Quick Links. Table of Contents. Quick reference guide. Page 2 Fuel tank flap To open: Press the right side of the flap. To close: Press the tank flap until you hear it click into place.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. You will appreciate that we must therefore reserve the right Page 3 Should you have any further questions regarding your car or if you suspect that your owner's liter- ature is not complete, please contact your Audi dealer or importer. They are always glad to answer your queries and note any suggestions you may have.

Page 4: Table Of Contents Audi lane assist Front armrest Juli 09 Contents Safety Driving tips General maintenance Juli 09 Contents Self-help Technical data Self-help General notes. Texts with this symbol contain safety information. They warn you Please ensure that this Owner's Manual is always kept in the vehicle.

Juli Juli 09 Controls Juli 09 Controls and displays Fig. Turn signals and main beam headlights.. Page 12 Switch for electric sun blind Control for Audi drive select Instrument cluster overview Note The instrument cluster is the driver's information centre.

The instrument shows how far you have travelled. Fault display If there is a fault in the instruments, the letters dEF appear perma- nently in the trip recorder display. If the warning lamp Note goes out, this means the system is fully functional. This warning lamp monitors the Audi hold assist function. Page 22 Seite 20 Donnerstag, This is to warn the driver to take extra care when there is a risk of ice on the road. When the vehicle is stationary or travelling at very low speeds, the temperature displayed may be slightly higher than the actual outside temperature as a result of the heat radiated from the Juli 09 Driver information system certain situations, only the driver can choose the correct gear for instance when overtaking, driving up a steep gradient or towing a trailer.

Page On-Board Computer The display may not be complete on new vehicles within the first km. On-board computer Resetting the service interval display Your Audi dealer resets the display after each service.

You can only Applies to vehicles: with on-board computer reset the oil change display yourself. Driving time This display shows the period of time which has elapsed since the memory was last cancelled. Juli 09 Driver information system Driving time and can be switched back on at any time so that they again appear in the display. Juli 09 Driver information system need to keep below a particular speed when winter tyres are fitted, Clearing speed limit etc. Juli 09 Driver information system Speed warning - to set the speed above which a warning signal If one or more faults are detected, the driver information message will sound.

Juli 09 Driver information system For example, in the event of an oil pressure malfunction the oil pres- — Switch off the engine. In addition, the following — Fault in ABS brake system. This could cause the tail of the vehicle to skid sideways. Juli 09 Driver information system 5 seconds, but you can call it up again at any time by Yellow symbols indicate a Priority 2 fault. The symbol is accompanied by a driver message giving you more infor- Ignition lock defective.

The glass can break when you touch the bulb, causing injury. Page Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Take the vehicle to a qualified workshop to have the problem remedied. Unauthorised use of these Juli 09 Doors and windows Doors and windows Central locking system handles on the inside are deactivated. This makes it more difficult to break into the vehicle.

Page 45 Please have the malfunc- tion repaired by an Audi dealer or qualified workshop. If you should lose a key, please contact an Audi dealer. Have the remote control coding for that key deactivated. Page 46 Data related to the service and maintenance of the vehicle are The function of the remote control key may be impaired by interfer- stored continuously on your remote control key. Your Audi dealer ence from other nearby radio signals for example from a mobile Juli 09 Doors and windows Replacing the battery for the remote control — Insert the emergency key.

For the sake of the environment Used batteries must be disposed of appropriately and must not be discarded with ordinary household waste. Make sure that the Audi rings are facing upwards. Page 49 60 seconds after unlocking the car. This function prevents the vehicle from remaining Fig. Juli 09 Doors and windows Locking the vehicle Note — Move the selector lever to position P automatic Please note the following points if the vehicle is left parked for long gearbox , otherwise it will not be possible to lock the periods: vehicle.

Juli 09 Doors and windows Locking Central locking switch — Move the selector lever to position P automatic gearbox. Juli 09 Doors and windows You can still unlock all doors and the luggage compartment. Locked doors could delay assistance in an emergency, poten- When you lock the vehicle, the central locking system will automat- tially putting lives at risk. The diode in the — The boot lid will lock automatically when you close it again.

