Divina proportione 15th century Italian for Divine proportion , later also called De divina proportione converting the Italian title into a Latin one is a book on mathematics written by Luca Pacioli and illustrated by Leonardo da Vinci , composed around in Milan and first printed in The clarity of the written material and Leonardo's excellent diagrams helped the book to achieve an impact beyond mathematical circles, popularizing contemporary geometric concepts and images. The book consists of three separate manuscripts, [1] which Pacioli worked on between and He credits Fibonacci as the main source for the mathematics he presents. The first part, Compendio divina proportione Compendium on the Divine Proportion , studies the golden ratio from a mathematical perspective following the relevant work of Euclid and explores its applications to various arts, in seventy-one chapters.

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This interactive mathlet is an adaptation of the drawing that Leonardo da Vinci made of the augmented rhombicuboctahedron Vigintisex basium elevatus for Luca Pacioli's book 'De Divina Proportione'. Interacting with the application you can rotate the polyhedron and play with the "hole" in each face:. Dutch mathematician and sculptor Rinus Roelofs pointed out an error in da Vinci's drawing. Leonardo da Vinci was a genius, his drawings for Pacioli's book are wonderful and this is only an anecdote that alow us to study and enjoy this beautiful polyhedron. If we look at the two pyramids that point directly left and right we see something odd. They should be two cuadrangular pyramids but it is not clear if they are triangular or quadrangular. Perhaps it depends on the observer's point of view.


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