private shooting clubs and security services.

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About UNDP. The Sustainable Development Goals. Business opportunities Procurement notices Contract awards. T - 01 National Consultant to support the development of an PPE supply chain management system and e-tool. Consultancy — Communications and knowledge management consultant. COL10 - Partnerships and Resources Mobilization Consultant. Recopilac Inf. Development of ecotourism infrastructure at Mhlumeni.

CRFP Event management services on capacity building training. National Consultant to conduct the online UN75 campaign. T - 01 National Legal Consultant to develop videos on the right to claim State compensation for ethnic minority people. T - 01 National firm to develop videos on the right to claim State compensation for ethnic minority people.

Provision of Laptop and desktop computers YEM10 - RfP for an extensive Consumer Research on Plastic. Consultant -Review of the online reporting system KEN10 - IC -Prog.

Provision of training and capacity building services to youth entrepreneurs. Construction of Police Outpost and Recreation C. NGA10 - Development of database and business registry for the informal businesses and street vendors. T - 02 National Consultants to provide service for commentaries on court. Proceso No. National Legal consultant for regulations and implementing of Conservation Agreements in Liberia.

Recruitment of as a International individual consultant to mobilize resources for NDC implementation in Rwanda. RfP for survey and assessment of energy consumptions of individual buildings of 6 typologies in Southern and Central Vietnam.

RfP for Survey and Assessment of energy consumptions of individual buildings. Cleaning fumigation and gardening Services NGA10 - Podcast series on land, business and human rights issues. SDP Impl. ECU10 - Series of animated films on land, business and human rights issues. Invitation to pre-qualify to bid on upcoming construction projects PAL10 - Research firm to conduct a study in Malaysia on the financial health of the ageing population and gig economy workers.

Procurement and Supply of waste management heavy machineries, Trucks and equipment for Jordan. Supply of for Treatment of Sexually Transmitted and Opportunistic infections.

Fourniture d'uniformes et matelas pour les prisons du Burundi.


DIN 54346:1993-10 - Draft

Stock Code: FLX. Product specifications :. Structure : Double layer construction. PUR-bonded rubber fibres at the bottom, tiles or rolls in-situ applied PU layer on top. Certified by the German Proof House in Ulm. Fulfils the requirements of German National Technical Approval. Our company has been founded in , by two engineers.



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