While providing clinicians with a basic background for treating craniofacial anomalies, this text will also appeal to teratologists, embryologists, and anatomists. Geoffrey H. Craniofacial Embryogenetics and Development. Sperber , Steven M.

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In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Geoffrey H. Sperber; Steven M. This book is an essential read for anyone hoping to become conversant with the fascinating mechanisms of embryogenesis and craniofacial development.

Its origin dates back to the four editions of its predecessor Craniofacial embryology , which was first released in In , Professor Geoffrey H. Sperber partnered with his son, Dr Steven Sperber, a clinical geneticist, to develop the Craniofacial embryogenetics and development series, which have since been employed throughout the world as a primary teaching resource.

We have experienced a substantial amount of progress in the field of embryology within the last decade, since the second edition of this book was originally published. On entering its third edition, the integration of modern genetics with embryology has enabled the creation of a more relevant and advanced text. The book is well-structured, and the content can be easily navigated, as it is split into two main sections with 20 chapters. Within section one, there are six chapters relating to 'General embryology', and section two has 14 chapters relating to 'Craniofacial development'.

Whilst the sheer volume of content may seem overwhelming, the text is easily absorbed, and has a fantastic combination of diagrams, photographs, 3D illustrations, graphs and summary tables to aid learning.

Additionally, following each chapter there is a selected bibliography, to allow an enthusiastic reader to gain further knowledge of relevant literature. The first section provides a sound foundation for the reader on general embryology, with emphasis in individual chapters on embryogenesis of the orofacial and pharyngeal regions, and bone development. Within this section, succinct table summaries are well laid out and provide a helpful overview of the information discussed.

It is essential for the reader to gain a thorough understanding of the basic concepts of general embryology, in order to truly appreciate the craniofacial development discussion that is detailed in later chapters.

Section two encompasses craniofacial development, and 13 chapters are anatomically structured, to include the major craniofacial skeletal structures; such as the calvaria, cranial base, facial skeleton and mandible. Additionally, there are chapters on development and growth of the palate, temporomandibular joint, soft tissues and odontogenesis.

Excellent description and illustration of the craniofacial complex anatomy within this section allows the information to be easily processed and well understood. The final chapter is comprised of a page table on craniofacial disorders with known single-gene mutations, which gives a current and useful overview of disorders directly linked with associated genes.

Overall, the third edition of Craniofacial embryogenetics and development provides outstanding contribution to current literature. This book is comprehensive, well-written and supported by excellent illustrations and summary tables. It is an ideal craniofacial biology reference text for any undergraduate or postgraduate health sciences professional, or specialist within the dental or medical field.

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