Howdy partners, Reecius here form Frontline Gaming to bring you a slightly overdue review on the new 8th ed Codex Craftworlds …. Check the Tactics Corner for more great reviews. Part 1 of this review will cover the army and Craftworld wide special rules, psychic powers, Warlord Traits, relics, and stratagems. Codex: Craftworlds is a seriously awesome book.

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Howdy partners, Reecius here form Frontline Gaming to bring you a slightly overdue review on the new 8th ed Codex Craftworlds …. Check the Tactics Corner for more great reviews.

Part 1 of this review will cover the army and Craftworld wide special rules, psychic powers, Warlord Traits, relics, and stratagems. Codex: Craftworlds is a seriously awesome book. Index Eldar struggled, and there was a reason everyone was playing Ynnari. Now however, you can play a specific Craftworld and not only compete but kick ass. Beyond the obvious points drops, there are so many combos and layered unit interactions in it that it is hard to contain my enthusiasm. This is a codex that provides tremendous depth and opportunities for mastery.

Every time you play, you will see more and more potential combinations giving it a very nuanced and subtle feel with a multitude of play style options, which is perfect for Eldar, in my opinion. These are fun abilities. I love it, the extreme mobility of the Eldar army is just a blast to experience. Path of Command is also very nice, regaining CP and a re-roll aura hardly require explanation and give you a big incentive to use an Autarch.

The only problem I find myself having is which awesome HQ to take! Eldar have so many incredible choices available to them. Obviously, those are pretty dang good. Mark of the Incomparable Hunter on an Autarch with Fusion Pistol, while short ranged, can be devastating. And important to note: Phoenix Lords cannot take Warlord Traits.

I often find giving it to the Farseer is a solid bet as they tend to not die very frequently in their support role. Ambush of Blades has tremendous potential, too.

I like to use Storm Guardians as a screen unit in my Eldar armies and with this Warlord Trait, and some additional buffs such as the Enhance or Empower psychic powers, plus re-rolls from an Autarch, combined with Doom, and even a stratagem like Supreme Disdain and they actually become deadly combatants! You will be shocked at how quickly this wimpy unit all of a sudden starts chopping things to bits!

That is a common theme in the Carftworlds Codex. It is all about finding those synergies that take a unit from good to amazing. There are loads of absolutely awesome stratagems in the Craftworlds Codex. As stated numerous times in previous, similar articles, 8th ed 40k lists will often be built around their stratagems and Eldar are no exception. They have some fantastic options in this regard. Eldar have a blistering array of incredible Psychic powers available to them with essentially 18 different powers to choose from!

These are quite simply amazing abilities. Runes of Battle especially having game changing powers in it. This can make your army incredibly difficult to take on in the shooting phase, especially for armies like Astra Militarum. Although, remember, this is no silver bullet as they can simply run up and punch you in the face, too! Eldar are squishy and even a Guardsman is a threat to you in melee. And as this will often be the only viable strategy left to them, you can count on this being what they do so bring some counter assault units.

However, this is a great baseline ability and helps to mitigate the alpha strike quite a bit and works well with seriously any army archetype. What it does though is establish a baseline for an army that should win a long ranged shoot-out against a similar army due to the fact that you simply are harder to hit. We will be seeing a LOT of Aliatoc armies in the months to come.

Biel-Tan is my favorite Craftworld package for a number of reasons. For one, my play-style and preference for using infantry and the fact that I love Aspect Warriors means they are my go to choice as that is what Biel-Tan is about.

Beyond my personal preference though, Biel-Tan has a lot to offer. This army compliments a combined arms strategy quite well and as all of the various Aspect Warriors have gotten boosted across the board. You can really create a fun and flexible army using Biel-Tan as a core.

As units self-buff in most instances, they can operate solo or you can string together some crazy combinations with them using what is also a very true to the lore army-list, which I love. Iyanden has some awesome abilities that can create a very powerful and unique play-style. Obviously the theme is Wraith Constructs and much of what they offer revolves around buffing those units but by no means must you play a Wraith army to get a lot out of what Iyanden has to offer.

Iyanden though benefits a great deal from the Wraith units. Meanwhile, units of potentially 20 Guardians or perhaps 10 Dire Avengers to maximize the impact of Stratagems and Psychic Powers used on them, run around grabbing objectives with no fear of punishing morale checks while a Wraithknight provides fire support remaining at full efficacy until nearly dead at which point you can easily repair him and you have a powerful army.

That is just one example as well, the possibilities are limitless. Saim-Hann provides a compliment of abilities that largely gear you towards assault and Biker armies which matches the fluff. However, while they may not scream power like some of the other do, you can build quite a good army with Saim-Hann. Scatter Laser Windriders are back in force here, and packs of them with psychic support will be devastating, particularly in this meta filled with chaff units. With their new, lower price point, Windriders will be back in a big way.