Manual release of the boot lid Fig. Juli 09 Doors and windows Child-proof catches Electric windows Child-proof catches on the rear doors Controls The child-proof catches prevent the rear doors being The driver can operate all the electric windows. Juli 09 Doors and windows — You can set the roof to an intermediate position by Closing the sun roof manually turning the switch to the desired position.

The sun roof can be operated for about ten minutes after the igni- tion has been switched off. Page 61 Vehicles with halogen headlights: Opaque stickers should be applied to certain parts of the headlight lenses. For further informa- Important:. Instrument lighting When the dipped beam headlights are switched on, the — Headlights with xenon gas-discharge bulbs automatically adapt to suit the load being carried when the engine is switched on.

If your vehicle is being towed away, or if you are towing another — Juli 09 Lights and vision Clear vision Applies to vehicles: with sun blinds Sun blinds Sun visors Sun blinds are provided for the rear window and the rear side windows. The sun visors can improve visibility and contribute to safety.

To increase the sensitivity level of the — Juli 09 Lights and vision Service position Note Use the service position to change the wiper blades. Check that the washer fluid reservoir is full before starting a long journey.

Worn or dirty wiper blades can cause smearing on the glass which can also impair the effectiveness of the rain sensor. Juli 09 Lights and vision when they are in the service position you will also avoid damaging — Lift the wiper arm away from the glass.

Juli 09 Lights and vision Anti-dazzle setting when the interior lighting is switched on when reverse gear is engaged — Pull the lever at the bottom of the mirror towards you. WARNING Applies to vehicles: with automatic anti-dazzle adjustment for interior mirror Automatic anti-dazzle adjustment Electrolyte fluid can leak from a broken mirror.

Juli 09 Lights and vision Digital compass Applies to vehicles: with automatic anti-dazzle adjustment for exterior mirrors Automatic anti-dazzle adjustment for exterior mirrors Applies to vehicles: with digital compass Activating and deactivating the compass The exterior mirrors darken together with the automatically The compass direction will appear in the mirror.

Juli 09 Lights and vision Applies to vehicles: with digital compass Applies to vehicles: with digital compass Setting the correct compass calibration zone Calibrating compass The correct compass calibration zone must first be set The compass must be re-calibrated if the display is incor- before the compass can give an accurate reading.

Juli 09 Seats and storage Seats and storage Manual adjustment of front seats Applies to vehicles: with manual seat adjustment Seat adjustment Applies to vehicles: with manual seat adjustment It is possible to adjust the position and shape of the seat Seat adjuster controls manually so that you can travel in a safe and comfortable sitting position.

Juli 09 Seats and storage Adjusting contour of lumbar support WARNING — Press the front or rear of switch to increase or Never adjust the driver's seat when the vehicle is moving - this decrease the curvature of the lumbar support as could lead to an accident. Juli 09 Seats and storage belts, the head restraints offer effective protection, provided they Applies to vehicles: with front armrest are properly adjusted. Front armrest The armrest can be adjusted to several positions and Adjusting the rear head restraints moved back and forwards.

This is especially important for heavy Loads in the luggage compartment should be safely objects. Juli 09 Seats and storage Fig.

Juli 09 Seats and storage Applies to vehicles: with load-through hatch Caution Load-through hatch with transport bag When returning the backrest to an upright position, make sure that You can use the load-through hatch and the removable the seat belts for the outer rear seats are in their guides so that they ski bag to transport skis or other extra-long objects safely cannot be caught up and damaged in the catches for the backrest.

Page Roof Carrier Special fixtures must then be added in order to safely transport luggage, bicycles, skis, surf boards or boats on the Storage roof. All the elements of this system are available from Audi dealers. Juli 09 Seats and storage Attachment points Roof load The roof carrier must be attached at the marked points Loads carried on the roof must be securely attached. The only. The maximum permissible roof load for your vehicle is 90 kg. Juli 09 Seats and storage Cup holders — Position the cup in the holder and let go of the arm.

The arm will move back automatically to secure the cup. Closing cup holder — Juli 09 Seats and storage Cigarette lighter and electrical The cigarette lighter employs a standard 12 Volt socket which can also be used as a power source for electrical appliances.


Audi S4 Quick Reference Manual

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2018 Audi A4 / S4 — Owner's Manual

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