ANSA, S. ECEF, S. RUGO, S. Santa Fe No. Fabricamos productos abrasivos.

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ANSA, S. ECEF, S. RUGO, S. Santa Fe No. Fabricamos productos abrasivos. Lijas de agua, madera, metal, discos velcro, telas de esmeril. Discos de corte, desbaste, ruedas de esmeril, conos de esmeril.

We are manufacturers of abrasive products. Sandpaper water, wood, metal, Velcro discs, fabrics esmeril. Discos cutting and grinding, grinding wheels, emery cones. Somos los propietarios de la marca y patente de Forearm Forklift. We are the patent and reg trademark owners of Forearm Forklift.

Do-It-Yourselfers use them to move furniture before starting to work in a room. Manufacturer of braiding ropes and twisted, bands specializing in supplying the hardware industry, agricultural, livestock, fishing using cotton fibers, nylon, polyester, polypropylene, fiberglass.

Central No. Full service company serving the metal stamping industry. Regio Parque No. Productos a exhibir: grapas, engrapadoras, clavadoras, clavos en rollo, clavos en tira, clavillos o brads y clips para la industria colchonera. Showing items: staples, staplers, nailer, nail roll and stripes, brads and clips for the mattress industry.

Alce Blanco No. Manufacturer of carbon stainless steel couplings, importer of carbon steel, galvanized and black piping, malleable iron, steel couplings, ball valves, sanitary traps.

Dedicated to the conversion and commercialization of industrial adhesive tapes, machinery and packaging materials. Camino a Santa Ana No. The brand Adelino combines elements of occidental designing, better components and open minds, born for a higher position for the market. Admintotal is an ERP software that integrates all areas of the company and, consequently, generates accounting, obtaining truthful and timely information for decision-making. ALM is a Mexican company. Through our offices in China and Mexico, we coordinate purchases, sales, product searching, and logistics, offering a door-to-door service.

Integral design, construction, distribution, consulting and maintenance of treatment plants for residual, sanitary and industrial waters. AIM Alloys specializes in standard and custom industrial-grade metals and alloys for casting, plating, and soldering for the industrial and plumbing industries. Circuito Interior Norte No. Basic and detailed engineering in integral compressed air systems. PVC, polyethylene, EVA flexible piping manufacturer, engineering plastics for uses such automotive, electrical, agriculture, watering, pools, suction and discharge of fluid, food, oils and gasoline, vacuums, spas, steel reinforced, antistatic, flat hose, etc.

Akar Tools Ltd. Since Akar is manufacturing hi-quality hand tools and exporting to the various countries of world. Extensive line of products in the areas of lighting, abrasives, agriculture, carpentry, locksmith, construction, electrical, plumbing, home, gardening, mechanical, painting and security. Antigua Calz. Radiodifusoras No. We manufacture and market gas stoves, electric grills, medicine cabinets, mailboxes, resistors and water heaters. Being pioneers in security, we keep people safe and protected with leading products: panic bars, door closers, locks.

Beethoven No. Manufacturer of ALTO brand of personal protection equipment in high-rise jobs, certified and ANSI approved and because its pricequality-service ratio, it is the best offer in the market. Amana router bits, saw blades, shaper cutters, planer knives and accessories for the wood, plastic and aluminum industry. Ageindustrial saw blades made in Germany, timberline-professional tools: router bits saw blades and accessories.

Carolyn Blvd. The best products with the highest quality and an excellent service. Bosques de San Isidro No. Venta de relleno para torre de enfriamiento, pistolas de ligas. Sale of cooling tower fills and rubber band guns. Manufacturing and distribution of hardware products and materials. A catalog with over 14, references per category: locks, metal fittings, gardening and household items.

STIHL is leader in sales, technology and service of gas operated equipment, our main activity is the commercialization of products for the agricultural, forestry, residential and services markets. We supply valves gate valve, globe valve, check valves, ball valve, strainer, butterfly valve, air valves, etc. East Gengguantun, Anping Hebei. Our company specialized in personal protective equipment PPE supplier for 15 years in China. Room Haoyuan Building, No. ANCLO, una empresa dedicada a servir al mercado de instalaciones profesionales.

ANCLO is a company dedicated to serve professional installation market. Our offer includes construction anchors, unicanal structural, support system and electrical construction materials. Obrero Mundial No. In Aceros Nacionales we have more than years of market experience. We offer a variety of products of mesh and wire to the construction and agricultural market. Stand: , , , , , Conoce nuestra variedad de marcas. Apex Tool Group is one of the largest manual and electrical tools manufacturer worldwide.

Get to know our various brands. El Pueblito No. Extensive supplies for different production sectors. Ardent Sales specifies and promotes products of U. Industriales Nayaritas No. Gitana Norte No. Mexican company with more than 20 years of experience in water storage and conduction. Offering life time quality and continuous innovation. Conductor electric manufacturing low voltage and PVC pipe, marketing of artifacts, extensions, strips, lighting, pipe fittings, terminals, etc.

De la Luz No. Wholesale of equipment, electrical equipment and ecotechnologies. LP gas tanks and cylinders. Coloso de Rodas No. Comercializamos sierras e insertos Alesa; buriles calzados Fandher; brocas de centros Magafor. We sell Alesa saws and inserts; Fandher styles; Megafor center drill bits. Arturo Romo de Vivar No. Arrow Adhesives Company is one of the major manufacturers of quality solvent cements in United States specializing in the plastic pipe industry.

We represent the best international brands of appliances, furniture and bathroom faucet, porcelain floors, spas and outdoor furniture, water heaters, steam generators, air extractors, among others. Son algunos de nuestros productos. We are in the field of manufacturing and distribution of specialty fasteners. Collated fasteners like plastic strip, wire coil, paper strip and bulk nails etc.

Manufacturing and selling of home and industry cleaning items. Headquarters in the city of Chihuahua, we do shipments to all the country. Lacandona No. ATAS International is a US company that manufactures aluminum, galvalume steel, copper and zinc roofing and wall systems.

More than 50 years of experience producing and selling high quality abrasive products: grinding discs, cutoff discs for metal and stone, diamond blades, abrasive wheels and laminated discs. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra No. Soluciones en repintado automotriz de calidad mundial. World class solutions in automotive refinish.

Km Company of passenger transport, packaging and shipping. Sufragio Efectivo No. Igoto brand it is one of the famous importers of electrical equipment. Our main products are switches and sockets.

Our goal is to offer higher quality products and more competitive for our customers.



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