The other benefit of Saim-Hann is utilizing any unit that wants to engage in melee and can also go into reserves. Striking Scorpions who are great for filling out those Brigade detachments can function largely on their own here and have a much higher chance of getting in to melee after coming on to the table.

Saim-Hann are also great for simply taking a detachment of them. An Outrider detachment consisting of an Autarch and three units of Scat Packs will bring a lot to an Eldar army needing really no other support.

Essentially, your entire army becomes As it works against all wounds and at any range, it means your army can be built in any way you like and you benefit from it, which is nice.

It gives you a lot of freedom to build a list in any way you like whereas a Carftworld like Saim-Hann really wants you to use Bikers. That said, Ulthwe does have a stratagem that only works on Guardians but Guardians are quite good in my opinion, and cheap. But the real strength of Ulthwe again, is in having total freedom to build whatever army you like and simply having them be more durable than they would have been. Well there you have it! Part 1 of this 8th ed Eldar review over and done with.

Part 2 , covering the units in the dex, will be coming shortly. In the meantime, which Craftworld set-up is your favorite? And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart!

Posted on October 26, by Reecius in 40K , Tactics. Tags: 40K eldar news tactics. Illic does 3 damage?! Yeah, tons of little things have changed with the book.

Between the release of the new codex and eldar based armies gwtting top placings already Im seeing Eldar making a powerful return to tournaments. Will try to go next year. So, let me see if I understand the difference between the Cloudstrike and Webway Strike stratagems. Cloudstrike is vehicles only, but seems to have no restriction on numbers, just use the stratagem multiple times before the game starts. God I really want an Iyanden army, a wraith knight with a bone singer can be efficient for so long.

Looking like it will be pretty solid. Can some one some where please help me. If any one could shed some light here i would appreciate it. The only buff you can give them to make them good is guide, which might be more cost effective to cast on either of those i suppose.

Windriders with just twin shurikan catapults are most cost effective than either of the above weapon options. Take these in biel-tan and profit. Your Biel-ten is already going to have an avatar of khaine so if you need it you can get your charge reroll's from that. Rerolling 1's with no effort on all your wind riders in money, and as we've seen they compete well with dire avengers. Saim-Hann is good, but sadly, only really useful in my opinion for shining spears. An outrider with 3, 9 bike units of shining spears is pretty decent.

Bigger units are usually spooky and that many bikes but if your going to take shining spears you need to take enough. The shining spears if they a threat to your opponent can be targeted out so you need enough so that you can force them on your opponent with out thier say so encase you don't get first turn. From thier in saim-hann you can use quicken to get a for sure first turn charge in most situations. Then you can on a second unit use the stratagem to get a pretty fair chance at another first turn charge with your other spear unit.

With fly your opponent has to bubble wrap right up against his units otherwise you'll just jump over thier heads and take thier vehicles out of action. WIth empower your lancers are wounding on 3s or 4's which can also get pretty spooky for big stuff rather quick. TLDR for this bit: Saim-hann you take for the stratagem on shining spears, and due to what i said before isn't really worth using on scatter bikes as i don't think thier any targets you'd rather take scatter over more shurikan bikes in biel-tann.

That is not a lot of distance between you are your opponent. Shuriken Bikes with Biel-Tan are awesome, no doubt, as they self buff. But, for all those people that have Scatter Laser Jetbikes, this is a good option for them. Thanks a lot for the break down seer reecius. I like Ulthwe myself. As you said, you can build pretty much any force you want with them without feeling coerced to go a certain direction.

I like it because its the kind of bonus your opponent cannot straightforwardly mitigate or otherwise do anything about. Iyanden, if big guardian units become a thing, will be packed into the same club as dealing with Cultists, Pox Walkers and Conscripts, so they will be planned for already, to some extent, just by the nature of the current meta.



Eldar Mythology. Craftworlds are massive, self-sufficient Eldar vessels, essentially mobile planets made of Wraithbone flying through space. During the height of the Eldar Empire, the Eldar built the Craftworlds as large merchant ships. Somewhat questionably for traders, they didn't install any sort of Webway or Warp drives on the Craftworlds, instead forcing the Craftworlds to travel at sublight speed. Ultimately, this would be to the Eldar's benefit, for the amount of time spent between Eldar worlds allowed the Eldar on the Craftworlds to see just how far their people had fallen into hedonism. Realizing that something bad would happen soon, the Craftworld Eldar evacuated the Eldar still sane enough to realize how far they'd fallen from their depraved brethren , and fled, taking with them the repositories of Eldar history, science, religion, and pre-Fall culture.


Warhammer 40,000/Tactics/Eldar(8E)


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