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Quick Links. Camera User Guide. Flowchart and Reference Guide. Shooting with the Camera. Software Starter Guide. Installing the Software. Connecting the Camera to a Computer.

Downloading Images to a Computer. Table of Contents. Page 2 Precautions Camera Body Temperature If your camera is used for prolonged periods, the camera body may become warm.

Please be aware of this and take care when operating the camera for an extended period. Page 8: Warnings There is a risk of high-voltage electrical shock.

Please take the first opportunity to consult your camera distributor or a Canon Customer Support Help Desk. Page 9 Continued use of the equipment may result in fire or electrical shock. Contact with the metallic components of other materials in waste containers may lead to fire or explosions.

Discard the batteries in specialized waste facilities if available in your area. Page Preventing Malfunctions Read This First Preventing Malfunctions Avoid Strong Magnetic Fields Never place the camera in close proximity to electric motors or other equipment generating strong electromagnetic fields. Exposure to strong magnetic fields may cause malfunctions or corrupt image data. Avoid Condensation Related Problems Moving the equipment rapidly between hot and cold temperatures may cause condensation water droplets to form on its external and internal surfaces.

To connect a computer, use the USB interface cable supplied with the camera. Shooting Modes Auto The camera selects most settings automatically p. Manual You can set the exposure compensation, white balance and other settings manually.

Stitch Assist Shoot images in overlapping series to create panoramas p. Movie Shoot movie clips p. There is a danger of the battery pack flying out. The camera is writing, reading, erasing or transmitting an image to or from the CF card. Actual totals may vary according to the subject, shooting conditions and shooting mode.

Start from Step 5 to set the date and time. Reset them when this occurs. Attaching the Wrist Strap Thread the small loop of the wrist strap through the strap holder on the camera and pull the large loop through the small loop until the small loop fits snugly against the strap holder. Press the main switch. Press the main switch until the green power lamp beside the mode dial lights p.

Turn the mode dial to the Auto position. Use the button to select [OK] and press the button. Please set the date and time p. Replay Mode The power will automatically shut off approximately 5 minutes after the last function is accessed. About the Autofocus Function This camera employs AiAF artificial intelligence autofocus technology which uses a broad metering field to calculate the focal distance with high precision.

It delivers a crisp focus even when the photographic subject is slightly off-center. Standard Index Image Replay 9 Images Standard Information Displayed on the LCD Monitor Shooting Mode In shooting mode, information about the current settings and remaining image capacity will display on the LCD monitor for approximately six seconds when the actions below are taken, regardless of whether the LCD monitor is set to On or Off.

A sound file WAV file is attached. A sound file in a format other than the WAV format is attached or the file format is not recognized. The next image can be recorded immediately after the first as long as sufficient built-in memory is available. Pressing the SET Button If you press the, SET button while continuing to press the shutter button fully, it will continue to display even when you release the shutter button.

Some settings are also saved when the power is turned off p. Page 37 The following resolutions are available for movies. Actual totals may vary according to the subject and shooting conditions. The red-eye reduction lamp fires with Auto each shot. Auto The flash fires automatically as required by the light level. The flash fires with every shot.

The flash will not fire. Page Red-Eye Reduction Shooting Please note that a slow shutter speed will be selected in dark places when the flash is set to off or slow-synchro. Be careful to avoid camera blur under these conditions.

Recording ceases when the shutter button is released. Actual figures may vary according to the subject and shooting conditions. Adjusting the Exposure Compensation An image can be under-exposed if the subject is backlit or positioned in a bright location. Page Setting The White Balance Shooting Setting the White Balance Setting the white balance to match the dominant light source when shooting will adjust the coloring of the image excluding images to the correct settings for the prevailing light conditions.

Page Shooting In Stitch Assist Mode Shooting in Stitch Assist Mode Stitch Assist mode can be used to shoot images, which overlap, and which can later be merged to create one panoramic image on a computer. The final image will appear unnatural if the difference in brightness is too great. Shooting Images can be shot in two sequences.

For good results, pan swivel the camera to take successive shots. To shoot close-ups, slide the camera over the subject, keeping it parallel as you move. The remaining images use the same settings. Additional images use the same settings.

These times may vary with the subject and shooting conditions. Recording will automati- cally stop when the maximum time is reached or when the CF card runs out of free capacity. The settings selected in each shooting mode are saved when switching between shooting modes. The button switches to the next image. The button displays the next set of nine. Both audio and visual recordings can be replayed when connected to a TV p. Each image is displayed for approximately 3 seconds.

Press the button again to resume auto play. Page Protecting Images Replaying Protecting Images You can protect important images to prevent their accidental erasure. Exercise adequate caution before erasing a file. The print type and date or file number printing options can also be selected. These settings will be overwritten by any settings set by your camera. Display the Print Order menu p. It can also print images marked with DPOF print settings. Page 70 Printing with Card Photo Printer CP Stopping Printing Resuming Printing If printing is stopped with images left in the print queue, the remaining images can be printed with the following procedures.

Page 71 Printing cannot be resumed, however, under the following circumstances. Image Borders Date Standard Prints one copy of one image per page. Prints 8 copies of one image on a single Multiple page. Use the 8 Images setting to print on adhesive labels.

The date is printed according to the DPOF settings p. Menu Camera settings are adjusted with the Rec. For instructions on changing the resolution and compression learn how to change the review time , please see page Please see page 32 to for images.

Reset function. The starting file number is reset to each time a new CF card is inserted. New images recorded on previously recorded CF cards with existing files are assigned the next available number. The beep can be turned off. Display the Rec. Menu p. The camera shuts off after approximately 3 minutes in shooting mode or approximately 5 minutes in replay mode if the camera is not used. Page Setting The Language Camera Settings Setting the Language The language in which menus and messages are displayed can be selected with this function.

Always turn the camera and TV power off before attaching or detaching the AV cable. Copy the photographed images to the desired folder on the hard disk. The XXX represents a number from to The software must be installed first before the images can be downloaded.


Canon Digitalkamera

Quick Links. Camera User Guide. Flowchart and Reference Guide. Shooting with the Camera. Software Starter Guide. Installing the Software. Connecting the Camera to a Computer.



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