The Scorch toolbar now includes a Sharing menu that lets you email and print directly from Scorch. Email a Sibelius score directly from Scorch. When you click the e-mail icon, a new e-mail message is created and the current score is attached. The Appearance menu now includes a Staff Size slider that lets you change the size of the staves in the score. Scorch automatically repaginates the score as necessary.

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With this powerful app, viewing beautiful scores is just the beginning. Easily learn songs or adapt them to your instrument—then give a great performance using Music Stand mode. Whether you want to showcase your own music or purchase scores from world-class publishers, Scorch is the easy way to practice and perform your favorite sheet music on the go. Get started quickly and easily with the intuitive touch-screen interface and included content.

Choose from a variety of paper textures and font choices, and view your scores with stunning clarity. Learn, Rehearse, and Perform Scorch makes it easy to learn and practice by adapting scores to your needs. See the whole score—or individual parts—played on the Keyboard display. Focus solely on your instrument and remove other parts to eliminate distraction. Join the Community Scorch is your ticket into a huge online community of sheet music providers and enthusiasts.

Browse and purchase sheet music within the application, and enjoy the simplicity and security of using your existing iTunes account. You can also publish your Sibelius and Sibelius First scores and sell them to others. Powered by the award-winning Sibelius engine, Scorch is the full-featured, professional way to learn, practice, and perform sheet music on the go. Synthesizer and wavetables licensed from Crimson Technology, Inc. They get the visual progression of the music and have the ability to mute their own part or turn down another.

It really is a great tool. I can either plug in the iPad to iTunes and drag and drop the. Is it perfect? And even though it used to advertise that you can use xml files they just crash the app. If you have the devices I would highly recommend using this app in your classroom.

I had always been a finale user so switching to Sibelius was tough. Actually I have finale on my personal computer so I create the initial file export it to xml.

Pull it into Sibelius on my work computer and export it for Avid Scorch which helps with sizing. In my case, transposing the charts was easy enough, but sharing the changes was not. It appears the changes are in the app only, but cannot be written to the file itself. Thus whatever I tried to share, ended up being the original non-transposed files. Scorch seems to have been built primarily as a front-end for their store, with some Sibelius compatibility thrown in as enticement.

I have a iPad Pro. So can some one please tell me why you guys are selling an app even if its only for a couple bucks -Its the principle here that list in the discriptions column that it supports importing XML. It just crashed and never open in app once. It dosent work. And, its been mentioned, over and over again by users in the reviews here. And it needs to be addressed or dumped until ready for prime time. Other than that, which to me is big, I find the super clean an easy to read.

App Store Preview. Apr 27, Version Support for scores created in Sibelius Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Avid Technology Inc. Size Category Music. Compatibility Requires iOS 6. Compatible with iPad. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Avid MediaCentral UX.

Avid Control. MediaCentral Cloud UX. Avid Connect Avid Link. Social Networking. Symphony Pro - Music Notation. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro.


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To participate in the discussions on Catholic church music, sign in or register as a forum member, The forum is a project of the Church Music Association of America. Discussions Activity Sign In. General Music Discussion Sibelius Scorch replacement? Sibelius replacement? Patricia Cecilia October Posts:


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I'd like to be able to batch process a bunch of scores to scorch and would like to find the most effective way of doing so. There are rather a lot to do! Many thanks in advance, Jason -- Sib 7. I had problems with it crashing if I had files open that it tried to close, so I am not sure how well it will actually work, but it is designed to accomplish what you are asking for. Sib 1. Year I'll give that a try.


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