Contact us - 65 Computerized gauging scales will be scales used to quantify the heaviness of substances. Logically, the mass such scales measure. There isn't one however a plenty of kinds of this sort of scale. Every one of these scales is put to use in its own extraordinary zone of estimation.

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Por Accusize Industrial Tools. Great price for a Working block set for surface plate setups Just as advertised! I work in QC and I brought a set for my own toolbox as I was tired of fishing through the two old incomplete sets we have every time I need to set a sine plate After I brought a set, the company brought two more, one for the QC lab, one for the Milling department.

Great price for a Working block set for surface plate setups, check fixturing, milling jaws to a specific gap, etc. Follow up: I see that some people had complaints about the box being poorly made.

The boxes on the three sets that we have are solid and well made. Also, as others have said, the blocks are individually wrapped in oil paper to prevent rust. The engraving of the block is clear and very easy to read. Por PMB. Por Lisa Brockwell. Great quality for home machining. The box is good quality and each jo block was wrapped individually for rust prevention. Blocks wring together with no problem and as my first set as a home machinist the seem to be great quality.

Por Kindle Customer. Gran precio para un conjunto de bloques de trabajo para configuraciones de placas de superficie Los bloques se escurre junto sin problemas y como mi primer set como maquinista casero el parecen ser de gran calidad. Traducido por Amazon.

Ver comentarios originales. Ver todas las opiniones de los clientes. Por HardwareFactoryStore. Love'em Bought them for woodworking and they make simple measurements a breeze. Even though I'll probably never use the mounting holes I think I would've regretted buying a pair of smooth blocks just for the tactile factor alone.

Me and my butterfingers would probably drop one of them and ding a corner taking them out of the box for the first time. So many machinists tools that make woodworking setup so much faster. Who knows, I may come across a lathe or mill at a price I can't pass up someday and then I'll already have half my shop ready for it.

Por Waiting. Good for the price, but not perfect Just brought them to work today, and the first thing I did was check them with a. Blocks were square, with less than. The 1. I tried bolting them together, and the edges are off. Still, for the price paid, I'm happy.

Grinding the 1 block in by. OTOH, if you are looking to have a set that matches on the bolt pattern, once you grind them into spec, they will be undersized.

Por Alex. The threaded screws and surfaces are the lowest quality I have ever seen. I would have returned this but amazon will delete your account if you keep returning junk These threads are so course that you can feel it in your fingers as you attempt to tighten this unit None of the quality of threads was identified by this seller and they even mark their socket head screws but they are not of any markings that equal any standard I could find Buy this if you only want a dimensional stable block -- and buy this if you are okay with the fit of the screws and threads A and B fittings Por Philadelphia Construction Engineering.

Bueno por el precio, pero no perfecto Acabo de llevarlos a trabajar hoy, y lo primero que hice fue revisarlos con un indicador de 0,". Los 1. Estos hilos son tan por supuesto que puedes sentirlo en tus dedos mientras intentas apretar esta unidad Accesorios A y B Por Mitutoyo. Nice gauge block I use this gauge block to test my micrometers and calipers precision. Both of my equipment read exactly what was stated by Mitutoyos gauge block, so the block is accurate and so is my equipment.

Overall, great block don't hesitate to buy if you are in need of one or more. Por Lourdes. Excellent gage block Excellent gage block. The one inch dimension accurate beyond a 5 decimal place caliper's ability to measure. Comes with NIST traceable reference number.

Por Atchison. The only certification that came with the "0" grade gage The only certification that came with the "0" grade gage block was a "Certification of Inspection" and the Warranty card. Relatively in-expense with Mitutoyo quality. Por 2-b determined. Bonito bloque de calibre.

Relativamente en gasto con calidad Mitutoyo. Por CME Tools. Worth the money Very good for what you pay. All blocks came wrapped in wax paper and oiled.

Por Benjamin W. Super Very accurate for what I need. Por blank. Seem to be very high quality, the only down Seem to be very high quality, the only down side is the case was damaged on receival but the seller sent me a new one to replace it.

Por Amazon Customer. Vale la pena el dinero Muy bueno por lo que pagas. Todos los bloques vinieron envueltos en papel encerado y engrasados. Estupendo Muy preciso para lo que necesito. I hate that is was as expensive as it was considering it does not do any thing, but it does work great for checking cheap tools. I gave more for this than I did the tool that I am checking, but I needed a way to test and prove the tools for my quality system.

Por Hicktacular. Five Stars Excellent precision. For leveling 3D printer bed. Using this to level the heated bed of my 3D printer. Of course the item is perfect. Por CaretakerCT. Odio que sea tan caro como lo estaba considerando que no hace nada, pero funciona muy bien para verificar herramientas baratas.


Mejor calificación en Bloques Calibradores

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