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For Businesses. Write a Review. I'm pleased with my cabinets. These were purchased in and still look fabulous. I love the self closing feature and the linen closet is the best! It has plenty of room for towels, toiletries, makeup, brushes etc. We just bought these cabinets for a master bath remodel from Studio 41 in Naperville. I asked for a nice cabinet at a good price point. They are WAY inferior to anything we have ever bought. Our Home Depot cabinets are far better.

These cabinets do not close nicely at all. There is no wall separating the under sink cabinet from the drawers on the side. It seems a very basic construction element. We are beyond disappointed with them. I will never recommend these or use Studio 41 again. I am sooo disappointed with our kitchen cabinets.

After contacting the contractor and Bertch they tell me that the reason the paint is chipping off the cabinets is because we went away for 3 months in the winter and left the heat at I have had several other contractors in to look at my cabinets and they all said that was ridiculous and never heard of such a stupid thing.

It is now 8 years later and I am paying to have someone redo my beautiful kitchen. Bertch should be ashamed of themselves - no concern or interest in the customer. When I ordered the cabinets I was told it would e weeks before they came Talk about shortcuts.

They just painted them and shipped them out I will never never never recommend Bertch cabinets to anyone. I ordered glazed cabinets through my contractor who is also their distributor. He never bothered to check them when they were delivered since "its never been a problem".

Of course not only was my contractor a disaster but when he finally got around to checking them, the majority of them were the wrong color and finish but also had a gloppy coating.

In the mean time, one of the cabinets arrived cracked. I had to fire my contractor and called Bertch directly to get the replacement cabinet that my contractor had already requested. Here is where the fun began They told me it was being shipped to him I asked them to send it to me since I had already paid for these cabinets and Bertch has already been paid. They told me they would change the delivery to my address I never received it nor was it ever reshipped to me.

I was also sent the wrong molding accents and was short a piece of crown molding also the legs for in front of my sink were ordered too short They once again came out but advised me they can only go through the contractor I fired I had the police remove him from my house.. I offered to pay them for these pieces since I just want to get my kitchen finished I have been without a kitchen for 3 months.. Final story, they will not help me even after hearing the story.

Seeing my kitchen, etc. They said they will talk to my contractor and everything needs to be handled by him.. He destroyed my home and my new contractor had to re-do everything he did! My walls were put up crooked, windows in wrong place, damaged my walls and floors and so much more but yet Bertch still thinks i should go through him I need that broken cabinet replaced since it needs to be installed before my granite is installed and I have been calling them for weeks All in all their distributor and they have royally screwed me and they think I should just wait indefinitely until they resolve this with their distributor instead of helping their customer!

BTW I asked Bertch to sell me the pieces I need to complete the job at the same cost they would charge their worthless distributor and they refused. They have made it clear that the customer isn't their concern. They don't want to get involved! Definitely a cabinet company you should avoid at all costs!

We recently remodeled our master bath and selected a Bertch cabinet for our vanity. It was professionally installed by our contractor who made the purchase for us. Within a month, we noticed cracks developing. A replacement door was ordered, but that was in even worse shape.

We are still waiting for a second replacement to arrive. Now we are seeing areas where the finish is peeling away. Bertch has said that the peeling is caused by water damage and not covered under warranty.

We have had this vaniety for less than a year and we are very unhappy with the quality of the vanity, the problems we have had with it so far, and the response from Bertch. We are still waiting for somone to get back to us with a definitive plan to deal with this. Bertch took 2doors and 3 drawers to darken them up, after 4 weeks they came back and were the same shade.

They couldn't get a color right if they tried. Stay away from Bertch cabinets. We remodeled our bathroom with Bertch cabinets. The painted finish stated unpeeling within weeks. They replaced it but we had to pay the contractor to remove and install it.

The new cabinet did the same thing only worse. This is an expensive product that is cheaply made. In I purchased the 36" Bertch Tiffany 2 door, 2 drawer vanity, the 36" tri view mirrored medicine cabinet and 36" lighting piece to place above the mirror.

Everything looks brand new 17 years later except for the bottom edges of the mirrors. I actually just reached out to Bertch about replacement mirrors. Haven't heard back yet. Purchased Bertch bathroom vanity and wall mirror. The style is beautiful but the quality is very poor. The covering for the wall mirror began to peel within 6 months. I contacted the manufacturer with the complaint , was told the covering was peeling because the mirror was placed to close to the faucet of my sink.

The company refused to replace the mirror. I do not recommend this company and will never make a purchase from them in the future. Very disappointed , this item was very costly! We installed Bertch kitchen cabinets two years ago through a local cabinet maker and are very pleased with them.

We are not seeing any problems with the finish. We chose the lower end cabinetry but upgraded the drawers. The doors and some side panels are natural wood. I would recommend going for all natural wood side panels in the future.

I would have liked to have ordered the all-wood interiors, but didn't want to pay more and I'm fine with the current product. We also the upgraded to the Super Susan, which is much better than a standard lazy susan.

Love my kitchen! I am just finishing a kitchen remodel, it was an entire gut. My contractor, who is also a friend, is installing Bertch Rustic Alder cabinets.

I love the look and am impressed with the quality, they were extremely expensive as I am doing a butler pantry with floor to ceiling cabinets and the main kitchen. After reading some of the negative reviews I hope my enthusiasm over my new kitchen doesn't fall apart in a couple of years. As of now, I love my new kitchen. Several years ago we completed a high end bathroom remodel using Tiffany Rose Bertch cabinets.

There is a separate review for Great Northern. Delivery was stated in writing at 4 to 6 weeks. Upon receipt, three of the five items were damaged beyond use or repair. There were numerous call and emails sent to Bertch and their distributor along with pictures of the damage. Bertch stated we would receive replacement components in 7 days- it took 14 days.

And then what they sent was for the wrong cabinet. In all it took 10 weeks to receive the correct material undamaged.


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